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    Bitter cold ate away at both of the young toms as they made their way painfully slowly through the dense woodland of ThunderClan. They could slow the pace since they’d crossed back over into home territory, although it would still not be ideal to be discovered, it was most likely inevitable. A patrol would come across the trail of rose-petal like blood in their wake if a predator did not.

    Hawkpaw really hoped the latter didn’t happen. Though not mortally wounded, he was worn out and possessed very little fight after taking those three ShadowClan apprentices. Luckily for him, they’d all looked fresh from the nursery with only numbers on their side. If the pathetic lump now leaning on his shoulder had been any good at defending himself, the odds would’ve been even better.

    Of course, if that were the case he probably wouldn’t even be in this situation.

    The black tom supposed that he should probably be taking this entire encounter as a reminder to count his blessings. Sure, wheedling away the weeks until he was old enough to leave this hick forest was mind-numbingly dull but at least his own Clanmates didn’t pick on him to the point of drawing blood. Lightpaw, the poor tom’s name, was even worse off than Hawkpaw himself. The plump light tabby kitten was covered in miniscule bite-marks intentionally place on his innermost limbs from his tormentors. Hawkpaw could immediately tell that none of it would scar, in fact they had already stopped bleeding. Clever, on the part of the bullies, to ensure their wrongdoing was invisible. But he couldn’t imagine it hurt any less than a real wound would.

    I wonder if no one would really stick up for him back at ShadowClan… His mind wandered faintly as they trudged onward. It hadn’t felt like a lie when Lightpaw had begged him with tears in his amber eyes. Mother gone, no father to speak of. He hoped for the sake of all his free time until he left this stars-forsaken place that it was all true, he’d be paying for it either way.

    His ears soon detected movement, and ThunderClan scent became apparent as they drew ever closer to its source. He swallowed, of course they’d be found. It was a miracle they’d gotten this far undetected. C’mon, what if we were an enemy patrol?

    But when he saw who it belonged to he practically almost collapsed with relief. Only almost, thankfully, seeing as Lightpaw was solely dependent on him for remaining upright.

    “Chant! Oh thank stars…..” Then he saw that look in her brilliant blue eyes. The oh-StarClan-Hawkpaw-what-have-you-done-this-time look. He inhaled deeply.

    “Look, you can lecture me all you want when we get back, but can you help me with this guy? He can hardly walk and it’s closer to our camp than his.” As he spoke blood from his own wounds melted the snow where they stood.


    Chanterellepaw ~ Thunderclan Apprentice 

    Muttering quietly under neath her breath, the air digging around her mouth with each movement of her lips. Cyan orbs flickering around camp in boredom, Hawkpaw was no where to be found and her mentor; Silverferret had given her the day off from duties. This had caused the young cherry bengal to feel out of place, she was not use to lazing around. Chant liked to be up and moving, doing what she needed to do as an apprentice to help out her clan. Yet, it would seem that her service was not needed this day. Frowning as she watches other apprentices play around in the snow or warriors laying about and sharing tongues with others around them.

    Chanterellepaw felt out of place as she stood near the apprentice den. Petite form shifting side to side as she slowly becomes accustomed to the icy snow beneath her peach colored pads. Tail swishing side to side gracefully, stirring up the air around it with faint whispers. Glancing down at her paws, wiggling her toes at the odd sensation. Becoming transfixed on how the powdery white snow shifted around her small paws. Sighing with content before slowly moving towards the exit of camp. The cherry molly believed that a small stroll was in order. Chanterellepaw was going to try to enjoy her day off, and sitting around camp doing nothing, was not something she enjoyed doing.


    Soft hums could be heard in the still air as she pads through the forest. Eyeing the icicles wearily, the ice glistening in the daylight as they hung from the branches above. She had heard several warriors mention the dangers of such beauty. Their pointy ends dripping with droplets of water told a different story of the seemingly ordinary sight. Making sure to keep an eye and an ear out for any that broke off from their hold of the branches. All that could be heard was the snow crunching beneath her as the bengal she-apprentice continues on. The only thing she did not enjoy about leaf-bare had to be that prey was scarce and her favorite berries in the berry flats had all withered away until new-leaf. Huffing just at the thought of not being able to get her sweet treats bugged her to no end.


    The young feline did not have a certain destination in mind, she was letting her mind and body wander freely. She was not under the scrutiny of her parents or the pressure of making an impression for her mentor. She was just…her. Nothing more and nothing less, just the way she liked it. Closing her blue eyes for an moment, nostrils flaring as she takes in a deep breath of fresh air. Only to freeze, muscles tensing as she smells the metallic scent of blood. Eyes snapping open in worry as she picks up her pace. Her paper thin ears perked up as she carefully listens around her as she follows the strong scent. Heart racing as she wondered if it was another animal injured or dead, or maybe a fellow clan mate was hurt. Either way; she needed to be certain of what the source of the smell was.

    Biting her lip, the strong metallic smell grew stronger as she rounded behind a thick oak tree. Gasping quietly as she spots the familiar bulky dark form of her friend; Hawkpaw. Furrowing her brows as she notices a light form aligned against Hawk I’m fatigue. The unfamiliar tom reeked of Shadowclan, causing her fur to rise. Glaring over at Hawkpaw, stomping over toward him to reprimand him for his carelessness in bringing a feline from another clan into theirs. Arching a brow as he finally notices her presence, her tail sharply flicking side to side. Pursing her lips as she listens to him, causing her piercing gaze to land once more on Lightpaw. Sighing heavily as she gestures Hawkpaw to take the lead. “Please don’t make me regret this” she softly muttered as she gives both of them a concerned look.


    The lean black tom cratered ever so slightly as he postponed what he could be sure would later be, an earful. It was much easier balancing the barely conscious Lightpaw between them. Whether it was blood loss or the cold, Hawkpaw felt the very life draining from his body.

    “I know every cat says what black-hearted cats ShadowClan is, but I thought it was just you lot being proud.” He shook his head. “If they’re all like the cats attacking Lightpaw here…” He shook his head.

    “Trust me, those kittens were hardly a fair fight. It wasn’t fun for me. But you wouldn’t have left him either, I know that Chant.”


    Chanterellepaw ~ Thunderclan Apprentice 

    The young bengal molly was still unsure of bringing the fatigued and injured apprentice back towards Thunderclan camp, but she trusted Hawkpaw. Swallowing up her uncertainties as she moves to the other side of her friend, tucking her shoulder blade under Lightpaws form to help balance out his weight. A soft grunt escaping her as she shuffles around to counter her weight as much of the basically dead weight of the light colored Tom apprentice. Turning her wedge cranium in Hawkpaw’s direction, eyeing his ruffled appearance.

    “You look terrible. It would seem that you aren’t as good at fighting as you claim” she teased with a playful wink. Her playful expression soon turned serious at the groan that admitted from Lightpaw’s maw. “What are we going to tell Hollystar? Does he even want to be brought here?” She whispered. For some reason she felt compelled to whisper, as if they were either doing something bad or something in secret. To be honest, to Chanterellepaw; it was a little bit of both. “Shadowclan definitely isn’t the most friendly clan. At first I thought you would fit more in Shadow than Thunder when we first met..” she sheepishly admitted.

    Her cyan and turquoise eyes softening as she looks down at the worn down shadowclan apprentice, she indeed felt sympathy for him. Being bullied in his own clan, she wished she could give those cowardly bastards a piece of her mind. Course, she knows that it would more than likely never happen, especially since the bullies would more than likely not take her seriously. “I know” she sighs in defeat, it would seem that Hawk knew her too well. There would have been no way she would have left Lightpaw on his own to defend himself against those cowards of Shadowclan.


    “Hey! It was three on one, you want to reconsider your praise?” He retorted good-naturedly. But with a touch of weariness in his voice. He was about ready to drop himself, but he couldn’t until he’d relinquished his little ward.

    “No….! Don’t….want to…go back..” Lightpaw seemed to come around more clearly as the idea of him returning to his home Clan was broached. His eyes wide, as though seeing something else altogether.

    “I’m sure Hollystar would let him at least stay the night. It’s freezing and he’s wounded. Plus it’ll give those louts back at ShadowClan time to cool off. Haul him back now and they’d just finish the job as soon as no one was looking.” He finished with a growl, eyes glinting. He’d had his fair share of cats picking on him, a lone tom with just his mother to look after him. He’d been easy bait, until he learned to defend himself. He had half a mind to show Lightpaw some moves before he went back, it was the least he could do. Would that be considered helping the enemy? Oh hell, like I care. He isn’t my enemy!

    It took them a great deal of time, but they made it back as the sun touched down behind the dark jagged silhouettes of trees. The cold had deepened abruptly, and when they tumbled to their knees in the Medicine Cat den they were shaking so hard that the sound of teeth chattering filled the den.

    A few herbs and cobwebs later, they were seated on warm nests of fresh moss. Lightpaw was much more alert after some pain killers and a little food. The young tom was cautious, but fairly chipper all things considered. The moment he lifted his head from his paws and blinked open his eyes, that of which were the color of honey and stared at Chanterellepaw.

    “Wow, you’re beautiful.” He said, jaw slightly agape as though he were seeing a celestial being. Indeed, considering the night he’d had it probably seemed that way. Hawkpaw started to laugh, but realized for some reason he didn’t find it funny at all. In fact, something about the way the little puffball had said it made his fur prickle hotly.

    “Of course she is.” He grunted. “We’ve all got eyes. Anyways, it’s time the two of us went and got in trouble for all of this.” The black tom turned to leave, wincing slightly as he barely healed wounds creased.

    “Wait!” Cried Lightpaw. “C-could you stay with me tonight? I’m….I’m scared to be alone here…”

    Normally, the old tough-as-nails Hawkpaw would have groaned or eve made fun of the little tom for his fearfulness. But somehow seeing him alone there reminded him of his own first night here in ThunderClan, before he’d known a soul. He hadn’t been afraid quite so much, but it had been strange. He sighed wearily.

    “I….I should probably stay, for my wounds, you know. They aren’t really healed up yet.” Muttered Hawkpaw, settling down next to Lightpaw and looking at Chanterellepaw as if to say: you better not tell anyone about this! I’ve got a reputation to uphold.

    “You can tell me what our punishment is tomorrow. Kinda like old times eh?”


    Chanterellepaw ~ Thunderclan Apprentice 

    Without another sarcastic comment falling from her lips at the situation, the cherry bengal moved onto the other side of the injured and unconscious form of Lightpaw. Brows furrowed in concern at his form; wondering what truly went down to cause this Shadowclan Apprentice to be in such a state. Ears twitching in Hawkpaw’s direction as he speaks, his reasoning and plan seemed absolute, there was no better way to handle it than what they were doing now. Shimming her shoulder into the light colored apprentice’s side as she helps Hawkpaw distribute the weight between them. Chant could tell that the fight had taken a lot of energy out of the dark black male.

    Biting her lower lip as her cyan orbs flicker around anxiously. Even though she knew that they were doing the right thing; she could not help but feel as if they were doing something wrong. That a feline warrior would come out any moment and see that they had brought a Shadowclanner within their borders and without hesitation kick them out. Of course, that what Chanterellepaw’s wild imagination going wild and her anxiety talking, but she could not stop the nagging thoughts. Jumping slightly as she was startled out of her thoughts by the almost incoherent words of Lightpaw. Blinking down at the slumped form, determination swirling within her to get him and Hawkpaw back to the medicine cat den to be treated. She was still hesitant but she could tell that he did not wish to return to Shadowclan at this time.

    Clenching her jaw as they maneuver through the territory, the scenery around her passing by as they focus on returning to camp. ‘So much for a peaceful stroll’ she thought with a soft grumble escaping her. “You owe me” she huffs as she shifts lightpaw’s weight into a more bearable position. “Preferably in a form of a shrew” she added as she gives him a playful grin, though in a way she was being serious. Eyes lightening up as the entrance to camp appearance within her sight, picking up the pace. Squinting at the change of lighting as they stumble through, ears flattening against her skull as eyes burned holes into their forms. Muscles tightening as she does her best to ignore as she leads them to the medicine cat’s den.

    Shuffling out of the way as she lets Peachblossom do her job in treating to the two injured apprentices. Once, the Medicine cat was done; did Chanterellepaw approach them. Tilting her head as Lightpaw awakes, honey clashing with cyan as they looked at one another. While her eyes was more curious and observant, his seemed to be more admiring. Eyes widening at his words, ears flicking as if trying to process it what she heard was truly what he said. ‘Beautiful…? That’s the first time anyone has called me that’ she thoughts. Cheeks burning beneath her cherry fur. Smiling brightly at him, heart swelling at the compliment; “T-thank you!” She bashfully stuttered out. Whiskers twitching as she scrunches up her nose; a little nervous tick of hers. Hearing Hawkpaw grumble his agreement in his brash way caused her to avoid looking at him for a moment. She was generally surprised that he too believed that she was beaitiful, but didn’t dare comment as she did not want to make things awkward.

    Nodding goodbye to Lightpaw as she turns to head out. Pausing at his frantic and desperate tone of not wanting to be alone tore at her heart strings. Eyes softening considerably, just when she opened her mouth to offer her company did Hawk’s deep voice interrupt. Smiling softly as she watches the dark tom reluctantly cave in and agree that he too needed to stay, but only for his wounds. Rolling her eyes and suppressing a snort as she knew that he was only putting up an act. “Well goodnight you too! I hope you sleep well. Oh! Lightpaw; just a heads up — Hawkpaw snores” she mischievously grins before slipping out before hearing Hawkpaw’s complaints.

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