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Friendly Competition (Special WindClan event)

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    Welcome gang! This is where the obstacle course event begins. If you’re not sure how it works, refer to the guide post or ask questions in the WindClan ooc on the discord!

    Good luck!


    Bearheart, the haggard matriarch of WindClan, paced up and down the line of assembled cats consisting all of various ages and ranks. Her chin was set, her emerald eyes ablaze as she turned to address them with all the regalia and poise of a general assessing their troops.


    “Alright young’ns, listen up ‘cause I ain’t repeating myself. I don’t have that much longer to be alive so don’t waste my time.” Her deep voice rang out. It had just the hint of a creak, like an old branch against the wind.


    “Let’s get two things straight, first off.” She plopped down, deciding abrupt that standing was far too much work. “First off, Stsrtledcrow is a milk-drinking worrywart for not letting me have a whole honeycomb to myself. ‘You have to watch your health, Bearheart.’” She mimicked his words in a sing-songy voice, then spat as if to convey explicitly just what she thought of their contents.


    “But as you all stand to benefit from his histrionics I don’t expect anyone to champion me.” She sniffed, and paused to let the self-pitying line sink in.


    “Second is that we’ve decided in order to decide who gets this golden morsel, you’ll all compete in this here obstacle course. The cat who finishes first gets the prize. Simple, eh?” She gave a bob of her short tail. “There’s five main obstacles. First is the tunnel maze, if you aren’t fond of confined spades you’re out of luck. Or if you’re fat like me and can’t fit.” She frowned ruefully. “Next is the log over a pool, don’t care if you swim honestly but walking is probably faster. After that is the bramble tangle, be careful there! Then you’ll come to a tree leaning against a hill. You have the option to climb down it, or run around, whichever you think you can do faster. And last but not least, you have to scale the muddy hill at the end. I will be waiting at the end to greet the victor. Good luck! I don’t care if you cheat it’s all about who wins.”

    She felt a nudge at her side.


    “Alright, alright. Don’t cheat unless someone else cheats first. We’re not ShadowClan you know.”

    She got up to take the shortcut to the finish line and squinted her eyes at the competitors.


    “Well don’t just stand there! Get going!”

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    The Deputy of Windclan

    As Bearbeart took the liberty of addressing the competitors and explaining the gist of the game, Desertrose walked languidly and without aim, passing each cat lined up without so much as a glance. Seeing as Bearheart was doing such a good job intimidating them, she didn’t feel the need to look up. The scrutiny of their deputy along with the fierce judgement of Bearheart might be too much pressure. As she moved, her spotted coat glistened like gold under the warm sunlight, and when Bearheart sat down, so did she. It wasn’t until she’d caught the elder’s last sentence that she silently interrupted. With a playful smirk, she lightly shouldered the old she-cat before adding in her own words.

    “Even if you don’t win, remember to at least have fun! Use this opportunity to recall your shortcomings, if any, to better improve yourself and sharpen your skills. Don’t view it as a loss, view it as a learning experience. It’s all about how you perceive your situation,” the deputy called out over them, encouragement in her voice. Thinking back, she couldn’t count all the times she had failed as an apprentice, or even as a warrior, but it never once deterred her from getting up to try again.

    Desertrose smiled at them. “Now go have fun! May Starclan be in your favor.”

    Apprentice of Windclan

    Nightpaw sat quietly beside her mentor as the small group awaited instructions. She let out a soft yawn, blinking lazily. Though when Bearheart’s authoritative voice broke the relative silence, she straightened her back up like a soldier; chest puffed out and ears facing forward. With determined eyes, she absorbed every detail like a sponge, occasionally nodding every now and then to signify that she understood what the old she-cat was telling her. Though it was admittedly difficult to maintain a straight face when Bearheart began to joke around. In order to stifle her laughter, she covered her mouth with one of her paws.

    Nightpaw’s eyes widened when Bearheart told them to get going, and for a brief, terrifying moment she wondered if the short-tempered elder was going to cuff all of their ears! Feeling suddenly self-conscious, but not enough to prevent her from following an order, Nightpaw quickly sprinted forward, half-dreading that moment when she would pass through the mouth into the tunnel maze’s claustrophobic depths. Once inside, she couldn’t see anything. Tightly clenching her jaws together, she set off into the maze, solely relying on the rest of her senses to guide her.

    The tunnel curled away coldly into infinite dark, the light that showed the rough walls dwindling as she traveled deeper. In the cold darkness there was no way to know which direction to go. The usual landmarks were hidden behind the blackness that swirled so densely. Though her options were fairly limited, she quickly thought of a clever idea. For every turn she made, she left a deep ‘x’ on the wall to let her know she had been there. Before long, she’d managed to find her way out, squinting hard as her eyes adjusted to the light before continuing on.

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