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    Firestar ~Skyclan leader

    After the gathering and finding a wounded Talloak along with Mapletoes and Foxpaw. The leader decided that the apprentice had earned his place among the warriors. Dandeliondust had came to him several days prior to report the young Tom’s progression. After seeing the red tom fight along side another to protect Talloak, just proved to Firestar that the easily angered apprentice was finally learning to accept the clan life and their ways. He gave himself little time to relax as hours felt like minutes to the tired leader as he could sense morning approaching. Rising to his full height, grunting as his stiff muscles flex within his movements as he easily makes his way from the hideout of his den.

    Blinking the sleep and tiredness from his ember gaze as he allows himself a moment to simply enjoy the tranquility of silence around him. His ears flicking as he strains to hear the rustling of felines slowly awakening. The gathering of course had been no less short of a disaster. All the clans now knew where everyone stood; well except for Windclan and Thunderclan. Those two had no idea on the alliance that he had agreed to with Riverclan and Shadowclan. Though he had a feeling that they would know soon enough.

    Sighing softly as he figured now was good as any other time to start the ceremony. Clearing his dry throat before he calls out to the just now awakening clan below. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the tall tree for a clan meeting!” His voice sounding harsher with a grunted tone from lack of sleep. Though when looking upon the fiery leader, he showed no signs of exhaustion that seemed to follow him everywhere he goes.


    Applepaw 🍎 Skyclan apprentice

    Applepaw was among the first to leave the apprentice’s den. As she has grown, her fondness for early morning sun has only strengthened. Her clan-mates were still weary from the Gathering – and perhaps from her pestering for more information, as she stayed behind. Seems like she missed quite the party.

    The ginger had only just bent down to stretch, sinking her claws in the soil and shaking out her tabby coat all the way down to her tail, when her leader’s voice rang out. Her tufted ears perked up, posture straightening. “Wonder what this could be about…” she said to no one in particular. Clan-mates were stirring from their nests, varying degrees of bed ragged on their faces. She followed along to sit beneath the tall oak close to her mentor.



    Last night had been unbearably long, and the sunrise came far too early. After aggravating his injury from a fight with a fox, helping out Mapletoes and Talloak, the orange apprentice had found himself giving Saffrongaze a late night visit. Naturally she hadn’t been very happy, and insisted he stay in her den once his leg had been wrapped up. With only marginal grumbling, and because he had been weary down to his bones, Foxpaw had agreed and taken up residence in a nest for what remained of the night.

    Now sun was streaming into the den through the entrance, demanding he wake up whether he truly wanted to or not. He had been lounging in the nest, deciding if he really wanted to move or not, when Firestar’s gathering call rang out. Decision made for him, the injured tom carefully rose with a sigh and nosed his way out of the den and into the clearing. Spotting a familiar ginger pelt among the crowd, he felt his spirits lift a better. Instantly he was gravitating to her side, seeking out the comfort Applepaw’s presence always brought him. Having grown up together, her being his very first friend in the nursery (and only friend now…), it only felt natural to be by her side. “Hey, Apple,” he purred, quickly butting his head against on of her shoulders with obvious affection. Then he settled down beside her, tail wrapping over his paws as he glanced up at their leader. Had something happened at the Gathering last night that was so important it needed to be talked about with the whole Clan present?

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