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    As the accusations flew out of Wisteriastar’s mouth the deputy trained her mis-matched eyes on her RiverClan equal, almost begging to find a show of emotion on his maw, grinning when he gave a forlorn sigh at the dismissal of his leader, “Hah! Well I’m honored you would even think of me Heronflight, truly it means a lot,” she mewed to the tom with a roll of her eyes, “I think RiverClan’s got a little crush on me, eh Hollystar?” The very flippant deputy moved into a sitting position, obviously no longer bothered by the visiting clan considering their baseless arguments. She let her mate deny the accusation with barely a twitch of her whisker, opening her mouth to confirm Hollystar’s testimonial soon after.

    “Well of course I-“ she began before she was rudely cut off by Sootstain the younger warrior in the back, a kitty-brow raising in surprise at the action. Kass let out a chuckle, clicking her tongue at the tom condescendingly. “Ah, now see? That was a little rude. What have I ever done to you huh?” She asked, “For your information, anyone in this entire damn clan could have crossed your border. I’m not special. Hell, maybe it was just Peachblossom,” She added. “Just because I’m the proverbial ‘nightmare of the clans‘- “ she began with a twitch in her tail and a roll of her eyes, “-doesn’t mean I crossed your damn river in the middle of Leaf-Bare. I have no need, nor want to do such.” 

    “Obviously all that fish is messing with their common sense or something,” she muttered, her eyes returned back to the others momentarily, a fire lighting in the back of her head at the blatant disrespect and also annoyingness of the RiverClan tom. “Not that I’m asking for an apology Wisteriastar, but your warrior just made some large accusations on ThunderClan territory. And to think, I thought we were just starting to be friends? As one ex-rogue to another? Ah, oh well.” She shrugged, turning her attention back to the whole group and raising her voice, “It as of this time that you are officially trespassing. Unless you and your clan have any other baseless accusations to bestow upon me, I suggest you leave now.”


    At great risk to his future spare time, the sleek black-furred apprentice lingered having caught Kass’s signal. He knew whatever she had in store, it may well outpace any punishment Hollystar would have assigned him. But he’d much rather be training than mindlessly attending to old farts with whom he shared no connection.

    His face screwed up in anger when the calico leader voiced her concerns. He hardly heard the rest over the pounding in his ears.

    “Yeah right, what are they playing at…” He muttered under his breath, fur bristling as he stared the patrol of fish-eats down.



    senior warrior of thunderclan

    the tom soon understood why he caught the tightness in the atmosphere when tension crackled between the two clans like lightning. he frowned–kass stealing prey? she was deputy now, with clanly responsibilities–it should not be like a deputy to deliberately cause petty drama between clans, but it was probably not unlike kass. the retired deputy was mentally preparing himself to give both hollystar  and kass serious conversations about this complete disaster of inter-clan relations when he heard an unknown riverclanner speak up. the tom was haughty, with a solid ‘come-at-me’ tone to his posture. had he been under antlercreek’s supervision in thunderclan, that attitude wouldn’t have lasted a second. antlercreek bristled when he deliberately insulted thunderclan–sure, he shrugged off the direct accusations towards kass, but certainly not what those accusations meant for his clan. he sent wisteriastar a soured look, his frown deep into face, furrowing along the namesake antler tabby pattern on his brow. antler grunted, the rigid moment only interrupted by the frustrated swishing of his tail harshly across the frozen ground. by starclan! he exclaimed, standing up next to hollystar as she reassured wisteria of her clan’s integrity. the large warrior sent his approval by briefly touching his tail along her haunches, but still retained his mental note to confront his leader.

    his pallid ease with the situation quickly dissolved once kass opened her mouth. did she not learn anything? this wasn’t about kass at all–much to her chagrin, antler growled internally. this was about the clan! she held thunderclan in no esteem, that was clearer than ever. instead, antler furied, kass was hung up on this attack on her ego, and how she could one-up these dumb warriors of which she thought had mouse-brains between their ears! the old tom was damn near as mad at kass as he was the haughty riverclanner and the entire situation. he certainly wasn’t about to let this clan’s reputation get dragged through dog shit, if antlercreek had anything to say about it. he shot kass a withering glance, the fury and contempt in his gaze strong enough to be spotted for miles. he audibly gave a growl-grunt once kass finished–the sound smushed by him realizing he’d actually vocalized it. antler couldn’t believe kass had escalated the confrontation to declaring riverclan as trespassing; she had no right, not with hollystar at her side, and wisteriastar in front of her. 

    antlercreek was far past being annoyed with riverclan and their accusations. kass held all his ire now, and she’d be lucky if she made it through the night as thunderclan deputy after the shit she’d just let go. he tried to convey his sympathies to wisteriastar but couldn’t find the passion in him to feel bad on behalf of kass–for all he considered, she was no longer worthy of her station or her asylum in this clan. antlercreek would be establishing that with hollystar the moment wisteriastar left–relations amended, between leaders, naturally–and setting it straight. whatever ounce of respect the burly tabby had managed to cultivate for this rat-brained city dog and her role in the clan was well gone by now. all he could do was attempt to temper down and sit alongside hollystar whilst she settled things, as leaders should. the retired deputy caught hawkpaw’s bristling out of the corner of his eye and held the apprentice’s gaze, sharing the same fury he had with kass. the apprentice would certainly not be further escalating things today, antlercreek tried to declare to him.

    Bandit (Sonic)

    Yellowtail eyed Hollystar, Bluefire and Hawkpaw with obvious distrust, though he held some amount of respect for Antlercreek, who appeared to be highly annoyed with everyone.

    He bit back a snarl at the retorts heavy with disrespect made towards them. Wisteriastar wasn’t just going to take this, was she? But what could she could she do if she didn’t? It wouldn’t make any sense to fight in the middle of their camp, they’d die for sure. But then.. maybe, I could see Rosethorn. Yellowtail thought. Tension lay thick in the air and he nearly choked on it, as if inhaling smoke. Silently, Yellowtail held back.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    The calico warrior listened earnestly to what Hollystar had to say in response to the question brought about by RiverClan. There was something to be said about the dignity that the ebony feline held about herself when responding to accusations given to not only her deputy, but her mate as well. Her reply was respectful and even, regardless of how severe the implications were and it surely impacted how Wisteriastar felt about the ThunderClan leader. The other clans could say as much as they wanted about the kind of clan that ThunderClan was, with the stunt of the last gathering, but they truly had a great leader in their midst. That much was for certain. The RiverClan leader bowed her head in response. “Thank you, Hollystar. I trust that you–“

    However, her words were cut off abruptly by a gruff take from one of her own warriors, leaving her jaw hanging in disbelief as it was left mid-sentence. Her ember eyes grew round as she caught Sootstain’s eye briefly as he glanced between herself and Heronflight and then back to Kass. “Sootstain!” She snapped, fighting to keep her hackles from rising as she turned on the grey tom, “That’s enough! Think about where you are before you blurt out whatever is on the tip of your tongue!” Wisteriastar knew well that the young warrior had a bad habit of letting his temper dictate his actions, but she honestly thought that he would have been on his best behavior despite their current feud regarding his personal relationship with her daughter. The RiverClan leader had wanted to put her trust in all of her warriors regardless of their personal relationships in the Clan, so she had taken him with her here to try and show him that she did believe in him at the end of the day, but that decision had quickly come to bite her in the tail. She gave Sootstain a hard shove, pushing him to the back of the patrol, behind Yellowtail, who had proven himself to be a respectful RiverClan warrior today. “You and I will have a talk once we are back in our camp.” She whispered to him, her tone but a soft growl. 

    Wisteriastar’s attention reverted back to the ThunderClan cats in front of them, she dipped her head low to Hollystar, Kass, and Antlercreek before her. “I sincerely apologize for my warrior’s actions. He will be dealt with once we return to our own camp, I assure you. It was not my intention to bring disrespect to your names when I came here today.” Additionally, at the input from the dilute deputy in question, a frown tugged at her expression. Of course, she knew that it was not ideal to necessarily befriend cats in other clans, it was truly regretful to her that it appeared that any remnants of mutual understanding between herself and Kass seemed to have been fizzled right from the start. Though, Wisteriastar couldn’t blame her. Anyone’s pride would surely be stepped on to be accused of something like this without proper evidence to boot. Her orange eyes flickered to Antlercreek, ThunderClan’s previous deputy, with whom she did have an equal basis of understanding and respect, and she gave him a remorseful blink, knowing well how steamed he appeared to be at the moment. 

    “Very well. We shall now leave your territory. I apologize once again for the commotion we have caused.” The RiverClan leader dipped her head one more time to Hollystar before she turned back to her patrol. “RiverClan, we’re leaving now.”


    Of course it would be inconceivable for you, Hollystar. Heronflight thought sourly. Assuming this trip was at it’s end, the RiverClan deputy locked eyes coolly with Kass for a moment; there was no particular sneer or rude gesture to it, but the simple message of ‘I don’t trust you.’ was clear. Regardless of what the leaders settled with– not that Heronflight assumed Kass followed Hollystar’s lead day to day that she’d just shown in the discipline of the apprentice who’d just been sent off– it would be clear that he wasn’t about to so easily accept this as over.

    Sootstain was much more vocal about this. Mildly embarrassed by their warrior’s outburst, Heronflight sighed and batted his tail once against the ground; let it drop for now. Hollystar had the good grace to answer politely a second time, though the entire situation was becoming more visibly strained.

    mahon [owl]


    The grey tabby was prepared for everyone’s strong reaction to his words, he knew he was doing something controversial. He turned his attention to Hollystar, a mix between a sneer and a grimace growing on his features as the leader spoke. “Then why did Heronflight smell your stench? It’s pretty strong, doubt anyone could mistake it. Are you accusing our deputy of dishonesty?” Sootstain had a reputation within his clan to not let his emotions so easily take control of him, but enough was enough. The once cool-headed and methodical tom had reached his limit. Everyone was indirectly calling them liars, dismissing what was so obviously wrong with the situation. The thunderclan deputy had not once proven herself to be worthy of the position and even engaged in conflict during the gathering. If she could do whatever she liked, why couldn’t he? The tom looked over at Antlercreek, giving the former deputy a little nod to indicate the respect Sootstain held for him. He could only begin to wonder what the thunderclanner was thinking at the moment, but from the looks of it, most of his anger was directed towards his own clan. 

    Sootstain kept his icy gaze level with the riverclan leader, letting himself be pushed slightly. The tom knew what he was about to do would ruin whatever relationship he had with his lovers’ mother, but he felt it had to be done. There was a brief, apologetic flash in his gaze as he met Wisteriastar’s eyes, he knew he would come to regret his actions but that didn’t stop him now. Stepping aside, he moved closer towards the centre of the two clans, maintaining eye contact with his leader. “I am thinking, Wisteriastar. Yes, I may be speaking out of turn, but at least I am speaking the truth. I will not sit idly by while we all pretend to be friendly with each other and I refuse to let riverclan be disrespected like this.” Turning his gaze to Kass, his amber eyes filled with a fiery passion. She had no right to declare riverclan as trespassers – Hollystar had not died and made her leader yet. The tom analyzed her for a moment, wondering what he could do. She was far too arrogant to listen to words and far too proud to admit what she did. He had no other choice.

    “Nothing I say will make it through that thick skull of yours, but maybe my teeth will.” And without any hesitation, the young warrior pushed himself off of the ground and pounced onto the thunderclan deputy, jaws clenching down on the back of her neck. With a powerful twist, Sootstain attempted to make her fall over. 

    It was an act of war.


    Just as it seemed everything was cooling down, Sootstain continued to accuse Thunderclan. Hollystar glanced towards Kass, flicking her tail to let her know she could handle the situation. The deputy was keeping her cool better than expected, but at this point she couldn’t take any risks. Hollystar flashed an icy glare at Hawkpaw. I will give you elder duties for the next moon if you don’t shut up! the she-cat thought furiously. She then felt Antlercreek’s reassuring presence next to her, followed by the touch of his tail, which drew her back to the bigger situation at hand. The Thunderclan leader was known for being very level-headed and tolerant, but this Riverclan tom was pushing it. The ebony molly closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, then let her cold gaze rest upon Sootstain. “I am not accusing your deputy of anything. I just think that maybe Riverclan should investigate a bit more. I know first-hand that Kass doesn’t exactly love getting her paws wet, so I’m certain that she did not commit this act,” the leader said flatly.

    To her relief, Wisteriastar stepped in, and started scolding the pesky tom. That’s what you get! Hollystar thought to herself with satisfaction. Finally it was looking like this whole ordeal was about over. “Thank you for bringing this concern to me, Wisteriastar. I will let you know if I find any further evidence on Thunderclan territory,” she promised. Antlercreek, would you kindly escort Riverclan back to the bor-“

    Once again, Sootstain had put himself in the middle of clan negotiations. Fury raged inside of the Thunderclan leader. “Sootstain, I advise that you listen to your leader before you do something you’ll regret,” Hollstar growled through her clenched teeth. But he didn’t listen. The molly watched in horror as the young warrior leapt at Kass. “No!” she exclaimed. She knew that Kass could handle herself, but this is what Hollystar had been trying to avoid this entire time- a battle.

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    “-and I refuse to let riverclan be disrespected like this.” Sootstain had said, igniting a strong reaction on Kass’ face of awe and disbelief, “You walked into our camp and accused us of foul play, you practically asked for it!” She exclaimed with a roll of her eyes and an exasperated tone while the now rival clan attempted to make their departure. She spit in the tom’s direction, turning her head away from the retreating clan to give Hawkpaw a command, “Hawkpaw-“

    Kass barely had time to react to Sootstain’s rush towards her, pulling her by her scruff and launching her back. The rogue went limp, allowing herself to roll when she was let go, barely feeling the impact as she rolled off her shoulder and to her stomach. Kass opened her eyes quickly, her bi-colored eyes narrowing and a sickening smile finding its place on her lips. Suddenly the she-cat looked much more like the elders made her out to be: blood-thirsty, manic, even monstrous. If this were an anime she’d have the mouth with the bubble in the corner.

    “Oh boy, Shitstain.” The rogue purred, raising her hind-quarters in a way that resembled a dog’s playful stance, body low to the ground. “Are you sure this is what you want? I’m not bound to a code and I am definitely not afraid of the likes of you.” Kass warned, dodging Sootstain’s immediate attempts in striking in an attempt to frustrate her opponent. With a quick analyzation the she-cat could pick out his main fighting features’ being his size and speed. Long body strikes and rib hits would have to work best, although the soft spot of the tom’s neck was tempting.

    She glanced at her apprentice, “Hawkpaw watch the exit!” she commanded

    She loved the art of battle, lived for the rush it gave her and the sting blows left. She enjoyed analyzing and learning the best ways to damage and harm, the quickest way to kill, the easiest way to disarm. She wasn’t afraid of the consequences, and she wasn’t afraid to maim the tom. It was self defense. In the back of her mind she hoped he understood the fact when she launched herself at him, hurtling towards his face but hoping to at least attach onto his mid-section when he attempted to dodge, attempting to cling her claws to the sensitive skin around his ribs.


    He smirked at Hollystar as the negotiations began to deteriorate. His gaze seemed to say: you can’t touch me.

    Suddenly, everything was happening both way too fast and incredibly slow all at once. The gray tom’s words processed in Hawkpaw’s mind after he’d launched his attack. Yet he found his eyes automatically zeroing in on the highlighted points of aggression. The finely tensing muscles and raised hairs, which somehow stood out amid the tangle of blurred fur.

    The black-furred apprentice’s first inclination was to fling himself into the fray, he tensed forward as though to move. Something about it was alluring in the strangest way, the claws ripping hair and blood hitting the dusty hollow floor. A small part of him shifted fearfully at this realization.

    Before he had much time to examine this revelation, Kass barked out an order between her swipes. Without even thinking he assented in soldier-like fashion, sprinting towards the camp entrance to better guard over it any case any of these insurgents got any wise ideas about fetching backup. This could not have been their plan, he reflected as he observed the fight continue. They were hopelessly outnumbered. Yet that was not his concern, he had his orders though he’d much rather be fighting beside her. She can handle herself, she doesn’t need me. Though he spared a malice-filled glance at the other RiverClanners, daring any of them to try to force their way past him. Wisteriastar in particular. Just try me, you flea-bitten curs. I’ll show you the strength of rogues.


    – W I S T E R I A S T A R – 

    The fur on her thick calico pelt began to rise in session with her hackles at the actions of her warrior, Sootstain. Fury coursed through her as she watched him hurl himself at Kass, sending the both of them hurtling towards the ground, an action that caused chaos to erupt among them and she was unable to do anything to stop it. Any sort of command that the RiverClan leader could have mustered to him was drowned in the shouts of Hollystar as she called after her mate and Wisteriastar clenched her jaw in frustration and her own helplessness at being able to prevent the one and only thing both leaders wanted to avoid from happening. Things were far past their control now– she knew that. Peace was of course the preferable option, but now it was no longer salvageable. A full-on battle was happening head-first, right in front of her eyes, in ThunderClan camp. The feline’s head swung, taking a quick glance behind her at the patrol she had taken with her here. 

    “It’s too late for peace now,” She told them, fiery amber eyes narrowing to slits. “Now we have RiverClan’s name to fight for. Protect it fiercely.” Her words were as sure as anything: RiverClan had permission to battle. Wisteriastar glanced among her patrol before she made one more decision. “Yellowtail, I know you tripped along the way here and you might have hurt yourself, but I can’t ask my deputy to leave and Sootstain’s gotten himself in a mess. I need you to go get reinforcements from camp. Please, hurry!” 

    Having given the orders that needed to be done, the RiverClan leader turned from her clanmates and jumped straight into the center of the fray, aligning herself with the ThunderClan leader, Hollystar. “No hard feelings,” she murmured, unsheathing her claws and lowering her body into a position preparing for a leap. Even if the two she-cats were talking peace just heartbeats ago, it had seemed that, unfortunately, things had escalated far beyond what words could repair and their only solution now was to see it through. A battle was regrettable but it couldn’t be stopped anymore. 

    Kicking off the ground with sturdy hind legs, Wisteriastar’s body propelled from her previous crouched position and, with her forepaws extended, she bowled straight into the ebony molly directly in front of her. The very momentum of her actions sent the two she-cats tumbling backwards, rolling until the benefit of her weight landed her on top of the ThunderClan leader. Her claws slid through the fur on her shoulders and hooked straight into the thin flesh that protected her breastbone; refusing to let go of the grip she had, they dug in deeply. Wisteriastar shifted her body, resting all of her weight forward so that the majority of the pressure she was dealing was laden down on her paws. It was less a show of her strength and more that she was simply exploiting her advantages– muscle weighed more than anything when it came to an overall body mass, and fortunately for her, her bulky body was plenty of it. It would take more than brawn to knock her off. 

    Bandit (Sonic)

    “It’s too late for peace now, Now we have RiverClan’s name to fight for. Protect it fiercely.” Wisteriastar’s words pierced his ears and he felt the fur along his spine lift slightly. RiverClan was about to fight ThunderClan. In their camp. This could only go badly.

    Yellowtail’s eyes widened as his leader turned to him, requesting him to bring reinforcements from camp. The black tom dipped his head, yellow lamps flashing in the light. “StarClan walk with you until I return.” He whispered before turning and running for the ThunderClan camp entrance.


    The RiverClan warrior pounded towards RiverClan camp, flanks heaving with the effort. He crossed into RiverClan territory and burst into their camp with a yowl. “Wisteristar sent me back for reinforcements! Our leader needs our aid! To ThunderClan!” He howled almost hysterically before turning on his heel once more and shooting off towards the ThunderClan camp once more.


    Rosethorn, my love, my sweet, watch over me. Watch over RiverClan today as we fight. He thought. If any of our warriors should lose their life today, come, guide them back to StarClan so that they do not get lost. And in the meantime I’ll try not to get killed, although I cant wait until I join you in StarClan. I’m sure you would protest.

    Sorrow pricked the edges of his mind as he streaked through RiverClan territory, through ThunderClan territory and crashed into the ThunderClan camp. Skidding to a halt as the battle went on. (Assuming at this point their fighting and that Yel getting help obviously took a min)

    Hareflight [Mel]

    ~ Creekfrost, RiverClan Warrior ~

    Creekfrost had been impatiently waiting for news about the patrol to ThunderClan. He had a bad feeling about it, that much he was certain of. Even though he was sure Kass’ scent had been on those fish, he knew Wisteriastar wasn’t quite as confident, and he was almost certain the ThunderClan deputy – if one could even call her that – would never admit to doing such a thing. Still, that uneasy feeling remained, and so the grey mottled warrior waited for the patrol to return. What he got, instead, was his clanmate, Yellowtail. Immediately, Creekfrost rose to his feet, fur bristling at the news. He knew something wasn’t right, and now he had his confirmation. Kass probably attacked someone, he figured, and the thought brought a snarl to his lips. However, before he could follow after Yellowtail, there was something else he needed to do.

    Ice blue eyes scanned the camp until they fell on his apprentice, Vinepaw. He moved swiftly towards her, the urgency of things visible in his posture. “Vinepaw.” He said, eyes flickering towards the entrance to camp. “You’re smart, and you’ve been a very impressive apprentice. Your Clan needs you,” Creekfrost said, but his expression was serious as he leaned down to her. “Most importantly, your Clan needs you alive. You can come, but be safe, remember your training. Take on another apprentice if possible, someone you think you can manage. If you need me, you yowl.” His blue eyes expressed the concern and worry he had for his apprentice, but there wasn’t time for him to say more. He trusted Vinepaw, and he trusted her to be safe. He could only hope things would be okay… he wouldn’t forgive himself if they weren’t.

    Sucking in a deep breath, he nodded his head before kicking himself into action, and bolting to ThunderClan camp to throw himself into the fray. 

    ~ Dreamfeather, ThunderClan Warrior ~

    Softglow, where was Softglow? Yowls were echoing throughout the camp now, and all Dreamfeather could think about was finding her sister. She was sure her sister could handle herself, but she couldn’t help but imagine her cornered by some cruel RiverClan warrior, and fear filled her chest. Her green eyes scanned the clearing where RiverClan and ThunderClan cats were beginning to clash. She couldn’t see the bright tabby pelt of her sister in the battle anywhere. “Softglow?” She cried, paws pushing her towards the entrance to camp. Maybe she was outside camp? She had to find her sister. 

    Softglow??” She shouted again as she pushed herself through the crowd of cats and into the fresh air beyond camp. Unfortunately, she did not see her sister anywhere out here. What she did see, however, was a RiverClan warrior right in front of her. Bearing her teeth nervously, the orange tabby unsheathed her claws, thick pelt fluffing up even further. She didn’t particularly want to fight anyone, that had never been her skill, but if it was a matter of her finding her sister or not, she was prepared to do it. Eyes quickly scanning the area, Dreamfeather noticed a tree that was close enough for her to bolt to if she needed to. Ears flattening back, she fixed her eyes on the warrior in front of her, lowering into a crouch.


    ~Vinepaw of RiverClan~

    Vinepaw watched her mentor stare at the entrance to the camp as if waiting for all of ThunderClan to storm in and invade. It began to make her feel nervous, and her claws started prickling the ground beneath her with anxiety. Why did Creekfrost have such a bad feeling? Would Hollystar seriously attack the small patrol Wisteriastar lead to confront them about the bones they found? As if StarClan was answering her, Yellowtail raced into camp and yowled that a fight broke out in the ThunderClan camp. Instantly, Vinepaw padded to Creekfrost’s side, staring at him with wide green eyes. Her chest puffed out when he told her to join the patrol, and her eyes narrowed with readiness. “I won’t let you down, Creekfrost.” 

    As he raced out of camp, she followed him, dirt and dust flying behind her from her quick pawsteps. She glided through the stream they had to cross to get to ThunderClan’s camp, bursting through the camp entrance after Creekfrost. There weren’t many of their Clanmates here yet, but she could heard them running close. Her eyes were wide, claws unsheathed and neck fur bristling. Where was she going to start?

    ~Oakpath of ThunderClan~

    Ever since the fishy smell of RiverClan filled the ThunderClan camp, Oakpath stood outside the nursery with his claws unsheathed. They had padded in with accusations about Kass, now supposedly Bluefire, that he found himself believing. But it was clear Hollystar didn’t, and Oakpath almost rolled his eyes. Unlike most of his fellow Clanmates, he didn’t trust a single hair on Kass‘ pelt. She wasn’t Clan-born. What did rogues know of the warrior code? But, it wasn’t his place to question the commands and rules his leader placed, so he merely kept silent as the two leaders spoke. He could tell they didn’t want a fight, but the warrior’s behind each of them looked ready to pounce with claws unsheathed. Oakpath made sure not to tense his muscles, wanting them loose in case a fight broke out.

    The ThunderClan tom was too far away to hear exactly what they were saying, but Wisteriastar had turned around as if to leave. However, one of her warriors spoke in a harsh tone, pouncing at Kass and bowling her over. Oakpath snarled. The last thing he wanted to do was defend the rogue, but it wasn’t just about her now: it was about ThunderClan’s and Hollystar’s honor. Oakpath waited until more RiverClan reinforcements poured into their camp, running and striking at the first cat he saw. It was Creekfrost. He had seen the gray warrior many times at Gatherings, but rarely did they speak. Oakpath was a quiet one anyways. 

    Oakpath’s lips curled up in a snarl. “Get out of our camp!” He spat, slashing at Creekfrost’s face with his claws fully unsheathed, tail fur fluffed out to look twice its size. His paws took turns slashing at Creekfrost a few times to push him back towards the camp entrance.


    Stormstride ~ RiverClan Warrior

    Sun was high in the sky as the large tomcat was lazing about, eyes half closed as he was enjoying the pleasant heat that was radiating off the sun as the rays peeked through the small ivory clouds within the sky. Feather whiskers twitched as he listened mildly to the idle conversations that were flickering throughout the clearing, causing his paper-thin pointed ears to twitch with the soft voices and muddled words. Pale green-yellow eyes flickered open, pupils narrowing faintly for a moment as his gaze flickered towards the entrance of the camp, the air quickly becoming static with everyone becoming alert to the frantic message that Yellowtail had to deliver. You’ve got to be kidding me. He almost groaned outloud, the fur standing up along his spine for the time being as his adrenaline began to rise and fill his need for battle.

    Large paws quickly pushed himself up from his current laying position, giving a few quick shakes of his broad form to rod his thick fur of dusty dirt and small pieces of moss that littered the ground. Grumbling under his breath, he quickly moved with the rest of RiverClan that was beginning to mobilize in order to aid their leader. Quickly he looked towards the clearing of the camp and spotted his pure white pelted brother, pupils narrowing slightly for a moment as he shook his head, quickly letting Snowbound know he shouldn’t be in the battle that was about to take place. Right in ThunderClans camp. Once he was sure that he had Snowbound’s attention, and regardless of the facial expression Stormstride received, he eyed his brother for a moment more before he quickly turned on his feet and hurried after the battle patrol that was streaking out of camp as if their tails had caught flame. Dark grey and white streaked through the moss lined area, jumping over small boulders that stood in their way, nostrils flaring as he breathed in the oak and musky scent of ThunderClan land. RiverClan was invading their land swiftly in order to make it to the camp, in order to aid their fellow Riverclanners that were already deep in the grind. Gritting his teeth together, fur along his spine was standing upright with unease of the battle at hand, following the rest of the patrol as they followed their noses for the most part in order to lead them in the direction of ThunderClan’s camp.

    Ears twitched for a moment as he could hear the sounds of fighting, yowls and hisses were being spit into the air, loud thumps upon the ground as cats flopped about the earth and trampled across the fallen leaves. Long white talons slipped from their sheaths as his claws ripped into the soft dirt below him, propelling himself faster as the patrol found themselves rounding the last few trees to see the fight. For the most part the fight was happening just outside of the camps entrance, it appeared as though they had pushed through in order to keep the queens and kits safe. He spotted the grey pelt of Sootstain as he tussled with a dilute calico, clearing the pelt of Kass. Tear her a new one. He thought with a snarl leaving his curling lips. However, he spotted a ginger tabby ThunderClan warrior rushing through the camps entrance, her eyes wide and startled as she looked around, her mouth open as if she were calling for someone, clearly this was Dreamfeather.

    He silently noted that she was heading in the direction of Sootstain and Kass, which caused him to raise a furry brow as he maneuvered through the fighting cats in order to position himself between the two fighting cats and the ThunderClan beauty before him. “I think not.” He meowed, his deep voice rumbling as he eyed the molly curiously but his lips were curled over his pointer canines. Stormstride clearly thought she had been headed over to aid Kass, however, he did not much like to tussle with she-cats. She lowered himself into a battle crouch, her paws shaking slightly while her gaze was ferocious. Growling, he took her stance as a challenge, lowering himself into a stance as well before he leapt in her direction, claws out and ready.


    Darkberry ~ ThunderClan Warrior

    She hummed softly to herself as she walked through the tall oak trees of ThunderClan, peacefully minding her own business. Darkberry had been tossed on a border patrol, with a few other warriors. However, none of these cats were her best friend, Tigerstrike. For the past few moons, she and the Tom had been inseparatable. Her mother had often accused of her leading the Tom on and claiming that they would become mates, but she didn’t feel that way for Tigerstrike. Did she? Before she ponder more within her thoughts, the sound of many paws thundering against the ground caught her attention. Ears standing upright as she suddenly became alert, the rest of her patrol also becoming aware of the intrusion to the peaceful forest. Dainty paws carried her tall and slender figure forwards as she caught sight of pelts moving through the trees, dark orange eyes narrowing questioningly as her nose was pointed in the air to breathe in the scents. RiverClan. Their scent assaulted her scent glands, eyes widening as she quickly realized the enemy cats were heading in the direction of their camp.

    “Back to camp! RiverClan invades!” Darkberry quickly informed her comrades, the patrol quickly doubling back on their paws in order to race back towards camp. Please, StarClan. Keep Tigerstrike safe. She prayed silently as she ran, her figure lighter than her fellow clanmates, which allowed her to race ahead of the rest of the patrol. Her black, white and grey dappled pelt was bristled with anger and annoyance that RiverClan was invading their home. Although, she didn’t know the true story, she was equally just as pissed. She was mere few badger lengths away from the camp entrance when she spotted the RiverClan battle patrol as they were streaking through the trees. She wasn’t aware that her gaze had landed on that of an apprentice, Vinepaw, until she had leapt. Claws outstretched as she barreled into the younger cat, her claws hooking onto the small shoulder blades as her talons sunk into the thick fur and lightly stabbed at the skin beneath. “How dare you invade!” She snarled, pupils narrowing down at the apprentice.

    Although, she hesitated when she looked down at the small face of an inexperienced apprentice. Ears flattened against the back of her head for a moment as she gazed down at Vinepaw, although she tried to recover her surprise with a snarl before she pushed herself off of the apprentice, turning her chin as she was seeking out a RiverClan Warrior that wasn’t fighting one of her Clanmates. She was also keeping an eye out for the dark brown tabby striped pelt of Tigerstrike, anxiety was clawing at her chest from not knowing where he was but her attention flitted back towards Vinepaw, her eyes narrowing.

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