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    A small figure was curled up in the corner of the cave, running their tongue over their pelt in an attempt to warm themself up. Littlesage was honestly sick of the storm at this point, especially after everything that had happened. The tunnels had flooded, they evacuated into the mountains, and it took forever for them to finally find shelter. And when the storm finally did end, would ShadowClan even be able to go back home? After all, their home was completely flooded. There were too many questions and not enough answers.

    The dampness of the cave wasn’t much different than the tunnels Littlesage had previously resided in, but they were still foreign enough that she didn’t quite feel at home. She shuddered in the makeshift moss bed she was on top of, and looked around to see if there was anyone to talk to in order to keep herself busy. Her yellow eyes locked upon a another pelt curled up nearby, and she recognized the shape as Mapledawn. It was a shame what happened to her sister back when the three of them were apprentices… Mapledawn had never really been the same since. Littlesage knew that the other molly wasn’t one for conversation ever since what happened to Dawnpaw, but it was worth a shot. “Hey, you doing okay?” She asked gently as she approached the golden-furred warrior. “The storm is letting up a bit, so that’s good at least.”

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Forums ShadowClan ShadowClan Territory far from home (mapledawn && littlesage, closed)