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    Ripplepaw’s been an apprentice for exactly one day, having spent the day before burning off adrenaline walking through Riverclan territory. She’d seen it, but it has been a few moons and Heronflight had carried her then, seeing as her paws had ached from running. She could recall with clarity the moment Heron had found her, remembered the wariness that gave way to tentative curiosity. Ripplepaw couldn’t explain it, but Heronflight had given the kit a sense of safety and comfort her mother used to give her.

    “Forget her,” Ripple snaps under her breath. Her mother hadn’t cared enough to keep her, she wasn’t worth a thought. Phoebe- Ripplepaw- can’t stop her mind from wandering, though, thinking of Apollo. He’d always been the golden child in many ways, and he’d never played with her but she preferred it that way. Now, though? Now she felt a dull ache for a brother she had never made an effort to bond with.

    The color pointed molly shook herself, scrambling to her feet and leaving her nest behind. Ripplepaw briefly entertained the idea of spending the day with her father, it felt nice having a cat to call her father, but knew that Heronflight was busy sometimes. Deputy, she’d been told before, Heron was deputy. It meant he was responsible for Riverclan alongside Wisteriastar, their leader. Ripplepaw always felt proud to be the Riverclan deputy’s daughter, however, there was a note of bitterness as well. With his duties Heronflight didn’t usually have time for her, and Ripple would be speaking falsely if she made a claim about not missing the days where Heron didn’t stray far. He’d slept in the Nursery to be near her, for Starclan’a sake! Ripplepaw was learning to cope, though, and took all the moments she could to enjoy being around the grey tom.

    The silver, soft furred molly wandered a bit more around camp. Briarfrost had made plans to take her out but it wouldn’t be until later, which meant the new apprentice was left to her own devices. The idea of looking for her father crossed her mind again and was shaken off, Ripple determinedly making her way over to a spot a little ways from the apprentice den.

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Forums RiverClam RiverClan Camp early mornings and new names {heron & ripple}