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    dustsong // dustpaw, dustkit 

    49 moons • may 14

    female // she/her/hers

    Dustsong is, at first glance, a mischieveous and good humored molly who cares little for rules and regulations. While that is true to an extent, Dust is not just that. She’s also very maternal, fiercely loyal, and filled with fierce, fiery passion. Others also tend to assume Dustsong isn’t as intelligent as she really is but those few will quickly be proven wrong. Despite her lack of ambition, when Dust does have a goal in mind she works tirelessly to achieve it. However, Dust would rather support others and it’s what she’s good at. She’s also good at calling others out when she sees something amiss, and Dust has absolutely no qualms about doing so. If she doesn’t agree with someone they will know fairly quickly.



    () • (open for apprentice)

    [out of 10]

    10 hunting // combat 9

    8 speed/agility // endurance 8

    0 swimming // climbing 10

    5 teamwork // leadership 8

    Dustkit was raised wrapped tightly in her parents’ love and had a fun loving brother who she often pranked. Then again they pranked each other, it was kind of their thing. As an apprentice she was rebellious and not a single cat was spared from her antics. The amount of times she and her brother got sent to the elders den truly was insurmountable. However, Sandpaw grew tired of being marked as a troublemaker and began to focus his energies elsewhere. Being ignored by her brother, Dustpaw was quick to befriend fellow troublemaker Firepaw. But like her brother before her Dust became much more mature as she went on in her apprenticeship. Dustpaw earned her name finally, after multiple threats to extend her apprenticeship, and became Dustsong. She definitely mellowed out as a warrior, becoming close again with her brother, now known as Sandgorse. Dustsong and Firepaw remained close friends, even as he became a warrior. One without a filter, that is… with her newfound “maturity” and preexisting inability to deal with bullshit Dustsong often acts as Fire’s “filter”. When she isn’t doing that she’s playing with kits or picking on apprentices. But in the rare case you need her, Dustsong is a mentor and mother to those looking for comfort.

    pansexual // attracted to all

    no mate 

    no kits

    –   •   ♥   •   –

    ~ loves pranks

    ~ Scottish accent (think Merida)

    ~ stupid jokes are her forte 

    ~ likes to greet her friends by tackling them or “gently” shoving them 

    • art colored and designed by me but the lineart isn’t mine – Times New Roman #ff6f00

    Snowberry is her former mentor.

    DM me on Discord if your OC needs a mentor in SkyClan, former or current

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