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    A tired yawn escapes the warrior as he continues on his little mission to find his broody friend. Shamrock green eyes flickering around the pine forest,  nostrils flaring as he takes in the prominent scents of pine needles, calming the peanut and mocha brown tom. Crunch of dried leaves could be heard with every step he makes, enjoying the cool breeze ruffling his short pelt,  brows furrowing “Now where did he go sulking to now?” He mutters to himself. Crow always loved to go off on his own, as his dark friend seemed to often enjoy solitude than being in his presence. Shrugging his slim shoulders as he would enjoy his little stroll, but hopefully find him along the way.


    Humming a soothing tune under his breath, a pep in his step as he enjoys the scenery around him. Ears perking up at the faintest sounds, hoping to catch any indication that Crowshadow. Smiling when he heard a soft sneeze coming from his left, turning his cranium in the direction. Green eyes squinting as he eyes a bush with curiosity. Muffling his paw steps by lightly stepping on the moss, avoiding the leaves as best as possible. With a mischievous gleam in his gaze, he slowly approaches the bush with berries slowly growing upon.


    Pausing at his destination, tilting his head in such a dog-like manner. Suddenly he pokes his head into the bush, spotting the dark colored Tom mopping about within. “Found you!” He cheers with a bright grin on his handsome features. “Scoot over” his voice muffling as he slips his small lean two toned brown form into the surprisingly roomie bush. Sighing as he plops down dramatically, letting his shoulder lightly smack into Crow’s. “Hmm seems a little dark and depressing in here” Dognose muses with a carefree tone to his baritone smooth voice. “Been looking around for ya..” he trails off as he gets a good look at his friend.

    His bright green gaze softening, “You okay?” He wonders, though he knew that Crow would lie and say he was okay, when in reality he was not. Deep down Dog wished that Crow would be more open with him, but all he could do was be there for him, that would be enough.

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    Crowshadow held his breath as he detected the sound of footsteps, gradually growing nearer. This was it. They’d found him. The Clan would drag him back, and then what? Execution? It was rare that a cat was deemed so dangerous that they could not even be permitted to leave alive. But he could see them making an exception on his account. His blood would sate those who had been denied that of his fathers. His step-mother and sisters would be first in line, no doubt.
    His entire being relaxed when he saw who it was, however.
    “Oh, it’s just you Dognose.” He sighed heavily. “”I’m fine” He continued, somewhat irritably. Though less so than if it had been anyone else. “You should worry more abut yourself.” If they find us together they’ll think you had something to do with Smokewisp’s disappearance.”
    The details of their Deputy’s absence remained a mystery as many cats looked to Hornestar to see when he would declare her dead, and when he would lay claws on the cat who’d done it.
    If no perfect culprit could be produced, Crowshadow felt his own guilt was a foregone conclusion.


    Dognose remains silent as he regards his friend, brows furrowing as he could tell that his dear friend was fighting a inner battle. He wished that he could reassure him that no one blamed him for Smokewisp’s appearance. Sure there were a few that seemed skeptical, but they were the clan’s gossipers that lived to stir truths with lies. His peanut brown right ear flicking backwards as he takes Crowshadow’s snippy tone in stride. Dognose has been best friends with the grumpy lad ever since they were kits, he knew better than to take his friend’s words to heart. Pursing his lips as he scoffs openly at him. “You are an idiot” he proclaims with a roll to his green eyes.

    “You are an idiot if you think I give a damn about what other people think. Let them believe what they want. They will be proven wrong in the end and look like the fools” Dognose mutters but his usual carefree demeanor changing, his soft features hardening to show how serious he was. “You need to stop worrying. You were no where near her when she disappeared” he tries to reassure him anyways, as he had a hard time not trying to comfort Crowshadow.
    Dognose has always been rather fond of his dark pelted friend, maybe more than he should. His sister Hyenaflower has questioned his feelings for Crow several times. Of course Dognose would easily lie or avoid the question altogether as he would rather keep his best friend then lose him to one sided feelings. Clearing his throat as he realizes he had been openly staring, inwardly wincing at his idiocy. “Do you want to stroll around or mope in here all day?” He lightheartedly grins, hoping to defuse any tension within his friend.
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