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    Applepaw 🍎 Skyclan Apprentice

    The ginger molly trekked alongside her fellow apprentices, following the lead of their deputy and some of Shadowclan’s own. There was no way she would turn down the opportunity the explore new territory, no matter the ache in her step! Resting could wait until after the hunt. Besides, Applepaw was pretty glad to be away from that Shadowclan leader. If he wanted to see useful, she’d show him useful!

    When Firebird turned to the three, requesting good climbers, there was a fire in the little tabby’s eyes. Oh yes, I’ll go! Though Applepaw had only been apprenticed recently and there was still a bit to learn, she was sure climbing a tree would be no problem. Its part of what made Skyclan so special, after all! But before she could work out a reply, her deputy back-tracked and sent them off to search the ground. “Understood,” she mewed, sighing in disappointment.

    Her pelt prickled under the judging eyes of Shadowclan’s warriors. Even the other clan had little confidence in them. An apprentice named Skunkpaw joined them and seemed quite friendly. The usually bright she-cat would have engaged in the conversation but the events of the day, on an empty belly even, had her feeling huffy. Unfamiliar territory or not, Applepaw was not going to be treated like a little kit who didn’t know where to put her paws. “We’ll be just fine,” she replied sourly, not watching as Skunkpaw ducked off to the bushes.

    Shadowclan’s deputy, Smokewisp, grouped with Foxpaw and herself. “Leave it to me,” Applepaw whispered to the strong molly. She puffed out her chest like a courageous hunter, though her kill count has only been a pawful of mice and one unlucky squirrel so far.


    HollowFlame ~ ShadowClan Warrior

    He was rather satisfied as he watched Firebird hunt the squirrel as the morsel rushed down the tree and tried to escape him by landing on the ground, however it had been the wee critters doom. At least he’s agile. He huffed slightly, re-adjusting his hold on the current branch that he was standing upon, the wind causing the trees and branches to sway, but nothing he couldn’t handle with swaying with the branch to uphold his center of balance. Chin lifting he tried to scent the air, but as usual the rain and wind washed away any scent that could have traveled to his scent glands. Instead he would have to settle for using his sense of sight and hearing. Emerald green eyes flickered down towards Firebird as he could hear the deep rumble of the voice carried by the wind, easily out doing the loud sound of the rain falling from the sky. Knowing he wouldn’t be heard over the rain and at the height he was in the tree, he simply exaggerated the movement of his tail to let the deputy know he had been heard. 

    Looking around, the tomcat made slow movements with his head, looking this way and that as he sought out any sign of movement or color variation against the bark and pine needles. Slowly he climbed higher and higher into the pine tree, although not too high that he would be risking the much thinner branches of the tree. Pupils narrowed and ears swerved towards a branch two feet above him, head instantly snapping in the direction of the sound as he caught sight of a Jay bird landing on the branch, feathers soaked from the rain and chest heaving from exertion. Giving himself a small nod, he slowly climbed up the tree, his claws digging deeply into the tree bark, his steps more pronounced than before as he did not want to risk falling.. he wouldn’t survive at this height. Slowly his breathing, he knew it didn’t matter what way the wind was blowing, scent wouldn’t travel. Finally he was traveling along the same branch, body lowered and his movements slow and calculated. This little bird wasn’t going to get away from him, his clan was desperate for food. The little bird was looking else where as if it were thinking of the possibly of fighting the current of the wind and finding a new tree to reside in. Not wanting to take the chance of loosing this fresh-kill, HollowFlame rushed forwards in a flash of dark red and black fur. Growling, his claws hooked into the outstretched wing of the Jay bird, fighting with the wee critter and fighting to keep his balance before he finally sunk his teeth into the neck and gave a final twist. However, with his sudden rush across the branch, a small and pointed branch had caught the skin right above his eye, ripping it open. Closing his right eye as the blood was beginning to trip, he could only use his left eye to navigate through the tree. 

    Moving slowly and hesitantly, the tomcat went down the tree, his claws hooked deeply into the bark of the tree with each movement. Upon reaching the ground, he let out a small sigh before moving towards the upturned mud that Firebird had buried the squirrel. Burying his bird beside of the squirrel, his tongue slipped from his mouth as he licked his paw and ran it over his eye, trying to regain some visibility. Upon cleaning his eye, he heard rustling to his left as a heavy branch fell from a nearby tree, causing him to stand upright, his tail held high and fluffed out from being alert. His right eye was partially opened when he heard paws quickly hitting the ground as a rabbit sprinted from a nearby bush from the branch falling, grunting as his paws immediately dug into the mud as he propelled forwards and gave chase. His large paws were already perfect for the marsh lands of ShadowClan, so he didn’t have a problem with keeping up. Soon enough he had the rabbit tackled down and the neck broken before trotting back to the dig site. 

    After digging the rabbit, he looked around, trying to spot the ginger pelt of Firebird through the haze of the rain; his pelt ruffled from the weather and speckled in mud. “Firebird? You catch anything?” He called out, although he didn’t raise his voice as he didn’t want to startle prey and ruin the other cats potential catch. 


    Firebird~ Skyclan Deputy 

    Shivering ever so slightly at the shift of temperature as he resides on a pine branch about 10 feet in the air, he wasn’t as high as he would usually climb but considering being in unknown territory, it was better to be safe than sorry. If it hadn’t been pouring from the heavens with wind beating against the trees, the sight before him would have been breathtaking. Though the dullness of the sun hiding behind dark clouds and the ground below flooding with never ending water took away its mysterious beauty. Glancing around for a brief moment, catching a faint glimpse of Hollowflame. Squinting as the deputy tried his best to get a better view on what the warrior was up to but the streaks of rain clouded his vision. Huffing in irritation but shook his nerves away, the shadowclanner could handle himself, Firebird had bigger problems to worry about than a feline from another clan. Grimacing at the feeling of gooey mud slipping between his toes, a crease forming between his brows as he carefully and quietly scraps his paws against the roughened bark.
    His gaze intensely watching as the mud chips away layer by layer until his browned paws were visible to the naked eye. Now he would be more capable of hunting within the trees, at least one of his obstacles were taken care of. Resuming back to his current objective as he scouts the branches carefully for an unaware creature that could soon be his prey. Ember eyes narrowing as the Maine Coon shifted his position, peering through the haze of rain and fog. His ginger tufted ears twitching with sensitivity as he listened to faint knocking a few branches up. His paws tingling at the sound waves vibrating throughout the tree. Head shooting up, gaze roaming frantically in search for the source of sound, head turning to look towards the right when he stilled. On another tree that just so happened to be next to his, few branches up sat a finch that was knocking what Firebird could only assume was some type of nut that the bird must have plucked from the trees or scavenged from the ground floor.
    With a twitch to the corner of his lips, Firebird allows his claws to slip from their sheathes. Resisting the urge to run them against the wooden surface as he needed to remain silent if he wanted to catch the oblivious finch. Eyes remaining locked on the brown bird as he sinks his claws into the meat of the tree trunk, slowly he scales up with caution. Ears flattening against his wedged cranium as he knew he needed to be careful while among the pine trees. Flattening against the trunk, feeling his drenched belly fur brushing along the rough surface as he ascends. Pausing abruptly as the knocking stopped, freezing as he eyes the bird in slight panic at the thought of being seen. Only to release a breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding as the bird had only paused to reposition the nut in its beak. Once the fiery tom knew it was safe, he continues his trek up the tree. Muscles tensing as he pulls himself safely onto a branch parallel to the one that held his target. Scanning his only source of stability, looking for any indicators that the branch would give under his weight. Licking his lips with hesitation as he really didn’t see any faults to why he should not continue. ‘Here goes nothing’ he inwardly thought.
    Lowering himself slowly into a Hunter’s position, shoulder blades sticking up as he hunches his shoulders as he digs his claws securely into the branch below him. Ember hues flickering toward the finch and the branch it sat perched on, eyes lighting up at realizing the branch and his branch had grown interconnected. From his observation he concluded it had to be due to the trees growing so closely together, but no matter it made Firebird’s job much easier. Stealthy he makes his approach, his shoulders rolling with each precise movement to the placement of his large paws. Muscles tensing and flexing as he moves, ignoring the heaviness of his pelt weighing him down due to the rain. Mouth parting with want, eyes slitting with predatory intentions as he stalks his prey. Faint creaks could be heard as he moved closer, balancing skillfully on the thinning part of the branch. His stance unsteady yet firm as his paws placement on the intertwined branches.
    The thundering sound of rain smacking against the trees in continuous rhythm gave him the cover he needed to not be heard. It was as if everything else around him faded away, his perception to his outer surroundings dulled and disappeared as his only thought and the only thing he could register was the Finch. As he got closer, the more he was able to distinguish the littlest of details on the small petite bird. The quivering of its reddish brown feathers that ombré to a dusty brown, to the way the bird continuously banged the outer shell of a cashew nut in feverish attempts to break its meal free from the confinements of a hardened coating. Very slowly, Fire’s muddied paws delicately pass over the threshold of the intertwined branches, leaving him once more to be evenly placed on one branch once more. Now this time Firebird could not withhold the grin itching its way into his chapped black rubbery hued lips as he was now only few mouse-lengths away from his target.
    Stilling his body, slowing his breathing, ears twitching as he could hear his heart thumping erratically against his chest as adrenaline coarse through his veins, giving him a chemical response to go into action. Using his claws to anchor himself against the branch, putting all his force into his hind legs to propel himself forwards. A streak of blazing orange was all that could be seen as the tom struck like a viper. Quick and with deadly precision, the poor fragile being stood no chance against the hungry predator. Using his strong right paw to slam down onto the defenseless bird, his claws piercing one of its winds to render it flightless before  delivering the final blow by snapping its neck within his jaws. Feeling the bird go limp caused Firebird to straighten from his previous hunters position, flicking his tail in content at yet another catch. With no hesitation, he leaps back down to the ground safely. Hissing softly at the faint sting in his paws from the direct impact to the ground. Shaking his paws as he walked, quickly hiding his catch ones more before continuing the hunt. With roughly an hour having gone by he managed to score a shrew and a personal favorite; songthrush.
    Feeling somewhat satisfied with his stash of prey, feeling his body overheat from excursions of climbing, running, and hunting. His pelt not only clinging to him due to the rain but also his sweat as well that would hopefully be washed away. Breathing heavily as he makes his way towards Hollowflame, nodding in acknowledgment at the skilled warrior. “I believe that’s the best we can do for now, better we find a route back and meet back with the rest of the patrol” His baritone voice strained, it would seem that his exhausted from traveling throughout the night to reach the mountain was starting to take its toil on the Skyclan Deputy.

    Smokewisp panted as her sides heaved from yet another exhilarating chase. Dashing madly after prey wasn’t a normal strategy for Shadowclan cats, but it’d been remarkably effective given the circumstances. The plump vole hanging from her jaws confirmed the fact. ‘I bet Windclan would love this,’ she thought with amusement. The slender, long legged moor cats would likely relish this sort of hunt. She paused for a moment, feeling anxious. ‘I wonder how the other clans are doing, surely we’re not alone.

    She dropped the Vole, scenting the air. The two Skyclan apprentices who had been following closely behind her had done remarkably well, despite their inexperience and unusual circumstances. In fact, she was starting to wonder how they’d carry everything back. Their clans needed every morsel they could get. Two trips in such unforgiving weather shortly before dusk would be frustrating and exhausting.

    There was another keen concern upon her mind, that had grown with the passing time. Skunkpaw and Juniperpaw had yet to return. She dropped her vole and silently scented the air, hoping to catch a trace of scent. “You two, did you catch any scent of Juniperpaw or Skunkpaw?” she asked Applepaw and Foxpaw, her voice edged with concern. “They should’ve been back by now …” She frowned, knowing that they didn’t truly have the resources for a search party. She silently hoped she hadn’t made a mistake by sending them alone.

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