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    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Warrior

    Goldenrose looked down at her wet flank when he mentioned that she would probably need to dry her pelt for the patrol, rolling her eyes in amusement as she glanced towards him. “Mhm.. and whose fault is it for my wet pelt?” She questioned, head tilting slightly with a smirk rising along her lips as she gave the tomcat a playful look while passing him. Wading through the shallow water before she finally reached the shore, water dripping down her flank and splattering down on the shore as she walked. “Well besides being soaked..” She trailer off to shoot Wolfstar a look before she shook out her pelt, water splaying everywhere while her white and rose gold toned patched pelt was ruffled. “The water felt great.” Goldenrose purred, trotting up the shore.

    She lowered onto the ground, twisting on her rump as she started to lick at her ivory white fur, the rose gold tone patches lined in silver from the pale light of the moon shining down on the two cats. Bright green eyes lifted from her fur as she looked towards Wolfstar, noticing his hypnotizing azure orbs were watching her while he groomed. This warmed her cheeks before he spoke, which caught her by surprise for a moment. But she looked thoughtful as she chewed on the inside of her cheek but gave a small. “Honestly.. I did have a small crush on Toxicshard before he was a warrior and met his mate.  But.. after that no tom really seemed interested.” She muttered as she straightened. She was a beautiful molly, small and slender in stature. Many toms had been interested in her, but morally just to repopulate, which she wasn’t interested in being the mother to the kits and nothing to the Tom. That was a lonely existence. “I guess I just wasn’t interesting enough.” She admitted, ears gently laying flat against her head before she cleared her throat. Goldenrose knew better than to ask him about his former mate, she knew Cremefur, she had been such a sweet and lovely molly. To her.. there was no way she could compete for Wolfstars affection and perhaps love.. Goldenrose thought that was unfair of her to ask of him.

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Forums WindClan WindClan Territory The Dock [CLOSED] A Serene Night (Wolf&Golden)