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    Saplingskies was plodding along, tail dragging along behind him. Perhaps it had been a bad idea for him to attend this meeting so soon after the incident, but with tensions still so high, even after the battle, it was best to mask any weakness within the clan. No need to let anyone know what happened to him. He traveled silently alongside Hareflight and Rainysky, who the two ShadowClan cats had met up with near the border. Like everyone else, he had eaten the travelling herbs before he left camp, but it was like his body just didn’t care. He hated feeling so completely drained. Looked like he would be spending another day sleeping and lazing about tomorrow. 

    After what seemed like ages, the three medicine cats arrived at the cliffs, and Saplingskies had never been so relieved to see the natural stairway leading down to the Mooncave in his life. By the looks of it, they were the first to arrive. “Well,” He began, starting to take a step forward “I…” He hesitated, whiskers twitching as if a sudden thought overcame him. Ever since he had become ShadowClan’s full medicine cat, he had always been the one who volunteered to go down and make sure the Mooncave was safe, as the cavern often flooded, but now he wasn’t sure if he had the strength to make multiple trips down and back up the slippery rocks. He wasn’t sure if he could make the round trip even once. Anxiety began to claw at his belly at the thought of slipping and plummeting into the dark abyss of the sea. 

    “…I suppose we’ll wait here for the others…” he said quietly, slowly sinking to the ground and making himself comfortable. Perhaps if he rested for a little bit he would be okay. He began grooming to sooth his racing thoughts. StarClan told him that it would still be a long time before he would join their ranks. Nothing bad would happen to him tonight or any night soon, he just needed to relax. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly to ease his mind. Everything was going to be okay. They were going to discuss the rule change, share tongues with StarClan, and go home without any issues. 

    ‘Hopefully peace would be better maintained here than it had been at the last few gatherings…’ He thought to himself, opening his eyes to study the clear night sky above.  It was such a lovely night.


    Hareflight [Mel]

    It was a silent trip. It wasn’t really that Hareflight had meant it to be – she found it easy to talk to both Saplingskies and Rainysky, but no one really seemed to be in the right mood, herself included. Hareflight was lost in her thoughts – as she suspected the others were as well – and any leftover focus was devoted to Saplingskies as she moved patiently beside him, ready to take action if there was any sign of falter. 

    The brown tabby had always been good at keeping his emotions in check, but Hareflight could see the worry flash across his face. Guilt settled inside her. Maybe she should have insisted he stayed back – what if something happened? It would be her fault. Her thoughts made her uneasy, and as her mentor settled down to the ground, she took a couple steps closer to him, cautiously. Her bi-coloured gaze flickered to Rainysky, trying to read the other tom’s emotions as well, but finding her gaze trailing worriedly back to Saplingskies before long. 

    W-well, it’s a nice night. Won’t do us any harm to- to wait out here for them.” Hareflight said cheerily, though a note of anxiety trilled through her voice. Clearing her throat, she glanced back the way they’d come, trying to keep her eyes busy on something. “I doubt they’ll b-be a long time anyways.” For a moment, Hareflight wondered what would happen if one of their ranks was missing. Would they be waiting here in vain? Would someone bring the news? Her thoughts settled uncomfortably on Smokewisp, and her ears flattened back slightly. So much had happened in such a short amount of time. How could anyone possibly be expected to process all of this at once? Hareflight distracted herself with grazing a claw against the rock beneath them, ears ready to pick up any sound of approaching cats.

    Please come soon. And for StarClan’s sake, please let everyone be alright.


    Their traveling herbs eaten and as rested as they could manage, WindClan’s medicine cats were on their way towards the cliffs where they would meet in communion to share tongues and discuss changes to come. The eldest healer Nettlenose trotted along with her head slightly down, her round emerald eyes glancing every now and then to the sleek, dark colored pelt of her fellow healer, Startledcrow. The fluffy, cream colored she-cat felt like her legs were worn, as she had been gone from her own camp for two days on account of a mishap with a kit she had discovered, and being away had weathered her rest a bit. Not to mention, Wolfstar and Startledcrow hadn’t been very thrilled with her disappearance during the battle that had left many of their clanmates injured.

    A sigh left the molly’s maw, but she kept going, careful of her step as they neared the cliffs. It was often slick around these parts, especially at the moon cave itself. “Look there, its ShadowClan.” Nettlenose said to Startledcrow in reference to Saplingskies and Hareflight.And Rainysky as well.” From the looks of it, they hadn’t yet gone down to investigate the status of the cave, and she wondered if they were feeling as worn as she was from the journey. 

    As they climbed upwards towards them, the Windclan medicine cat dipped her head politely upon joining them, offering a soft smile. She was always gentle in her demeanor, calm and pleasant…unless of course there was a reason not to be. “Saplingskies, Hareflight, Rainysky.” Nettlenose greeted, her tone warm. “I hope you all made it here without trouble. It looks rather slippery right now, doesn’t it?” She noted, at the way drops of moisture shown upon the rocks of the cliffs. The sea drummed softly nearby in her papery ears.

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    Startledcrow ~ WindClan Medicine Cat

    He was unusually quiet during this walk to the cliffs, chin tilted in its usual fashion as he needed to see from his left eye, his tongue clicking against the roof his mouth for a moment. Nettlenose was recovering rather well from her travels but he still felt so tired from tending to Falconpaw constantly to make sure that the infection did not fester within those deep wounds. Dark grey nostrils flared as his nimble paws were carefully placed along the slick ground, having to be careful with his impaired sight every-time they ventured to the Moon Stone. “This walk is always bothersome.” He muttered softly, although he really wasn’t talking to anyone. He wasn’t on the greatest terms with Nettlenose and she wasn’t too happy with him either, but he was keeping that to himself for the time being, no one needed to know that the two medicine cats were out of sorts. Ears twitched as he heard his mentor speak that at least two of the other clans were already there, his chin lifting for a brief moment to catch sight of Saplingskies and Hareflight with the ever so nervous Rainysky in tow. “Yes, seems like they beat us here.” Startledcrow sighed, as he looked down at the slick grass and the rocks that were underfoot in order to keep himself from slipping.

    Slowly he lifted his chin once they were close enough to the other medicine cats, that’s when he noticed that something seemed off. Saplingskies was laying down and his facial expression wasn’t the greatest, he appeared to be extremely exhausted and Hareflight attached to his side with a certain fire in her eyes. Rainysky seemed fine, just worried as usual from what Startledcrow gathered. “Greetings.” Startledcrow muttered finally, he wouldn’t dare question why Saplingskies looked so awful, but perhaps it was written on his facial expression. Nettlenose brought him out of his thoughts, but he didn’t really care to listen to her, his attention landing upon Hareflight. Usually he would take up at her side but she seemed focused and… would she even appreciate him acting as her friend after that horrendous gathering? “Hareflight.” He greeted in a soft tone before he lowered himself into a sitting position, his tail flicking in an unnerved fashion. “Are any of the others here, yet?” He finally questioned as he glanced towards the mouth of the be that led down to their precious moon stone.


    Rainysky padded quietly across the silver path illuminated by the brilliantly shining half moon overhead. The traveling herbs in his stomach turned over themselves in excitement, like butterflies. He embarked on his first encounter tonight with his Warrior ancestors. They had chosen him yes, but what would they make of their choice tonight?

    After some time the sight of his companions clustered at the border drew near and so he picked up the pace. Skidding to a halt slightly out of breath, the silver tabby tom offered a weak smile to his colleagues. Remembering his promise he resisted the urge to plaster himself to Saplingskies as he was so often wont to do. Though he did approach his friend and give him a friendly lick over the ears, whispering as his muzzle passed over them.


    “You look tired. Let me know if it’s too much at any point.” In a very doting tone. To onlookers it might have seemed something illicit was going on between the two toms, but a glance at his teal eyes revealed only platonic love, though a great deal of it at that.


    “Hey Hareflight. It’s great to see you again.” A purr now rose in his throat as he recalled the sweet little cat he’d met on his visit to ShadowClan. He could only hope when he got an apprentice of his own they were as kind and dedicated.


    “Nettlenose, Startledcrow.” Startledcrow. What an odd name, at least it was easy to remember, he surmised as he nodded to the two WindClan healers. He’d not spoken directly to them before, so his voice shook a bit nervously. But other than that the young RiverClan healer seemed to be holding his own quite well in the midst of such an overtly social event. Something had changed.

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    Saffrongaze wasn’t the type to judge others based on their actions. But the events that unfolded before her was uncanny. But, nonetheless, she wasn’t as down as the others. The peach Scottie padded forward with a small leap in her steps. She seemed more uplifted than the others; she was happy. Of course, with the past battles leaving scars, Skyclan’s evolvement was little to none, even after their battle with Shadowclan. She scented the cats from afar as she and Speckledpaw trotted forward. She tried to contain herself, reading the room and feeling that intense drop of aura. It made her fur crawl for a few seconds before dipping her head to everyone. “Forgive me for being late. But, since we are all here, let’s commence, yes?” She said, her tail slightly lifted. “Saplingskies, is it safe to travel inside?” Saffron asked since he’s usually the one to check but she double-took on him, physically and even emotionally. She blinked; she figured she didn’t… she could sense he was drained. Her folded ears flicked as she stepped forward toward the cavern entrance. Last time she went inside, she lost her footing and fell down a foot or two. It didn’t hurt, thank Starclan, but she still felt shock. “I-I guess I’ll check then.” She said, with a ping of nervousness clenching her throat.

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