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Caught in the Rain

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    Dawn was just beginning to break over the gloomy thicket that ShadowClan Warriors called home, and said thicket was all but empty upon that particular day except for just one warm body.

    Nightstorm’s hulking mass prowled unevenly through the spongy undergrowth, his heavy footfalls softened by the lichen and decaying leafbed. The smoky tom liked to get his hunting in early, for he was secretly so poor at it. It allowed him time to fail and yet still round up and adequate bundle of prey away from judgemental eyes. Ever since Tawnypainter had been chosen as Deputy, he felt more scrutiny than ever. Is this what Murktongue feels? Being compared to me all of the time?

    He swore loudly as he narrowly missed a shrew, looking up as a droplet hit his nose. Ugh, rain, at least the water would mask his scent- if he did not catch his death out here, that was. Continuing, the rain picked up and soon the Warrior was drenched. Grumbling yet more profanities under his breath he turned to head back only to find the ravine behind him swollen, it’s banks long since engulfed by the abrupt downpour. The water eked toward him like slow moving death.

    Turning, he clambered gracelessly up the trunk of a pine choosing a branch that could support his girth. Somewhat winded from the sudden burst, he licked a paw smoothing his damp pelt. It looked like it was going to be a long, lonely wait until the flooding subsided….

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    The weather was almost the same as any other day, mildly chilly as the sun began to rise and dawn broke across the lands. It was the height of Greenleaf, and the weather had been scorching hot at times, especially with the lack of rain. But this day, grey clouds covered the sky, blocking out the sun with the threat of a storm.

    Littlesage was up early that day after a restless night. Rather than toss and turn in her nest, she had decided to go on a stroll and maybe catch some prey while she was at it. After all, the fresh-kill pile was running somewhat low. As she was noiselessly stalking through the undergrowth towards a lizard raindrop began to fall, sending her prey back into the safety of its home. “Mousedung!” She spat, tail twitching angrily. As she turned around to go back to camp to shelter from the storm, the rain only grew heavier, until her cream and grey pelt was soaked to the bone.

    The small molly was running at that point trying to get home as fast possible, but as soon as she reached the stream that ran through ShadowClan’s territory, a stream that was usually very calm and crossable, she found that it was flooded, the banks of the stream long since covered. “Oh, dear StarClan!” Littlesage gasped, eyes widened in terror. As she contemplated what to do, she noticed a black figure clambering up a tree out of the corner of her eye, and whipped her head around to look. Well… It’s not like there’s anything else I can do, she thought before sprinting towards the tree and scrambled up the pine after the other cat, settling down onto a branch next to it. “So… How about that rain?” Littlesage asked awkwardly, panting slightly from all the running she had just done.

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    Nightstorm alerted as he spotted the form of a Clanmate, too distant to tell whom, start shimmying up the trunk. When they arrived he recognized one of the younger brand-new Warriors, Littlesage. Sweet little thing, he never really got time to know Apprentices but now that she was a Warrior her face was starting to stick in his mind.

    “It’ll let up soon, until then we should stay put, it’s easier to drown in murky waters than you’d think.” He grunted, and once more silence fell though this time it was awkward, as he was not alone.

    “So….how’s Warrior life treating you?”

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