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    At last, a name she could hold with honor and pride. Lostpaw had died during the war, and she was reborn into a full warrior of SkyClan. A confident, witty, and strong warrior at that. The change in the she-cat was like night and day. Though she still had room to grow, no one could deny that she was a valuable asset to the clan any longer. She emerged from the warrior’s den, gave her pelt a firm shake to dislodge any debris. Her fur was a bit ruffled from sleep, but there would be time for a full grooming session later. She was eager to start her day. It didn’t feel like a week had passed since that battle. Each day was moving so fast now that she had been liberated from that awful name. She was suddenly shaken from her thoughts when her eyes locked onto the calico tabby pelt of Dawnstorm, the new deputy. Rookfall’s disappearance had really been a shame, but things happened for a reason, she supposed. Frostburn found herself limping towards the other she-cat, greeting her with a friendly wave of her tail. Seemed Dawnstorm had just finished sending out the patrols for the day. Shame, she had been hoping to tag along.

    “Mornin’ Dawnstorm!” The black and white she-cat purred, whiskers twitching. “Guess I missed the patrols, huh? Oh well. Wanna come hunting with me? Or we can just go for a walk, I’m not picky.” The first moons of her residency within the clan had been so lonely, mostly due to fear of being a target of harassment. Frostburn was much more relaxed than Lostpaw ever dreamed of being. Lostpaw would have never dared request that the deputy accompany her on a casual jaunt around the territory. She was too afraid then. Nowadays, she would have even asked Firestar to come along too, but he didn’t seem to be around, and she was not about to scale a whole tree to see if the brute was still dozing in his nest. Her mind then focused back on the she-cat before her, and she gave Dawnstorm a warm smile. It was nice to finally belong.


    Dawnstorm had woken up before the sun to show dedication to the role she was assigned. Daylight bled onto the sky, shades of red reaching out from behind the trees, before being promptly washed out by blue as the sun rose higher. Nature truly held many lessons for the new deputy.

    Having had time to give her thick pelt a wash, there was still much of the morning to perform her duties. Such as the dawn patrols. She sat beneath the tall oak and watched her clan-mates rise for the day, calculating who would suit what task and with whom to pair. Earliest risers were often those with energy to burn, so she sent them off to hunt. Others, Dawnstorm noticed, were very observant or well-suited to protect the borders. She called for them to retrieve their apprentices to come along.

    She looked on as the last tail of the patrol party disappeared into the brush. After the battle, the stronger the clan markers, the better. She wouldn’t allow Skyclan to put themselves at risk in the same manner as Windclan had been, ambushed on their own territory.

    The deputy had lost herself in thought, still gazing out past the territories, when her name was called. Her kittybrows rose, Dawnstorm turning to meet eyes with Frostburn. They hadn’t officially met before, but every cat worth its whisker can recall her arrival and the controversy following. Luckily, Firestar pulled his decision and gave her a new name, one not so shameful. Ah yes, another problem we could have easily avoided.

    Dawnstorm mirrored the warrior’s smile. To think, she heard this cat was so distant before, yet now the calico wondered if the word had been true at all. The difference a little encouragement could make. “Actually,” she began, her voice smooth like river stones, “you’re just in time for the next patrol. With me.” She took a couple steps ahead, then peered over her shoulder at Frostburn. “Are you ready?”

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