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    ~ Name ~


    | Bonekit, Bonesnatcher |

    ~ Meaning of Name ~

    Bone – because of his white and ivory colored pelt.

    Snatcher – despite his large and intimidating size, he had a snatching deposition.

    ~ Gender ~

    Cis Male

    ~ Birthday ~

    December 18, 2020

    | 7 moons old |

    ~ Sexuality ~


    ~ Voice Reference ~

    Calahan Skogman


    ~ Allegiance ~


    ~ Rank ~


    ~ Mentor ~

    | Cinderfern (RPed by Relic) |

    ~ Apprentice ~



    ~ Scent ~

    Vanilla and pears

    ~ Skills ~

    Paw to paw combat

    Moving heavy objects


    ~ Personality ~

    | Bonepaw is not a fan of conversation, preferring to keep to himself unless he is around his specific people. He is a shy tomcat that really doesn’t try very hard to put himself out there, perhaps this stems from how much he already stands out against a crowd. His littermates had plenty of personality to make up for his lack of voice. Given his shy deposition, he does tend to spend more time to himself. Venturing further and further into the wilderness to explore the land to its fullest. His need for knowledge and adventure never really satisfied.

    Despite the fact that he isn’t exactly the type to start a conversation with just anyone, there are very few that he will walk up to and start a conversation with fondly. His siblings and mother are one of the very few, but he is finding that it is rather easy to let his guard down when it comes to Cinderfern. Ever so slowly this molly will become his main source of adventure.

    Bonepaw does have a sense of humor but rarely speaks up, instead preferring to hear everyone else’s. He does prefer to stay out of the spotlight, which his sister Hazelpaw makes up for. He is quick to temper, though he tries to compose himself, he is easily bothered. |

    ~ Appearance ~

    | As a young apprentice, Bonepaw was taller than the rest of the others his age, along with being rounder. Being so much longer gives one a healthy appetite. As he ages, he will grow taller and broader, filling out his form as he trains. Bonepaw will eventually become a tall and broad tomcat that is covered in tough muscle. The base coloring of his coat is an off white with ivory dusted patches all along his pelt. His eyes are a deep golden yellow in color. Once he becomes a warrior, he will gain a jagged scar over his right eye from an unruly fox encounter. |


    ~ Parents ~

    | Biological Father Grasstail (Deceased) |

    | Biological MotherDaisypool (Deceased) |

    | Adopted Mother – Wildstar (RPed by Tyler) |

    ~ Siblings ~

    | Littermate ~ Sister – Hazelpaw (RPed by Tori) |

    | Littermate ~ Sister – Beakpaw (RPed by Roach) |

    | Littermate ~ Brother – Oatpaw (RPed by Pyro) |

    ~ Mate ~


    ~ Kits ~


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Forums Character Creation Accepted Applications ThunderClan Accepted Bonepaw ~ ThunderClan