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Blazespirit of ShadowClan

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    Name:: Blazespirit
    Age:: Thirty-three moons
    Gender:: Female
    Rank:: Warrior
    Affiliation:: ShadowClan


    Apprentice:: Open

    Kin:: None

    Orientation:: Prefers males

    Personality:: Blazespirit has the fiery personality to match her flame colored pelt. She is individualistic and sometimes speaks rashly, but she is fiercely loyal, has good intentions at heart, and wishes for the general wellbeing of her Clan. She is slightly jaded against finding a mate and would rather tend to herself, but is not thoroughly opposed to the idea. Blazespirit is not optimistic or pessimistic by nature, but can sometimes lean towards either extreme. She is, however, a primarily friendly individual.

    Description:: Blaze is a large, dark orange, marbled tabby without the typical white patches. Her fur is primarily dark orange with swirls of a lighter shade spiraled across her sides. She has medium length fur that fluffs out a little bit at the ears and end of her tail. Her eyes are golden with flecks of topaz littered across the irises. A short scar splits the fur on her chest and travels down towards her right foreleg.

    Likes:: She loves a good fight now and again, hunting for her Clan, and making new friends

    Dislikes:: Deceit and disloyalty

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Forums Character Creation Create a Cat Blazespirit of ShadowClan