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    Rolling his eyes as Pantherpaw spoke, Sootpaw had to hold back any aggression that he wished to show. “Did you listen to anything I said or are you just stupid?” He asked with a sigh. Though before he could say anything else, the tom watched as Hollowpaw fell into the rapids. With a nod at Sorrelpaw when she directed him to where Hollowpaw was being washed away, he ran along the water with the other apprentices. They were a bit ahead of Hollowpaw so that by the time Sootpaw jumped in, they’d be around the same area. 

    “Follow us down the rapids, help pull him out when I’ve got him.” Sootpaw growled at the apprentices, frustrated about this whole ordeal. Without hesitation, the grey tabby jumped in after Hollowpaw and managed to stabilise himself against the current. Luckily, the tom had long legs and lean muscles from both genetics and moons of training. Keeping his head above the water, the apprentice caught sight of Hollowpaw and began pushing himself in that direction. Once he got close to the younger tom, Sootpaw clamped his jaws around the back of his neck, careful for his teeth not to break the skin but strong enough to hold a tight grip. “Calm down, go limp.” Sootpaw snarled against his fur. Though he was a strong swimmer, the tom began to struggle to carry the panicking weight of Hollowpaw. “Stop moving!” He repeated again, beginning to swallow water. Sootpaw was struggling to keep his head above the water and knew he had to act fast. The water was strong and fast, pushing them down and going over their heads. With a final rush of adrenaline, he began to force themselves sideways, Sootpaw looked to see if the other apprentices listened to what he asked of them. When he saw that they were following along and stopped nearby, the grey tabby pushed himself up, practically tossing Hollowpaw’s body to them. When they managed to grab hold of it, Sootpaw let go and pulled himself up, muscles shaking and aching. 


    Sootpaw began coughing up some of the water he swallowed but didn’t complain as Hollowpaw was probably in a worse state. He glanced over at the younger apprentices who crowded Hollowpaw, wanting to say something petty likeyou should’ve listened to me but chose instead to let them worry about their friend. “Don’t crowd him too much. If he’s in shock you’ll put him in a worse state.” He remembered hearing that from Fishtail one time during his first moon of apprenticeship. Still panting from exhaustion, he began feeling cold. “Though one of you should help dry him or he’ll freeze to death.” He muttered, beginning to lick his chest. Well, looks like I’ll never be able to sneak out again. I’ll probably get my warrior ceremony pushed too.
    Was there no end to the water’s cruelty? How had something so lovely made such a turn of betrayal? The tom, despite the water in his ears, cold somewhat hear his companions yelling at him over the Rapids, and began to kick again in effort to reach them. This was difficult, as it felt like there were a thousand cats below him, their claws extended as they ferociously swiped and tried to drag him to the depths below.


    Suddenly, there was pressure on the back of his neck, and he collided into Sootpaw. Go limp?? Though he thought this to be crazy, Hollowpaw did so, and fought to save his breath as he was dragged ashore. 


    The apprentice’s wet body was limp on the ground for a moment before he began to shiver, and then rolled to his stomach so he could begin to cough up some of the water he had swallowed. His green eyes peered at the others around him, tired and nervous, his chest tightening at their faces.


    Everyone…Sootpaw…I’m so sorry, I-‘ The Tom cut himself off, trembling from the wind against his wet pelt. “I haven’t the slightest clue what came over me…Oh, I’m so stupid. I could have gotten you killed Sootpaw.” He muttered, shaking his head at the thought. Looking to the eldest apprentice guiltily, he bowed his head. “Thank you for jumping in after me…”

    { RAINSTAR }
    riverclan ; leader ; they/them

    do any of you have ANY idea what it is you’re doing out here in the middle of the night, unsupervised?” anger burned inside of rainstar’s chest as they came upon the scene of five apprentices goofing off near one of the most dangerous spots riverclan’s territory had to offer. but as the leader rounded on the situation, they noticed hollowpaw and sootpaw absolutely soaked. concern welled in their chest, as hollowpaw seemed to be nearly freezing to death. closing their eyes, rainstar steadied themself for a moment, there wasn’t any time for a lecture. “i am incredibly disappointed in all five of you, and you’ll all be confined to camp for the next seven sunrises, with a Warrior at each of your sides the whole time to make sure nothing like this happens again. I can’t believe you would all sneak out like this right after one of your clanmates has gone missing! clearly none of you were using critical thinking. i’ll be sure to let each of your mentors know about this.” 

    although their voice had been calm and rational throughout the exchange, it was obvious that rain was incredibly upset to know that their apprentices were more worried about causing mischief than focusing on their training. what a riotous group they had on their paws. “Sorrelpaw, Koipaw, please help Hollowpaw to Fishtail’s den, and then go immediately to your nests. Pantherpaw and Sootpaw, both to your dens. Sootpaw, I’m sure you already know your ceremony will be delayed until the end of your punishment. I am devastated to see this behavior in you.” rain was careful to help hollowpaw to his feet, and then watched to make sure they all made it back safely.


    Pantherpaw flinched at Rainstar’s sudden arrival, but he was still in shock at the situation that this midnight escapade had turned into– and he wasn’t even the one who fell into the river! The round-eyed apprentice surely wouldn’t be going near the rapids for a while after this, or water in general. What kind of RiverClan cat feared the water? The black-dappled tom gave a shiver against the night’s chill and quietly followed the leader and his fellow apprentices back to camp, uncharacteristically quiet in the walk back.


    However, once they had returned to camp, dread gripped the young apprentice at the sight of his mother waiting square in the middle of camp ground’s, awaiting their return. Once she had spotted movement in the entrance, she stiffened and got briskly to her paws. Wisteriaflower did not wait for the apprentices to disperse to their respective dens after Rainstar’s order– she laid into them straight away.

    What in StarClan’s name were you thinking!?” She demanded, her fiery eyes flickering between the two of her sons and her daughter in turn, “Sneaking out into the rapids at night? Alone? Without a warrior? You could have drowned!” Pantherpaw had never heard such desperation in his mother’s voice before, it stunned him and had him speechless as he lowered his head and avoided her eyes. Wisteria’s gaze turned momentarily to the sodden Sootpaw and Hollowpaw before she bared down once again on her kits, “And by the looks of things, you almost did! You clearly don’t have a single clue about how dangerous those rapids can be, even after everything you’ve been told while you were in the nursery. I’m so disappointed in the lot of you all.” 


    Sorrelpaw ~ RiverClan Apprentice 

    The young molly stood back after helping Hollowpaw out of the water, firey eye’s flickering towards Sootpaw for just a moment to make sure he got out of the water alright. Lowering her head she sniffed at Hollowpaw’s pelt, eyebrows furrowing ever so slightly before she looked over her shoulder towards the sound of a deep voice. Rainstar had suddenly appeared out of no where, probably from the commotion that was going on not too far from camp. As their eyes landed on her, she tried not to visibly wince as they were instantly scolded, glancing down towards Hollowpaw as she and her brother, Koipaw were ordered to help the soaked and traumatized apprentice to Fishtails den. “Yes, Rainstar.” She mumbled softly, lowering her small body to help push Hollowpaw to his paws, Koipaw held most of the weight of the young apprentice since he was a tad bit bigger than she was. “Come on, Hollowpaw. Let’s get you to camp.” She whispered softly in the toms ear, her pelt instantly becoming wet, being pressed against him. 

    Upon walking into the camp with the others, ears immediately flattened when she caught sight of a certain calico that was sitting in the middle of camp, waiting anxiously for their return. “Oh we are so dead..” Sorrelpaw muttered softly, eyes following her mother as she instantly jumped up to meet the band of apprentices as they filed through the entrance of camp. Where Pantherpaw had instantly lowered his head, Sorrelpaw kept her head upright, her Firey eyes just about meeting her mother’s own heat. They had just been scolded by the leader, their self, and they were apprentices now.. they didn’t need their mothers scolding. “Rainstar already yelled at us, mom. Plus, we are apprentices now, you can’t really punish us without our mentors knowing first.” She retorted, although she quickly looked away from the older she-cat. “Now if you don’t mind.. Koipaw and I have to get Hollowpaw to Fishtail.” She finally spoke, her richly painted calico pelt standing on end with irritation as she helped Hollowpaw and Koipaw make it to the medicine cat den. 


    Wisteriaflower’s irritation grew from a place of concern and worry over the safety of her kits, especially after seeing the state in which they had returned, escorted by none other than Rainstar themselves. Furthermore, Sorrelpaw’s soft retort to her statements made her tail lashed indignantly. She knew that they were all tired, exhausted by the stress of the evening, but she wasn’t going to let them off easy.

    She took a quick step in front of her daughter, blocking her way as she looked down at the apprentice. “I am not your mentor, that’s true. But I am your mother, and now as well Clan deputy.” The calico feline paused, Rainstar had just had this discussion with her earlier today, but they would soon be announcing it to the rest of the Clan as well. “I will be speaking to each of your mentors personally. You can count on that.”

    Wisteriaflower stepped aside and sighed. She didn’t like having to reprimand her kits, but they needed to learn that their actions had consequences. “Now go on. Go see Fishtail.”

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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