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    Today was the day. What day? Why the very day Fennelkit finally successfully sneaked out of camp! The pesky adults always seemed to catch him, and he really didn’t know why. He was very sneaky, and quiet, and really, he was obviously a ShadowClan cat through and through. Once he was caught, they sent him right back off to the nursery, watching him march his happy furry butt all the way back to make sure he didn’t get any wise ideas afterwards. It really wasn’t all that fun, which they apparently couldn’t tell. What kit who was really a kit wanted to stay cooped up inside a stuffy den all day, or be confined to appalling small area outside to play in? Not Fennelkit, that’s for sure.

    He had already made it halfway across the clearing, clinging to the camp wall as he eyed the entrance with bright amber eyes. His rump wiggled in excitement, a grin on his face that flashed his snaggled little tooth. There was no one around to stop him (that he could see), and his target was right in sight. Looking right, and then left, his tail lashed before he darted off, racing for the camp entrance. If he was going fast enough, there was no way he would be caught. Heck, maybe he couldn’t even be seen! He could give a WindClan cat a run for their money.


    – W A S P K I T –

    Waspkit stirred in his nest and as he did, something felt off. The warmth of his brother’s pelt against his own was gone. Was that absence of his presence what had originally awoken the young calico tom? His multi-colored eyes blinked open and he peered through the dim light of the nursery. Their foster mother was still asleep, as were the rest of the den’s inhabitants. Judging by the time, and the lack of commotion outside, Waspkit assumed that it was still fairly early in the morning. An intuition immediately struck him and the young kit sprung swiftly to his paws and out of the walls of the thick bramble and vines that shielded the nursery from intruders. 

    Ahead of him, like a streak of dark ginger fur, he saw his littermate, Fennelkit, darting for the Clan entrance. It looked as though he were attempting another one of his escapades, but there were no warriors in immediate sight to stop him like they had all those times before. His black and ginger pelt started to prickle in fear. He couldn’t let Fennelkit go out of camp– not only was it against Clan rules, but it was dangerous and he would surely just get punished by Hornetstar for it. The golden-furred leader had always been particularly strict on them. 

    Waspkit bounded after his brother, not caring whether or not he scuffed up dirt or twigs or how much noise he made in his desperate attempt to stop his littermate from making such a huge mistake. “Fennelkit, stop!” He hissed, his harsh lowered voice the only warning being given before he tackled the larger kit from the side and sent the both of them wrestling to the ground.

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Forums ShadowClan ShadowClan Camp adventure awaits! [fennel, wasp, + rowan]