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    don’t take this the wrong way,
    you knew who i was with every step that i ran to you

    name { Adderface
    adder – striped pelt
    face – notable features; scarred face

    gender { tomcat
    orientation { bisexual
    status { stupid but available! pm me

    age { 3+ years
    birthdate { august.13

    allegiance { Thunderclan
    rank { warrior
    previous mentor { tbd / open

    apprentice { open!

    scent { lemongrass & pine nettles

    appearance { skinny and long bodied, with tall ears and a snake-like tail. short-haired brown tabby rocking that Messy Look.
    light colored mask, throat/chest, front paws and back toes. darker ears, nose blaze, and eye markings.
    1 scar across his nose bridge, 2 on left side of mouth, + long three-clawed scars over his chest.
    his eyes are a sharp jade green and full of mischief.

    personality { thunderclan’s infamous troublemaker! he somehow manages to get roped into all kinds of shenanigans.
    he has a fascination with scars of all kinds and is gradually compiling his own collection, each with their own story.
    he isn’t interested in clan politics, has a habit of dancing on borders, and won’t let old rules keep him from a good time.

    character traits { estp ; leo ; chaotic good
    bold + energetic + sociable + optimistic + perceptive
    risky – restless – blunt – careless – defiant

    likes { adventure, tales, tough characters, scars!!, squirrels
    dislikes { routine, total bores, strict rules, fish (you know they swim in poop, right?)

    skills { quick, above average hunter, reckless fighter, lack of defense but great reflexes (or just lucky)

    parents { Half-face (mother) & Sparrowclaw (father)
    siblings { open for litter-mates and younger/adopted siblings!

    mate { in your dreams
    interests { Pebblestream, Sagetalon
    kits { have mercy on the clans

    } history {
    his parents are both of thunderclan descent, growing up together only a couple of moons apart. from the very moment they met, they were kithood rivals and would constantly strive to one-up the other. it was because of such extensive training together, however, that helped shape them into the great warriors they are today. his mother was named (tbd) but later had it changed after a battle with riverclan, with a shredded ear and blinded eye.

    their heated rivalry later blossomed into something more. though they had developed feelings around the same time, sparrowclaw was the first to admit it. half-face laughed at the very idea of being mates with him and gave him many challenges he had to complete before she would ever reconsider his proposal. his patience and determination ultimately won her heart and they have been much in love ever since.

    adderkit was born one evening in greenleaf, just as the fireflies were coming out. half-face nearly lost her life at the kitting but fortunately recovered. adder grew up hearing his parents stories from battle, significant hunts, close calls with starclan, and more tales. they embedded in him a love for adventure, a wild streak, and a deep admiration for scars.

    to be continued

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    hey, aspen! I need a mentor information to move this character to accepteds! even if you’re not sure who the previous mentor was, (mentor) still needs to be listed ^^


    @jetstream oop fixed it! thanks for letting me know!


    update: Morningpaw is his apprentice!

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