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    Sleepily, the tall orange tabby rolled over in the plush moss nest where recovering patients in the healing hollow were oft to convalesce. She’d passed out again when they’d arrived, and recalled little but for the overt rudeness of her escort. She knew the broad-shouldered flaming ginger tom was the lead of these….did he say Sky-can cats? She couldn’t remember. She couldn’t remember many things, her name, how she’d gotten where she was, or where the wound on her head had come from. It was certainly a very concerning situation. But for now, she was in a safe sweet-smelling place with her injuries seeming to have been tended to in her sleep.

    She propped herself up and peered curiously around the den. A shaft of light cut through a gap in the deep umber stones that formed the walls of the den, they were pock-marked with neat little indentions stuffed with all manner of exotic smelling plants. A weak trickle leaked from a crag in the corner and fed into a shallow pool. Wearily the stranger picked herself up and padded over to it, dipping her long muzzle into the cool waters and thirstily gulping it down. It had a fresh, earthy flavor.

    Raising her head she studied the exit, wondering what her next move would be…

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Forums SkyClan SkyClan Camp SkyClan Medicine Den A warmer welcome.