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    This wasn’t at all how she had imagined this mission would go, but this was a simple bump in the road. She wasn’t going to let everything that had happened derail her, she was going to reach her end goal. Soon, so soon she could practically smell her, Kass would be within Skylar’s clutches once more. Even without knowing Sebastian’s current state, Skylar was confident she could complete this mission by herself… Or maybe not completely by herself.

    She cast one last glance at the den Wolfstar had disappeared into after giving her a Clan name in front of the rest of WindClan, now watching the crowd that had gathered disperse. None of them seemed particularly eager to talk with her, which she was just happy about. There was a lot of information she had to process, and a loose game plan she should probably at least iron out a bit. Already she could hear Sebastian’s voice in her head, scolding her for even thinking about rushing into a situation without any plans in mind. It was annoying, but also his plans and insistence on sticking to the plans until things went too far sideways, had saved their squad’s lives many times before. 

    With a sigh she drew her attention back into herself, letting the WindClan camp clearing melt away. Giving a paw a little lick, she drew it over her cheek fur, hoping she didn’t look as ruffled on the outside as she felt on the inside. 

    The Deputy of Windclan

    Above the gathered cats below, the sky was a brilliant blue. Fluffy, white clouds passed by lazily, and the yellow sun shone brightly overhead. In the days that followed the battle, Desertrose did her best to gather more patrols that would give the clan ample warning if either clan decided to attack. Tensions remained high, and she felt her fur prickle with unease as time went on without even so much as a whisper from their rivals.

    Desertrose sighed, pushing her worries away. She had been regarding the ceremony with disinterest until her eyes finally landed on the newcomer. Wolfstar normally kept an open mind about those willing to join their ranks, and she had no qualms with it, but she always felt harshly skeptical of them until they proved to be loyal clan members. Deciding to introduce herself, she drew herself up indignantly and strode across the clearing where Skylar sat. “Well, Pumapaw,” she drew out, her eyes steady and calculating. “How are you enjoying Windclan so far?” the deputy’s voice was level, giving nothing away.


    Hazelspirit drifted back towards the clearing, having darted away after the gathering to speak briefly with Darkwolf. The molly returned to the gathering area, looking for her new apprentice (who couldn’t be older than three or four years) and spotted her by Desertrose. The brown tabby trotted over to stand near Pumapaw.

    “Hi, dear,” The older warrior purred cheerfully. “Yes, to repeat Desertrose, how have you been enjoying Windclan? I know new environments are a lot, and when you factor in the sheer amount of cats and their whole culture- well, it’s definitely an adjustment.” Hazel bowed her head to Desertrose, finally turning fully to greet the clan deputy. “And how are you today, Desertrose? I keep forgetting to tell you what a great job you’ve been doing. The whole recent mess has been a lot for me to handle, I can’t imagine what it’s like for you and Wolfstar.” The warrior smiled warmly, radiating the kind of softness that she’d never shaken off from her kittypet days. It was no surprise when a stranger learned of Hazel’s origins, seeing as she had always seemed a bit odd from her clanmates and never had that same element of fierceness as a clan-born feline. Hazelspirit noted that Pumapaw didn’t share this quality, didn’t even remotely seem like she could’ve been a housecat. ‘Maybe a loner…?’ She wondered distantly if her apprentice would ever tell her, but she didn’t expect her to, either.

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