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A New In Bloom {Closed; Saffron + Speckled RP}

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    The sun set in place for the day, and Saffrongaze sat at the entrance of her den to watch it for a while. She gave a small smile; she was thankful. But, there was no time to dally. Today was a training day for her apprentice. Looking back, she could spot her apprentice snoozing in her den. Saffron knew things hadn’t been easy for the she-apprentice in the last few days but training was still a priority.

    She figured letting Speckledpaw sleep was important as well so she stepped out to get some breakfast for the both of them.

    She padded back into the den and placed down a field mice next to Speckled so she could use her nose to gently prod her body. “Awaken Speckledpaw. It is time to regain some energy.” She said, gesturing to the mice next to her nest. “Eat up than meet me at the herbs. It’s time for a session.” She added as she turned and padded to said herbs behind a small fern curtain.



    Speckledpaw’s ears twitched and perked up as the sound of her mentor’s voice encroached into her dreaming. The dream slowly faded away to become but a distant memory, a simple dream it was, it had only been her in the dream. Herself and a large field of flowers, where she romped and dashed about, kicking up petals and pollen as she blazed a trail through their stems. She had been in pursuit of a luminescent butterfly, its wings a beautiful light blue, and it was somewhat translucent in appearance as well. The dream fell apart and scattered like the petals and pollen in a gentle breeze, and her eyes fluttered open. The scent of a field mouse tickled her nose, her maw opened with a soft yawn, as she stretched her slightly stiff limbs out, and then grunted as she pushed herself to her paws.

    “Thank you.”

    She mewled in appreciation towards her mentor, thankful for her consideration, she leaned down and gradually gobbled up the mouse. After she was finished she licked her muzzle and her paw and drew her paw over her face to clean herself of any blood that might be left behind. Then with an eager bounce to her steps, the fresh prey having energized her, she made her way over to the herbs and plopped down besides her mentor, and mother-figure. 

    “I’m ready for today’s session.” 


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums SkyClan SkyClan Camp SkyClan Medicine Den A New In Bloom {Closed; Saffron + Speckled RP}