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A New Deputy! (Clan meeting)

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    It has only been a day. Just a day and the leader already had to decide who would replace his most trusted friend; Rookfall as deputy. it was no easy task, as every time he thought of one feline he always thought of a reason as to why they shouldn’t take Rookfall’s place. The rules would not allow him to have much time in debating who shall become the next deputy. That was one thing Firestar was starting to despise, he should be able to take as much time as he needs to choose an acceptable warrior for such a role. No matter, he already had a certain feline in mind that had proven herself worthy to become deputy of SkyClan. Smiling slightly at the thought before easily making his way through the crowded clearing. ‘Good. Means I won’t have to wait long for everyone to gather around’ he thought before leaping gracefully onto the large oak tree, his claws scrapping the wood as he climbs up to a thick branch.


    Chest heaving slightly as he looks down upon his clan, his perspective gaze taking in every thing around him. Humming in thought as he takes in the forlorn looks of many, not having anything to say that would truly uplift their spirits, Firestar decides to begin the clan meeting. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own pray, gather here beneath the Tall Tree for a clan meeting!” his deep voice carries easily throughout the clearing, demanding attentions. He gives his fellow classmates several moments to get adjusted below before he continues on. “As many of you know…Rookfall is no longer with us.” he sighs as he cast his gaze to his paws, not wanting anyone to truly see how hurt he was with the fact that his former deputy was no longer with them. “It pains me to have to tell you all this. As everyone knows just how much Rookfall dedicated to this clan. We shall all remember him for his bravery and wit–“ he pauses, taking a deep breath as he steels his emotions.


    Letting his words sink in as his ember gaze slowly lands on the form of a red and bluish grey dappled she-cat, his former apprentice. His eyes glimmering in pride for a moment before tearing his gaze away from the warrior. Clearing his throat as he continues on; “I have thought long and hard on who would be the one to take his place. Though I have come to learn that he is irreplaceable, but that does not mean I do not believe there is a warrior that is not up for the challenge. In fact- there is one feline that has stood out to me that seems more than ready to take up the task of being deputy” silence fills the clearing, anticipation could be felt with abated breaths around him. Smirking slightly before finally revealing who would be the next deputy of SkyClan. “I say these words before Starclan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors and Rookfall may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of SkyClan is Dawnstorm!”


    Darkbird ~ SkyClan Warrior

    The day was warmer than usual, causing the tomcat with the dark colored pelt to take it easy for the day. He hadn’t been hunting for the day, worried he would overheat himself with pushing himself too hard. However, he had been on two border patrols throughout the majority of the day. Overall, today had been a rather boring day and he had hardly seen Olivepetal all day. From what he had heard she can been assigned to a hunting patrol and he hadn’t, which caused him to be a little sour but he silently prayed she had a better day than he had. The two felines weren’t exactly official yet but others had noticed that the two were practically attached to the hip. His gold colored eyes were hidden from the world as he relaxed in the shade of a birch tree, laying on his side while he breathed in and out slowly, his pelt ruffled as he tried to keep himself cool. Ears suddenly stood upright as he heard the loud boom of Firestar as his ginger furred leader called for a clan meeting. Grumbling slightly as his late afternoon nap was interrupted, sighing softly for a moment as his golden eyes finally flickered open.

    Slowly the dark grey tomcat pushed himself up from the ground, the spots and swirls of light grey, white and black along his pelt appeared to be like the sunlight speckling in through heavy branches. Clearing his throat, he lowered himself into a stretch before he stood upright, the right side of his pelt was ruffled from where he was laying down, the tip of his tail twitching with annoyance as he began to follow the crowd into the center most area of the camp. His eyes fluttered about the faces of fellow warriors and apprentices, none of which were Olivepetal. Whiskers twitched with silent disappointment before he looked away from the crowd and his eyes found the massive and fluffy ginger cat that was perched ever so elegantly in the tree. A new deputy? About damn time. He thought grumpily, pupils narrowing as he listened in closely, only to blink with surprise. Who? Slowly he looked away to try and spot this feline, eyeing a few fellow warriors congratulate a feline as his eyes landed upon a dilute calico. Oh! I’m such a mouse brain. Darkbird chastised himself, clearing his throat. “Dawnstorm! Dawnstorm!” He chanted with the rest of the clan as they welcomed her as their new deputy. Rookfall would be missed, but life must go on.


    Dustsong’s amber eyes darted towards where Firestar emerged, taking his place upon the branch of a majestic oak. The older warrior smirked and rose to her feet, darting forward to merge with the crowd that now sat below the orange tabby. There were moments that Dust had to do a double take, looking at the tom she’d known since they were apprentices, troublemakers the both of them, and seeing how he’d matured. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little proud of her friend.

    Dustsong kept a respectful silence as Firestar began to speak of their fallen deputy, shoulders falling as she knew how close the two were. The grey and yellow pelted molly rolled her eyes at the theatrical pause, even as she herself felt anticipation build inside. When Dawnstorm’s name was announced the molly rolled her eyes yet again, not overly surprised by her friend’s decision. ‘A capable she-cat to balance out all of Firestar’s… fire.’ But from what Dust knew of the new deputy, Dawn had a strong spine to her and was a solid choice for the deputyship.

    “Dawnstorm! Dawnstorm!” Dustsong made a note to corner Firestar and have an actual conversation with him for once. Maybe with Dawnstorm, too. The days when Dustsong and Firestar were just Dustpaw and Firepaw were over, moons spent causing mayhem as trainees no more than a memory. Despite the fact that Dust was often busy, or Firestar was busy, and thus the two’s interactions were few, she still felt a nugget of protectiveness for the memory of the ill tempered ass she’d grown up with. 

    “Glad to have a deputy, aren’t you?” The patch furred she mumbled to the tom, Darkbird, beside her. “Can’t believe you didn’t recognize your new deputy, Darkbird. Tsk tsk.” Dustsong grinned, her attention drifting to the cats that surrounded the dilute calico. ‘This is a new start… again.’ Skyclan had undergone so much change that sometimes Dust had to take a step back and just take it all in, all those lost and the new faces gained. It was a whirlwind but it was clan life, and Dust wouldn’t have it any other way.


    ⛅ Dawnstorm ⛅

    The clearing was busy with activity, alive with chatty cats and swishing tails. Clan-mates returned from their patrols while others were just stirring from their dens. Either way, many a hungry belly took from the kill pile and found a spot to unwind. The topic of the battle had withered down, only mentioned in passing as warriors continued on with their lives. Thus was the way of the clan. Blood will shed, the sun will rise another day.

    Dawnstorm sat among her folk, without a word to be said. She picked at the squirrel at her paws and seemed to be deep in thought. Her former mentor came to her with a proposition, one she could not refuse. She had to take into account what it would mean for her, and those around her. For a half-clan member, this would come with its own unique challenges. The forest is not the same as it had once been but traditions were everything.

    Above her clan-mates ears, her amber eyes followed Firestar taking the leap up to his perch. Dawnstorm straightened at his call and looked up attentively as the meeting began. Firestar hung his head in remembrance of his missing deputy, more warriors taking a mournful bow. She tilted but kept her attention ahead. Though, when hearing the older tom have to refrain from praising the late Rookfall anymore, she took a glance at her paws. It was uncomfortable to see her mentor upset.

    “Irreplaceable,” she let the word sit in her mind, unclear emotions written on her stone face.

    Before she knew it, Dawnstorm had been announced as the new deputy! The blue and red calico rose to her feet, taking a noble step forward. “It will be my honor to serve the clan,” she spoke loud and clear. For these words were not just for those alive with her today, but for someone who breathes only in Silverpelt. Her name resounded throughout the camp and pride swelled up in her chest, feathery white fur rising. It felt as though every decision made in her life had been leading up to this moment. Dawnstorm stood tall, chin high, a confidence instilled since her becoming.

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