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    He felt exasperation shoot through him as an apprentice came running up, all too earger to volunteer herself for such a dangerous mission. The golden tom raised an eyebrow, glancing about for… Oh no, this was Lionpaw. The apprentice he had just given to- Skunkbreeze, now approaching. And where there was a Skunkbreeze, there was a Roachwing. For just a moment, he thought about telling all three of them no, but then realized no other ShadowClan cats were jumping to their paws to volunteer as well. With a mental sigh he glanced the trio over, hoping beyond hope he wasn’t dragging his previous apprentice into yet another life altering situation. Even now, just looking at Roachwing’s blind eye, he couldn’t help but feel regret. “Alright,” he stated, clearly giving them permission to come along.

    Soon enough they were out of ShadowClan’s camp and meeting up with the ThunderClan patrol, Kass quickly taking charge of the situation. It irked Hornetstar beyond belief to have to sit back and take directions from her, but the sensible part of him knew she was the one with all the information. Besides, it didn’t seem like a terrible plan. He just needed to accept the situation and move on, do his job, and then they could all go their separate ways, safe and sound. Though he couldn’t help the flare of annoyance as the deputy spoke to Lionpaw like that, lip curling slightly in disgust before he forced his facial features more neutral. “You three,” he mumbled, grabbing Lionpaw’s, Skunkbreeze’s, and Roachwing’s attention. “Be careful. This serious business, even if we did bring a small army with us.”

    Certain they’d received the message, he whirled about and went to get into position with Kass. Part of him was a bit uncomfortable with this whole situation, but he told himself to calm down and just remember to breathe. After a moment to make sure everyone was ready, he led the charge with a yowl. The noise instantly drew the foxes out, and he didn’t hesitate to pick up the nearest rock and fling it in their general direction. As predicted, they were certainly skittish and were already looking ready to retreat.



    Lionpaw’s ears pricked immediately upon being spoken to by Kass. Her heart leaped erratically as she expected to be given some pretty cool orders, given that she was the only ShadowClan apprentice brave enough to join. Oh, I bet she’s going to have me go take out one of those foxes myself. I am pretty sneaky, Lionpaw thought to herself proudly, only to have every such plan shot down by the ThunderClan deputy’s orders. Her blue and yellow eye bore deep into the deputy’s dappled coat, her expression sharp with thinly veiled fury. What?! I can fight! She grit her teeth, her ears flattening back against her skull as she dejectedly walked over to Morningpaw and Frostpaw. “If I’m so useless, why am I in charge?” She spat under her breath hotly, her maw transforming into a full pout as she waited beside the other apprentices. 


    Morningpaw’s greeting earned some of her angst. She rose a brow at the medicine cat apprentice, her maw curving into a light sneer. “Lionpaw,” she muttered back. “Yeah, I’m leading. I’ve got two orders right off the back. Do what I say and don’t make me look bad.” The golden mottled apprentice sniffed and looked back to her mentor with disappointment. Bluefire isn’t Hornetstar OR Skunkbreeze. I don’t have to listen to her…right? 

    “Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.”
    - Leafpool


    Snarlingbadger ~ ThunderClan Warrior

    Didn’t take much time until they reached a point where the scent of ShadowClan was almost overwhelming, scent glands tingling as he could scent that Bluefire and Hornetstar were far away from the border. A furry brow arched slightly in surprise, usually leaders didn’t leave such patrols, which piqued his interest. With a twitch of nose, long tail lashing as he silently alerted his patrol that they were nearing the rest of the hunting party for red tails. Pupils narrowing as he spotted the dilute calico pelt first of his deputy, looking at her for a brief moment to make sure she was fine. She was his sisters mate and although many weren’t a fan of the she-cat, he held respect for her. Pale yellow eyes finally flickered towards Hornetstar, dipping his head in a wordless greeting. Words weren’t needed from him. Beyond the shoulders of the two high ranks, were a few cats that he recognized by name only. Roachwing and Skunkbreeze, although the young apprentice was a surprise. Although, he forced himself to look away from the others with ease, his attention settling upon his deputy and the ShadowClan leader as he drank in the details of this so called plan. His left eyebrow twitched faintly, simply surprised that they weren’t going to be directly attacking the foxes, he had never taken such an approach given his history with other predators.

    Snarlingbadger was a massive tomcat, tall and broad, his fur was short. He was a black and white tomcat, with pale yellow eyes and a strong jaw. Despite this, his more noticeable features were the jagged scars that marked his muzzle and throat, where the fur would not longer grow. To him they were hideous, but they did prove that he was a survivor. Foxes did not feed his fear. Turning his chin, his eyes narrowed in on Sagetalon that was standing beside Adderface with a curious expression. “Sagetalon, I want you and Adderface to work together.” He gave a nod to his fellow clan mates, while looking back at Skunkbreeze and Roachwing, pupils narrowing slightly as he watched the two tomcats before he nodded towards the two. “I’ll go with you two, you know the area better on this side of the border.” His deep and gravely voice stung his throat, but he was no longer completely mute and could afford to communicate when needed. Taking a moment before he stepped towards the two dark furred toms, his pale eyes found Frostpaw and he gave a grunt. “Stick together and stay out of trouble. Don’t let your mind wander.” Snarlingbadger warned Frostpaw, his gaze gave no room for argument before he walked after the two ShadowClan cats.


    Sagetalon ~ ThunderClan Warrior

    Sagetalon felt awkward being so close to the ShadowClan border, nevertheless the leader himself! Hornetstar had his usual resting bitch face and it seemed to be contagious to both Bluefire and Snarlingbadger. His dear friend had a no nonsense aura going on around him, but he was curious as he listened to the orders that were given by Bluefire. Apple green eyes blinked slowly in surprise as he was told that they were only chasing off the foxes in the most ‘humane’ way possible. How… odd. To make matters worse, Snarlingbadger split himself from their group and was forcing him to be paired with Adderface, which caused his pelt to stiffen slightly as he chanced a glance at the smiley tomcat. Adderface was also paying attention, his aura still felt silly but he also had a serious side to him, which caused him to blush slightly before he looked away and grumbled. “Of course, why not.” He groaned in annoyance as he watched Snarlingbadger walk after Roachwing and Skunkbreeze, his nose wrinkling slightly as he started to walk past Frostpaw before he hesitated and looked at the apprentice. “Don’t take it too personal, he’s like that with everyone. Hang in there.” He promised the young feline, before he walked in the opposite direction.

    He noticed that Adderface was dragging behind because of Morningpaw, his lips pressing together as he tried to keep his irritation in place. “Would you two like to continue this in a den?” He blinked innocently, watching them for a moment before he gave a single wave of his tail. “Come along, Adderface. Let’s get this over with.” He sighed heavily, immediately turning on his paws as the pale tabby Tom was moving further and further along the border to both clans.



    Whiskers quivering as he sensed the unease radiating from his former mentor and leader; Hornetstar. Letting his pale yellow eye flicker over the golden tom, even though Hornetstar did not voice it, Roach knew that he was less than pleased to see him being one to volunteer. One would think that it was just because Roachwing is a well known troublemaker and would find some way to mess this mission up, but it was clear to the dark lanky tom that his leader still held some guilt and responsibility to his permanent impairment. Sighing through his nose as he did not know how else to tell Hornetstar that he was not at fault, it was all on him as he was the one that let a SkyClan apprentice gain the upper hand, that latter resulted in his now cloudy yellow left eye. ‘So stubborn’ he thought, inwardly snorting at the thought as it was too true when describing his leader. Roachwing was pretty sure that had to be a trait for all leaders and even high ranks, as all of them seemed like stubborn asses to him. Hearing a reluctant ‘alright’ brings him out of his thoughts, turning his cranium slightly in order to get a better look at Hornetstar, giving him a small smile before watching Lionpaw stalk off.


    His eye twinkling in amusement as it was clear the young spitfire was not pleased with Bluefire’s instructions, “Seems like you have your paws full with her” he mutters to Skunkbreeze, completely ignoring the fact that he himself had been a handful to not only Hornetstar but many of the senior warriors when he was an apprentice. Now don’t let the fact he is now a warrior cloud the fact he still is and forever will be a troublemaker. Just when he was going to move away from his former mentor did he hear him address not just him, but Lionpaw and Skunkbreeze as well. Stilling as he shifts his form to give his full attention to Hornetstar. His heart warming at hearing true concern for their well being, “Don’t worry Hornetstar, I’ll keep Skunkbreeze in check” he teases before smiling over at the golden leader before moving away knowing that his leader had more important things to handle at this moment. Roachwing needed to be extra careful during this vital mission, as he was still learning how to normally function with no sight in his left eye. He learned early on that it was important for him to turn his head certain ways to get the full picture, and to rely more on sound and touch as a guide.


    Skunky has been a big part in him quirking his way of thinking and handling situations differently. Within the last few moons, Roachwing has noticed a change within him, as if his brain was compensating for falling short in the sight department. His hearing has heightened considerably, his skin more sensitive to touch, just the slightest shift in temper, pressure, and light affects him in many ways. All these new sensations often overwhelmed him to the point he could seek out solitude to calm his raging nerves. No matter how much he wanted to remain out of this foxy situation, there was no way in hell he would leave Skunk to handle some foxes on his own, especially without him there. “The plan seems a little too straight forward, we all should know that foxes aren’t as dumb as they look” he adds to his friend. Black paper-thin ears perking up at a deep gravely voice speaking not too far from the pair. Frowning as he hoped that it would just be him and Skunk in their group, he felt comfortable with him.


    Though when he turns fully to see who had spoken to him, a snarky comment on the tip of his tongue at having not invited him into the duo group. Freezing as his pale yellow gaze flickers up the large black and white thunderclanner that stood tall and proud before him. Pursing his lips as he could sense that Snarlingbadger was the broody silent type, gruesome scars stitching into his form, but that did not ruin his handsome masculine features. Roachwing had noticed during his apprenticeship that he tended to be attracted to not only females, but males as well–he had never openly mentioned this realization to anyone, but to those who paid attention to him would notice. Arching a brow as he subtly eyes him with interest, he certainly looked appealing in a rugged manner. Clearing his throat, ears twitching back slightly in embarrassment at his staring, “Seems reasonable enough” he casually shrugs his shoulders with a smirk playing on his lips as he playfully adds, “Do try to keep up broody” his voice lilting with a teasing tone as he references to the thoughtful cold facial expression of the tom.


    Adderface 🐍 Thunderclan Warrior

         “G-Got it…”

    Where has the time gone? It seemed only yesterday when Hollystar gave him his first apprentice: an itty bitty cat of bright sunshine yellow, with a peculiar collar strapped to her neck. Perhaps the clan leader knew he wouldn’t treat her any differently for her quirks. Adderface had been so excited to train a new warrior, he didn’t realize that his little friend was soon to be their medicine cat. Warrior duties proved to stress Morningpaw in ways that worried him. Starclan calling her to be their seer seemed only fitting. But he couldn’t help but wonder if Silverpelt landed her in his paws for a reason as well.

    Worry sat on his brow as he looked to Morningpaw. After a moment, his jade eyes warmed with trust. Trust in her abilities, trust that she will come out of this fine. “You got it,” he said quietly.

    It was at this time when Sagetalon popped in, the taller tomcat looking hurried and a bit annoyed. Unable to resist, Adderface turned to him and smirked slyly. “You just can’t get me to yourself fast enough, huh?” he mrrowed with amusement. Before following after his den-mate, Adderface watched her fall in line with the other apprentices and flicked his tail in farewell.

    They reached their mark, where the underbrush thinned and the trees gathered together. He stood near the border and kept his eyes peeled for a flash of fire-red fur, the foxes’ trademark color in these parts. It was awfully exciting! He’s never chased out a fox before, this would probably be the closest he would ever come to those animals. Half-face had told tale before of their strange calls and long, stretched out proportions. He glanced over towards Sagetalon, eyeing his build and sensing his “ready to handle the foxes” attitude. Adderface felt that maybe it would be best to stay close to him for this adventure.


    Kass looked to Hornetstar, generally uncaring if she’d overstepped but willing to look him in the eye and act sorry for taking action against the apprentice with the death wish if she needed to be. Her ears twitched irritably, body ducking down into a crouch that best served their purposes. She liked operations like this, with a plan and someone else working beside her. Since she’d joined the clans she hadn’t done much in terms of group work or operations. Sure, patrols were one thing but taking out a family of foxes? That was surely another. 

    The ShadowClan leader leaped into action and the ex-rogue wasn’t too far behind, a toothy grin on her face as the foxes emerged to find out what the commotion was. The dilute calico couldn’t be sure which one she’d come face to face with in the woods with Rainysky, but she knew he had to be here somewhere. The fox ducked on account of Hornetstar’s attack, hissing and growling at them. The red tufted fox took a step forward, trying to scare off the cats. Kass’s eyes fled to the nearly grown foxes who didn’t seem nearly as sure about this as their parents. They wouldn’t be going anywhere if the pups didn’t go first. An idea popped into her head.

    “Lead the kits away!” Kass shouted to the other groups, attempting to scoop sand at the fox and make its body rear back on instinct. Kass glanced at Hornetstar, “We need to make a break! Hornet-“ she started in a loud voice, “I’m about to do something incredibly stupid, when I rear back to you I need you cut across and get a headstart. Head towards the river,” she instructed quickly before lunging at the adult fox who seemed more than angry already. Kass tossed a branch at the beast who yowled and started to raise a paw at the ThunderClan deputy. In a flash the deputy reared back and cut left, only hoping her companion had followed her instructions as she now lead a chase into the forest with the enraged fox. With an adrenaline filled yell the she-cat ran as fast as her legs could take her. She wove in and out of tree-lines, but the fox had longer legs and no doubt was afraid and angry. Oak trees started to sprout the further they got from the ShadowClan line, long roots springing out of the ground. “We should try to trip it up,” Kass decided, knocking into the side of Hornetstar so they could listen to each other’s ideas. “But we would need to slow down, on your count okay? Unless you have another idea.”


    Skunkbreeze could feel the ends of his lips curl as Kass spoke to his apprentice, Kass might be deputy of Thunderclan but Lionpaw was his apprentice, she didn’t have to listen to Kass speak to her like that. As if it was moving on its own suddenly his large frame was in front of Lionpaw, guiding her off to the side away from the bossy molly, his eyes narrowed as he tossed a glance back at her, he wouldnt open his trap and cause issues, he’d leave that to Hornetstar. “Listen Lionpaw dont listen to what that one has to say. But it wouldnt hurt to stay here with the others. Push comes to shove though protect yourself. Run back to camp or to me if anything happens.” His voice hushed as he spoke with her. Giving his apprentice a firm nod before leaving her to the other apprentices, making his way back to Roachwing, his body pressing up against his left side. 


    Skunkbreeze scoffed at Roachwing, catching the subtle was his attitude changed once he got a clear look at the thunderclanner. His head forcibly knocking into his shoulder, “Not the time idiot.” hissing into his ear. Eyes flickering towards Snarlingbadger, studying the tom cat, Those are some wicked scars, pressing forward Skunkbreeze huffed towards him, “Just stay out of our way. We got this.” Skunkbreeze was a fairly easy going tom cat, but Roachwing was his..or well his best friend, he didnt like the idea of them getting any closer. The two Shadowclanners were a duo, they always worked together and they didnt need another ruining their rhythm.  His ears perked as his group continued on, waiting for their ideas to dealing with the kits. 



    Frowning at Skunkbreeze as he roughly knocks his head against the top of his shoulder, glancing over at his friend seeing the displeased look on his face, their faces inches apart. Ears twitching at the silent hiss of Skunk’s words ringing in his ear, feigning innocence as he bashfully grins, “What? I can’t look?” he mutters back with mischief glowing in his darken golden eyes. Turning away from his friend as he could sense his foul mood, knowing it would be for the best to not discuss this any further. They had important mission to begin, distracting a young fox away from it’s den in-order for the apprentice to complete their side of the mission, destroying their make-shift nest. This would be no easy task, as he knew well enough that foxes are hell of a lot smarter than many felines give them credit for. Sensing that Snarlingbadger would not overstep and take control over those not within his clan, letting his gaze once more admire the tall and well muscled tom once more before padding ahead of them both.


    Mentally scoffing at his friend’s behavior when the large teddy bear warns the obvious seasoned warrior to back off, they would need every help they could get. As Roachwing could not ignore his disability and walk blindly into more trouble, pun intended, it would seem that he would need to take charge in order for them all to work peacefully together. Oh the irony, the troublemaker of Shadowclan taking control and being serious for once. ‘Should have stayed at home’ he mentally complains before looking over his slim shoulder to regard the two large toms behind him. “Okay first thing first. We need to herd one of the fox younglings away from it’s little pack. The most logical decision would be to lure it to the river, but–“ pausing as he bites the inner part of his cheek, hesitant to continue as he wasn’t even a hundred percent sure if his idea and observation would be correct. “I am betting that many will have the same thoughts to lure the foxes to the river. We don’t want the foxes to be brought together…that would just be stupid” he reasons with a huff.


    “I suggest we lead it further into shadow clan territory into the tunnels. That would give us the upper hand to seclude it and disable it, we will need to weaken it’s senses first as I doubt a little darkness will slow it down any” he concludes with a small nod to his head, liking his half-assed thought out plan now that it was spoken out loud. Gesturing for the two black and white tom’s to follow along as Bluefire and Hornetstar lead them right to the fox den, his paws tingling at the vibrations of movement as at least 5 foxes trickle out of the hollowed earth. Two sets of paw steps heavier than the other three, confirming who were the parents and who were the adolescents. Watching the dilute calico and golden tom work quickly together to gain attention on what he assumed to be the father fox before leading it away to the direction of the river, having his theory confirmed only resolved him more to lure one of the kits to the tunnels.


    Turning his head slightly to the side, letting his golden eye narrow on a slightly bigger kit than the others, with little hesitance he rushes towards the startled rustic orange fox. Kicking a stone in it’s direction, his coordination slightly off as he originally had been aiming for the face but got it in the chest instead. Barring his sharp fangs at the target, his shiny sleek obsidian fur bristling along his shoulders and spine to make him appear more intimidating as a deep growl rumbles within his chest. ‘Good now I have his attention’. “Eh Fox-brain! Are you just going to stand there?” he mocks, receiving a high pitch growling-hiss as a reply, it’s ruddy fur hackling in anger. Roach shifts his head slightly, letting his eye lock with Skunk’s pale yellow gaze and gives him a small smile before turning serious, though his full attention never wavers from the seething fox.


    “Actually…Broody I think we can use your intimidation to our favor. You will take the rear, make sure the fox does not break away and goes where we need it to go. With your stature I’m sure it will be scared shitless and will want to run away from you. Skunky and I will flank it on either side to lure it closer to the tunnels” he rambles, knowing he did not have much time to further discuss their plan. Nodding to them both before slipping to the left of the fox, nipping sharply at its heels to get it moving.


    Morningpaw stared where Lionpaw stood or at least, where she had been standing. The golden tabby nudged Frostpaw and nodded to the entrance of the fox den, which was a few feet away from them.

    “I-I guess, I guess we have to g-go now…” The medicine cat apprentice paused, “O-okay, s-so we just have to… Dig at the entrance t-to close it off.” The tabby swallowed hard before rising to her paws and approaching the fox den. A moment passed before Morningpaw began to dig her claws into the dirt that arched over the entrance. 

    “This isn’t s-so bad,” she stammered, “A-at least we don’t have to fight th-the foxes.” ‘Not that I could, anyway.’ At least a moon of training under Adderface, and she’d never been able to spar well with… anyone. Morningpaw had been a fine hunter, her tracking skills better than most, but she was always a weak fighter. 

    “Alright, th-this is done!” Morningpaw stepped back to admire their work. The dirt surrounding the entrance had collpased and covered the hole leading into the den, but for extra reenforcement, Morningpaw packed the dirt in. The apprentice trained her attention back on Frostpaw, the sharp edges of panic melting away now that they’d completed their job. 

    Azure eyes darted behind her when a curious chirp sounded from behind. Morningpaw froze and, while she couldn’t be sure, she was sure the sound had come from a fox. Morning was moving before she’d realized what was happening, her paws brushing against the soft undergrowth as her sides brushed ferns, bushes, grasses, and the like. She was firmly lost in thought as she ran when a sharp twinge of pain shot up her paw. With a squeak the apprentice came to a halt, looking down at the tree trunk she’d gotten her paw stuck in.

    “Great Starclan…” 


    Sagetalon ~ ThunderClan Warrior

    Adderface seemed to be in his own little world, which was bothering Sagetalon as his green eyes flickered towards the dark brown and white tabby, his eyes kept wandering in the direction of where they had left the apprentices. “Pay attention.” Sagetalon snapped under his breath, leading the both of them in the direction that Bluefire wanted them to be in, even though they were just simply driving the foxes out of the territory, all animals were unpredictable. Fight or flight was engraved into their very bones. Sagetalon was a tall and pale brown marbled tabby with a splash of white on the bridge of his nose and along his toes. His muscles were tense under his short pelt as he turned his attention away from Adderface, his pupils narrowing slightly as Bluefire and Hornetstar were already making a ruckus, getting the foxes attention and driving them away from the comfort of their den. A young fox was running right in their direction, eyes wide with fear and confusion, while Sagetalon snapped his jaws and was fixing to jump out to scare the fox in the other direction when the little beast turned on its heels and was moving more to his right. Catching his attention as he found the movement to be bizarre, his eyes following the fox’s line of sight towards Adderface. What?! Sagetalon hasn’t even noticed that the darker brown tabby had slipped away from his side and was heading back towards the apprentices, his brows furrowed. What was he doing? Without thinking, Sagetalon began to run in their direction, his paws thundering against the ground.

    He watched as the fox jumped at Adderface, its jaws just about to clamp down on the foreleg of his clanmate before he lowered his head and braced his shoulder blade. Sagetalon collided with force into the fox, his shoulder knocking the little beast of balance and digging its teeth into his shoulder. Little sharp needles dug into his flesh, but he barely took notice of it from the adrenaline rush. Growling, Sagetalon turned his head in order to get a hold of the fox’s pelt, yanking on the young fox to where it released its hold on his shoulder blade with a small yelp. Once the fox had released his shoulder, he shook the fox wildly, not enough to kill the beast as that wasn’t the mission, but enough to disorient as he dropped the fox and snarled while snapping his jaws. The fox’s gaze was unsteady but it was moving quickly away while he gave chase only a few feet, his tail fluffed and his pelt bristled as he yowled. Taking a moment to be satisfied with the retreat of the fox, his flaring green eyes landed upon Adderface. “What were you thinking? Letting your guard down like that! Stay out of the way.” He growled, his ears pinned but he walked towards the tomcat anyways, head lowering as he sniffed at Adderface’s pelt and leg to see if the other Tom was injured. Irritation rolling off of him in waves, what would he have done if Adderface had gotten hurt?


    Adderface 🐍 Thunderclan warrior

    Adderface tried to stay keen on the mission at paw. His long, striped tail twitched ever so slightly from the excitement. Not to say this was fun in anyway. But what better a story than two clans banding together to chase out not one- not two- but five foxes? This event would surely be mentioned by the leaders at the Gathering and Adderface couldn’t wait to tell everyone what happens! With some added exaggerations, just to keep things interesting.

    But from the corner of his eye, he noticed a flurry of movement. Morningpaw broke away from her group and went tearing through the wood. ‘Where is she going?’ This wasn’t part of the plan! She could hardly defend herself, much less from a family of wild foxes. Tall ears pricked in her direction, dark tipped fur rising from his pelt. In an instant, he shifted his paws over the ground to take off after the apprentice. He only managed to take a few, long strides, just beginning to open his mouth to shout–

    There was a scuffle behind him. Adderface slid to a stop, drifting over soil to turn around and face the scene. The warrior Sagetalon swooped in, taking the red beast between his teeth. For any other witnesses, this was a swift counter attack, over in a matter of moments. For Adderface, however… Time slowed, watching the strong tomcat shake the fox with his powerful jaws in slow motion. Sunbeams hitting his fur, as if placed there just to make the Thunderclanner’s pelt radiant in the golden light. Blood rushed to Adderface’s ears, his heartbeat drowning out the sounds around him. Their eyes met and he all but melted under the fierce animosity in Sagetalon’s gaze.

    “What were you thinking?” He was snapped out of the trance, closing his gaping maw to keep from hitting the floor. Adderface stared up at his rescuer, hardly registering what was being said to him. His heart jumped up to his throat, struggling to swallow it back down. “I– I- Uh,” the tomcat stammered as he recollected his wits. Sagetalon drew ever closer with such a stern fiery expression. Adderface’s breath hitched, almost too scared to move. He glanced down, starting to feel a small wincing pain on his hind leg. Turning to inspect it, he figured a fox tooth had just grazed him before Sagetalon butted in, preventing it from chomping into the lanky tom completely. “Oh its nothing,” he reassured. Nothing he couldn’t walk off, not worth cutting this interaction short. “You saved me,” Adderface breathed, jade green eyes glittering while he gazed up at his protector. He would have been fox chow by now had it not been for Sagetalon!



    The golden tom could tell the parent was reluctant to leave their kits, as any good parent would be. It made more sense for the fox family to make a stand and protect their home, than uproot their lives. If anyone tried to force ShadowClan from their home, especially now that he had kits of his own to care for, he knew would make them pay and raise hell. This wasn’t going to end up going as smoothly as Kass had hoped, and he could only pray to StarClan (even if they were pretty darn useless) that this mission would end without any causalities.

    He lingered back as Kass started swiping at the fox, green gaze watching closely. And when it was time, he didn’t hesitate to cut in, giving Kass the time she needed to whirl around and take off before he was darting after her. Hornetstar was a decent sized tom himself, but now he pushed himself to move as quickly as he could, imagining what the fox would do if it caught up to either of them now.

    “I’ll trip it up, you batter it while its down,” he panted over the wind whipping by their forms as they ducked and wove through the trees. One wrong step and the fall would hurt, but what the ShadowClan leader had in mind was likely going to hurt as well… Oh well, such was the price of chasing dangerous predators off his Clan’s territory. “Overwhelm it, it should flee.”

    This was where he was going to put his trust in Kass, and hope he could rely on her. Because if not, he was going to be in hot water. Trying to think of anymore options, and drawing up short, he glanced at her from the side of his eyes. “3… 2… 1!” Suddenly he was skidding to a halt, whirling around and dropping a shoulder before he even had his paws firmly set. The fox, much larger and therefore not as adept at abrupt stops, could do nothing but slam into the golden tom. Hornetstar couldn’t help but stagger, him and the fox going rolling in a tangle of limbs as he desperately clawed and bit to come out on top. The fox was yelping in surprise, eyes wide as it realized this cat was so unafraid of it as to confront them head on. “Now, Kass, NOW!” He called out, waiting for the deputy to join him in really battering the fox, to send it running with its tail between its legs.


    ‘Where did everybody go?’ Benny wondered when he re-approached his home, noting the unusual smell in the air but none the wiser to the predators in the area, especially not of the house-cat variety. He’d seen two cats in his life, a silly looking mismatched one that had hissed at him and sprayed dirt at him, and another who seemed nervous to be in his company. “Ma? Pa?” The fox called out in a chirp, sliding down the slope that led to the pocket of land their home resided in. His beady eyes detected movement at the mouth of the den and soon found two cats digging into the sides. “Hey! What are you doing!?” He cried, unaware they couldn’t understand him properly. “W-Where is my Ma and Pa?” 

    His eyes found the pink collar of the yellow cat, who was nervous and shaking. Well Benny had never met a stranger and he wasn’t about to start now. “Hey!” he tried again, taking a step forward only for the cat to take a step back. “What’s that around your neck?” He asked, another step. “It looks like the ring that house cats wear, are you both house cats?” Another step and a slip!

    Just as surprised, the fox startled, twitching at the unexpected movement of the apprentice. He peered around her, concerned now. “Oh my, did your paw get caught? My paw fell in that hole once and my brother Jon said that I was going to have to gnaw my own paw off to get free!” He told the unresponsive she-cat happily, smiling and laughing. “All you need is one good pull though, Mama got me out.”

    He rounded the apprentice, inspecting her back leg. “Yep! One good pull! Hold steady!”


    It was an adjusted ease that the two different high ranks could fight so well together, each with their own specialties but every suggestion and every move seeming to be exactly what the ThunderClan deputy would have done in that situation. If there hadn’t been any stakes involved the whole ordeal might have even been… fun. 

    “Heard!” Kass responded to his instruction, sidestepping out of the path so she could help with the attack once the ShadowClan leader gave the order.


    Benny’s jaws found purchase at the middle part of Morningpaw’s tail and with a swift tug he found himself getting nowhere, but a shriek from the apprentice was loud enough to make him drop the tail. “Oops! I’m so sorry!” He cried, stepping back. “Usually it just pops right out.”


    At the call of her name, Kass leapt off her back paws to send herself flying towards the pair, catching the fox’s back with her claws and tugging as she fell over, hoping to dislodge the fox from its’ position clawing for domination and send the Fox flying onto it’s back, crushing Kass but giving her access to the predator’s back where she could take bites into the fox’s fur. 

    A familiar shriek caught Kass’ ears, her head turning suddenly to the direction in which they had came. Morningpaw! Oh no!

    Quickly she kicked the fox off of her, sending the fox flying. She gave Hornetstar an apologetic look. “I have to go help Morningpaw,” she explained in a rush, turning on heel to dash in the direction of the fox den. Peachblossom is going to kill me, the ThunderClan deputy thought to herself as she dodged tree after tree to take the quickest route to the den.

    She approached quickly, skidding to a halt at the sight of the fox kit nosing around Morningpaw’s midsection and making panicked chirps to her. She skidded a rock towards the fox, hoping to spook it. “Hey you! Get away from her!” She yelled angrily. Kass found herself charging, angry and hell bent on keeping the medicine cat apprentice away from harm. Without another thought she launched herself into the body of the fox, clawing and biting while they soared through the air.


    “Benny? Benny!” The fox’s mom called out, looking everywhere for her son. She’d somehow managed to get away from the pack once she’d realized her son was not among the ones being driven out. She’d circled back towards the den when she heard a strangled cry that was so distinctly her son’s. With a cry she hurried her pace, coming to the edge of the hill only to see her son- her baby boy, pinned underneath the weight of a snarling cat and unable to move.

    “Mom!” Benny cried in pain, only stop moving soon after.

    The fox’s mother saw red.


    Frostpaw – Thunderclan Apprentice

    The young apprentice shifted nervously from paw to paw, glittering blue eyes moving restlessly to whoever was speaking. She felt uncomfortable among so many cats, especially strangers from other clans, and thus kept close to her mentor, though she did her best not to trod on his tail, fearing rebuke. Despite her quietness and obvious discomfort, she listened attentively to the conversation at paw, absorbing the information given and exchanges between the two clans. Her ears flicked towards Kass, her own deputy, as orders were given, and then turned to rest her nervous gaze on their new temporary patrol leader: Lionpaw.

    Right away, she wasn’t a fan of this one, watching as the Shadowclan molly muttered and pouted about their assignment. Almost as if she’d been assigned to tick duty rather than leading their mission. Lovely. Restraining a sigh, she looked towards her mentor, dipping her head respectfully to his advice and murmuring a quiet, “Yes, sir.” She then lifted her chin decisively. I wont let you down, she promised silently, determined to at the very least not disappoint her new mentor. As much as she’d love to impress him, she was at least determined not to cause any problems. How embarrassing would it be if he had to rescue her on their very first outing! She was sure the other apprentices would get a good laugh out of it.

    Turning, she joined the other two apprentices, approaching just in time to be introduced by Morningpaw. She gave her a grateful glance. Maybe the two of them could handle Lionpaw’s.. attitude. Her ears tilted back as the other apprentice’s sneering voice sounded out, but she simply responded with a nod as the three of them trotted off in the direction of the fox den. When they arrived, she hesitated, eyes scanning the surrounding undergrowth uncertainly. But all seemed quiet. A strong reeking scent, a bit like food gone bad, saturated the area- she guessed that was fox, having never encountered the smell aas a kit. Her nose wrinkled in response and she nearly wanted to gag, but she followed Morningpaw’s lead and reached up to help collapse the den.

    “Yeah, this isn’t so-“

    Her words were cut off by a strange chirp. Flinching backwards, she stumbled in a sloppy turn towards the source, freezing up. It didn’t take long for her to recover, but by that time Morningpaw had already bolted. She scrambled after her form, but suddenly the medicine apprentice stopped, causing her to turn in confusion as she passed and trip over her own paws. Landing with a thump on her side, she laid dazed for a few moments before finding her paws and sitting upright. Jaws parted in question, she turned to ask what was wrong- and nearly screeched as she watched a fox chomp down on the apprentice’s tail.

    The spike of fear and adrenaline was so sharp, the fluffy she-cat nearly fainted. In reality, the fox wasn’t aggressive- it was making odd barks and whines, and seemed more confused than angry. But to a frightened youngster out of camp for the first time.. All she saw was a large animal with sharp teeth savagely attacking her clanmate. Ears flattening, and vision narrowing, she screeched at the beast and leaped towards it, hoping at the very least to draw its attention. Beyond that.. she had no plan at all. Her head was empty, focused solely on helping her new friend.

    Fortunately for her, a screeching ball of fury erupted from the undergrowth before she even got close enough to try. She stumbled to a halt as Kass tackled the creature, fur flying and snarls filling the air. She cringed back at the display of ferocity, realizing two things: The fox wasn’t nearly as large as she thought it’d been, and that it was dying, throat clamped firmly between the jaws of the older she-cat. She remained where she was, shivering in a mixture of shock and fear, only to hear several yelping barks coming from the undergrowth further back. She saw a glimpse of red, the prick of white ears, and felt her heart pace redouble as a much larger fox crested the hill, freeze for a moment, and then streak towards them.

    Frozen to the spot, she barely managed to cry out:  “Behind you!” 

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