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    The general stench of ShadowClan in the hot Greenleaf sun was saltier than Kass had expected it to be. Sure, there was still the overwhelming smell that was just mud and bog water, a hint of pine that made such a small reprieve in the stench, but right now as the ThunderClan deputy tried to decidedly keep her paws out of the muck all she could really smell was salt. She wasn’t alone though, her head craned back every now and then to glance at Morningpaw whom she’d taken off Peachblossom’s plate for the day. As much as she thought the healer’s distaste for the kitty-pet was humorous, the dilute calico preferred to let the apprentice make her own mistakes and then play up the kitty-pet card. She was nothing if not classy. “Try to keep your paws out of any mud, the soil can be deceiving.” she advised when she’d taken them a short distance into the territory, slowing her pace to a stop to await a patrol or warrior. 

    When the warrior had found them, he’d merely stared at them as if they were some scum of the earth for a few moments. “Well?” Kass snarked, “You gonna take us or not? We gotta talk to Hornetstar,” she called to the tom. In a flash the tom had turned on foot and led them wordlessly throughout the forest. The trek was longer than she’d anticipated, but soon they were coming up on the camp, the salty smell becoming stronger and stronger with each paw-step. 

    It was obvious they weren’t welcome as soon as the clan was alerted to their presence. Apart from a twitch in her ear, the ThunderClan deputy barely reacted to the welcoming. “What are you waiting for? We have to speak with Hornetstar,” the ex-rogue urged impatiently, but the mute tom just stared back at her wordlessly for a moment before nodding in the direction of the Leader’s Den. Kass turned back to Morningpaw, “Come along now, we don’t have all day for your short legs to play catch-up,” she instructed, taking off in the direction of the den. If there was something the she-cat had lost in the battle, it had been her patience. The way she walked even now was twitchy and unsettling, as if she was expecting something to pop out of nowhere. 

    “Hornetstar,” the warrior mewed at the mouth of the den to rouse the large tom. “I have matters to discuss with you regarding security at our borders.”


    ◊ M O R N I N G ◊

    Morningpaw was trembling, fear being the explanation for the adrenaline racing through her. She prided herself on the fact that she hadn’t made a fool of herself yet but that was mostly because she hadn’t spoken since the deputy dragged her out here. When Kass, Bluefire, had approached Morningpaw and told her to come with her to take care of something in Shadowclan, she’d just nodded dumbly and trailed after the molly. Morning was starting to regret that decision.

    “… The soil can be deceiving.” The apprentice realized with a jolt that she’d once again gotten caught up in her thoughts, catching only the tail end of Bluefire’s words. But what Morningpaw had gathered was enough to have her warily eyeing the ground. At the medicine cat gathering, Peachblossom had told Morningpaw to bear her new rank with pride, and Morningpaw was trying, she was, but with all the pressure that came with it? That she couldn’t bear. Now, her limited knowledge of herbs was needed. At least, Morningpaw assumed so because why else would the deputy have requested her presence here? ‘Peachblossom knows more than me, though. Oh, stars, is this a test?’ The notion of that put the apprentice on edge… Well, more on edge.

    The golden molly straightened up as much as she could when a Shadowclan patrol drew close, trying to look braver than she felt. Morningpaw ignored the questioning eyes and kept her face void of emotion, except the slight twitch from her tail, which probably gave away her distress.

    The medicine cat apprentice gave Bluefire a jerky nod, following at a quicker pace than she had been prior. Morningpaw halted just a tail length away from Bluefire’s side, keeping her azure eyes trained on anything that moved too close. She didn’t have any battle training so she didn’t know what would happen if they got attacked ‘why would they attack us? We aren’t doing anything! Breathe… Just breath…’ Morningpaw brought a paw to the cold surface of her collar’s tag, feeling its worn metal edges and conjured up comforting memories of her mother to soothe her nerves. She was probably just here so it looked more official, maybe? I mean, two high ranks where one was a quivering apprentice looked a lot better than a deputy, former rogue, with a patrol of battle-trained warriors.

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    Though realistically he knew the Clan wasn’t in danger of falling apart at the seams any moment now, it sometimes felt like that. Everything felt like an utter mess after the battle, even if he was aware he didn’t really have a right to be upset about that. He had chosen to lead his Clan into that situation, and now he had to deal. With what happened to Saplingskies, with his kits, with Smokewisp… Smokewisp missing. Two deputies, that made it now, to go missing under his leadership. Tawnypainter had returned, but could he really hope to be so lucky with Smokewisp? And how long was it acceptable to wait? A day, a week, a moon?

    He could have very well driven himself sick with worry, and he knew that from experience. So instead of testing the limits of his body, like he had during the flood which resulted in a lost life, he had elected for a nap when everything in camp finally settled down for the afternoon. It took him far longer than he would have liked to even begin to drift off, worried about leaving the camp unattended since he now didn’t have a deputy to help him out, when an unfamiliar voice was addressing him. No, not completely unfamiliarly.

    Green eyes flashing over, they pinned Kass where she stood in the entrance to his den, a myriad of thoughts flashing through his mind even as his face remained impassive. “Hmm,” he hummed, pushing himself up so he was sitting. Clearly he didn’t want to accept her words at face value, surely an understandable reaction giving everything, old and new. “Surely you haven’t just come here to complain about my warriors getting too close to the border? Last time ThunderClan was in a border altercation, it didn’t end pretty.” It was a thinly veiled threat, eyes narrowing slightly as he tried to glance behind her to see what kind of company she brought. There wasn’t a huge commotion in camp, so it obviously wasn’t a large patrol.


    The ex-rogue’s face twisted up in confusion, fake or not, “What? No? I couldn’t possibly care about what your warriors are doing on your own side of the border. I’m not WindClan for StarClan’s sakes, she rolled her eyes. With a shake of her head she sidestepped the entrance to allow Morningpaw to enter from behind her. “This is Morningpaw, Peachblossom’s new apprentice,” she introduced, nosing the yellow apprentice forward into the gaze of Hornetstar as if she were some sort of peace offering. “She’s… er,” she eyed the pink collar wrapped around the throat of the she-cat in thinly veiled disgust, quirky.” she finished with a false gag behind the apprentice’s head. 

    She let her eyes wander around the den, finding it looking no more different than her own.. except it was a cave and not a hollowed out log. “Nice place you got here,” she commented, small talk. Small talk was good right? It had occurred to Kass earlier in their trek across the bog that she wasn’t very gifted in the art of making friends.. even less so in asking for help. Her people were her people, but that wasn’t because of any effort on her part. For this she would actually have to try. “I don’t know if you’ll remember this, considering everything else that happened but at the last gathering ThunderClan announced the discovery of a fox den near your border. I’ve been watching them for a while now, it seems to be a family and there’s about five of them. A mom and dad, then three pups. The pups were small at the time but now they’re almost fully grown which means five foxes that are certainly going to be trouble in both of our territories.” 

    She turned back to the leader, stance open and unassuming, “I figure we can find a way to scare them off and chase them towards the outskirts pretty easily with a large enough group. After the battle ThunderClan still has a lot of healing to do, and I’m sure ShadowClan shares that sentiment even on a lesser level. I’m requesting a small group of your warriors to help aide mine- you can come too if you really want. No one should get hurt, ThunderClan’s been pretty good about just scaring them off whenever we run into them. We’ll have a second party destroy the den while we’re gone, so even if they do return there will be nothing for them to come back to. Let the twolegs handle them.” 



    The golden tom couldn’t help but release a snort of amusement, imaging just how big of a twist Wolfstar’s mangy fur would be in if he heard this kind of talk about his Clan. Hornetstar loved it. Even after the battle, the delayed satisfaction he felt upon realizing he had claimed one of the older leader’s lives, he still held a burning hatred within him, embers stoked every time the leader or his Clan was mentioned. The vitriol was briefly forgotten as Morningpaw was all but slid forward, an incredulous eyebrow raising high as he took in the sight of her collar. If ex-kittypets were allowed into his Clan, the first thing to go was their collar, if they ever wanted to become a real warrior. “Indeed,” he mumbled, green gaze flicking back up to the deputy. Her attempt at small talk was admittedly atrocious, Hornetstar not even bothering to grace it with a reply.

    Eventually, she stated her reason for seeking him out, his fur standing on end ever so slightly as he was reminded of the foxes. He had easily forgotten about them in the commotion that was the Big Battle, but now they were back to his number… What number of problem was this even? Biting back a sigh, he let his eyes flutter closed a moment before shaking his pelt out and drawing himself up so he was standing, seemingly reinvigorated after gathering himself back up. “I’ll come personally.” A foolish decision, seeing as Smokewisp was missing and he had yet to appoint another deputy, even temporary. He would entrust camp to a senior warrior, however. Foxes were a personal matter to him, and if anyone was going to put their life on the line to chase them off, why not the cat with seven lives to spare?

    “Follow me,” he ordered, stalking past the two she-cats and out into the clearing. “Those who wish to accompany me on a fox chase, come forth!” Instead of handpicking someone and then having to feel guilt when they inevitably ended up injured because he had yet again forced a Clanmate into a decision, he’d see who was brave and dedicated enough to take on foxes to ensure the safety of the rest of their Clanmates. Smart in a way, but probably also foolish not to choose his best warriors to accompany them.


    Delighted by the turn of events, the ThunderClan deputy couldn’t help but feel herself earning more respect for the leader, his priorities lining up with hers in a glorious way. She nods at his order, gesturing with her maw towards Morningpaw to follow them. The quick actions of ShadowClan remind the dilute calico that she doesn’t have any warriors on stand by to help aide the ShadowClan warriors. Kass glances up at the sky, trying to figure out where the closest patrol would be in accordance to the time. She gives a sigh of relief, the ThunderClan border patrol should have been just heading to the ShadowClan/ThunderClan border. “Morningpaw, I need you to run ahead and round up the border patrol in the Oak Forest and tell them to head downwind from the fox den. I think Snarlingbadger will be in the patrol, he’ll know where it is.” She instructed, prodding the young apprentice’s behind lightly as if she were a horse. 

    Once she was confident Morningpaw was hurrying out of the camp the ThunderClan deputy turned to Hornetstar as his warriors fell in to help. She eyed the bunch, a rag-tag team. It bothered her a little that they weren’t taking their time to choose out the best suited candidates for a task like this. She couldn’t help but think back to RiverClan in their camp, how one poorly chosen warrior could make the whole operation blow up. “I hope you trust these warriors,” Kass mewed to Hornetstar, although her tone wasn’t unkind, just a soft warning. “Alright, I’m going to lead you all to the den site. When we get there you must remain as silent as possible so we can give both you and my patrol instructions. Make sure you keep up, I won’t slow down until we get near.” and with that the deputy was off, letting her legs propel herself through the forest. If only for a moment she came into eye contact with a brown spotted tom leaning into one of the nearby dens. If only for an instant she recognized the tom, but quickly forgot all about him by the second stride. After all, why would her brother be in ShadowClan?

    Benny’s eyes blinked open lazily from his nap lounged over the backs of his brother and sister, opening his long snout in a yawn and stretching tall to work the kinks out of his bones. One of his siblings grumbled from somewhere beneath him but the young fox paid them no mind as he wiggled from his spot and landed with a plop on the den floor. It took him a couple seconds to figure what had woken the young fox cub in the first place, before the undeniable feeling of having to go took over him again. Popping up from his spot on the floor the young fox began a quick trot out of the den, finding his mother and father to be talking near the mouth of the den. “Morning mama, papa,” he chirped, “Sorry can’t talk, I gotta go.” His eyes twitching to show the double meaning. 

    His mother looked at her son curiously, whiskers twitching in amusement, “Well then by all means son. Just don’t go too far!” she called after him, but her son was already past the treeline. “What a funny kid,” she commented with a shake fo her head to her mate who merely only hummed in agreement. 


    The golden molly blinked in surprise, but she was quick to react and within seconds she’s turned and hurried off. Morningpaw felt the familiar prickle of anxiety run along her spine as she hurried to find the border patrol. Morningpaw ducked and slid through the boggy lands of Shadowclan territory, tension momentarily leaving her when she caught sight of Snarlingbadger’s familiar pelt. 

    “Snarlingbadger!” Morningpaw slowed to a trot and finally halted at the border. “Bluefire wants you all to head downwind from the fox den,” she mewed, “W-we’re, uh, scaring off the foxes that live there.” The apprentice frowned as she stated this, uneasiness settling over her. She wasn’t a fighter and her knowledge of herbs was limited to the most basic treatment of scratches, bellyaches, and the like. “I- should I go and report back to Bluefire?” The tabby asked, half turning back where she came but stopping.


    Snarlingbadger ~ ThunderClan Warrior

    Pale yellow eyes slowly flickered around the area as the massive tomcat was slowly walking through the territory, the sun was beginning to finally rise within the sky, the pale morning light beginning to filter through the branches of the tall overhanging oak trees. Chin tilting slightly as his long pink tongue slowly roamed along his pale white lips, they were dry and slight chapped. Pupils narrowing slightly as he led the morning patrol towards the ThunderClan and ShadowClan border, his pointed ears twitching slightly as the usual morning songs of the little blue birds chimed throughout the forest. “Hmp.” He grunted slightly, his long tail standing upright and almost stiffly as he was almost lost in his thoughts. Peachblossom has been distant and rather annoyed as of late, after finding out that her new apprentice was that of a former kitty pet. He had to admit that there didn’t seem to be anything rather impressive with Morningpaw, but despite all of that, he could see that the young she-cat was trying her hardest to fit in. She was trying. In this aspect, Snarlingbadger has nothing but respect for Morningpaw, which annoyed his darling Peachblossom to no end. Peachblossom had always been stuck in her ways, she had always hated Kass for the longest of seasons but given the chance and she made friends with the dilute calico. Now she was at a loss with Morningpaw and there wasn’t much he could do to calm her anger. Except, allow them to be pointed at himself.

    Nostrils flared slightly as he breathed in slowly, pupils narrowing as he slowly looked over his broad shoulder blade to take in the rest of the patrol. It was small but they didn’t exactly need too many warriors. Adderface was dragging this morning, but he didn’t blame the younger tom, the heat of the day wasn’t even at its highest but it was already becoming a nuisance. Frostpaw was at his hip, she was much shorter than he was but she was keeping up without fail. He had never had an apprentice before, he always figured it was because he couldn’t speak. Even now he didn’t use his voice much but Bluefire had seen something in him that even his sister, Hollystar, had failed to see. He had no doubt it was Kass that had mentioned to Hollystar that he would be a good match for Frostpaw. She was so young and innocent, her mind always wandering and he knew he would have to be strict with her wandering eyes. “Keep your eyes open. Use your nose, tell me where we are.” Snarlingbadger’s deep and gravel voice spoke out to Frostpaw, his big head moving to where he was now looking ahead of them once more.

    The black and white tomcat blinked in surprise as he caught the sound of movement coming from the border as they got closer, pale eyes finding the familiar pelt of Morningpaw. Eyebrows furrowing slightly as he remember spotting Bluefire and herself leaving camp together after the patrol had been formed before they had headed out. Whatever she was doing out here by herself, it surely bothered him enough to where he quickened his pace to meet the she-cat as she called out his name. “Speak your piece.” He meowed, whiskers twitching with thought as she informed him of what Bluefire wanted, his pale eyes flickering in the direction of said direction to the fox den. He was aware of its location and was surprised to hear that they were finally going to be taking care of the nuisances. He didn’t even look towards Morningpaw as she took a few hesitant steps away from the border before he spoke. “I think not. You aren’t trained enough to be on your own back to Bluefire. She has a nose and can scent us for our arrival in need be.” He meowed before his eyes finally found the golden furred face of Morningpaw. “Fall into step with Frostpaw and keep quiet. Adderface, Sagetalon. Take up from the back, ears and eyes open.” He spoke to the other warriors over his shoulder, of course Sagetalon was his best friend and the tomcat was already moving into position before Snarlingbadger finished speaking. Frostpaw and Morningpaw weren’t ideal for this sort of patrol but Snarlingbadger could count on his clanmates to help protect the young felines. He grunted softly as he began to head in the direction of the fox’s den, keeping to their side of the border for now.


    Sagetalon ~ ThunderClan Warrior

    He blinked in surprise at the sight of Morningpaw suddenly coming out of no where, causing an eyebrow to arch slightly for a moment before he turned his gaze towards that of Snarlingbadger. The big Tom appeared surprised but quickly began to form a plan. Snarlingbadger had always been overlooked by their peers but he was good at thinking quickly and wasn’t even surprised when he kept Morningpaw from marching off on her own. A pale smile rose along his lips as he greeted the medicine cat apprentice but he didn’t say anything to her as the tall and muscular pale tabby striped tomcat moved towards the back of the patrol as Snarlingbadger spoke. Clearly they were going to be getting rid of a den full of foxes and no better way to do it then a few apprentices who knew nothing. Wonderful. He grumbled slightly, blinking in surprise when Adderface was told to head to the back of the patrol as well. No.. He thought in an alarmed tone, but the Tom was already moving to stand at his side.

    Adderface was a very handsome tomcat and even though, Sagetalon didn’t know much of the tomcat, his eyes couldn’t help but keep trailing the Tom to admire his beauty. He silently grumbled as Snarlingbadger was well aware of what he felt, but kept it to himself as his green eyes gave a slight glare towards Adderface. “Don’t fall behind.” He smirked slightly as he walked after the moving patrol. Sagetalon wasn’t nearly as massive as Snarlingbadger, he was leaner but was covered in muscle. Without giving much of a second thought, his tail flicked with annoyance before he side glanced at Adderface.

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    Frostpaw – Thunderclan Apprentice

    Soft white paws shuffling nervously, the young she-cat followed her mentor, her blue eyes wide as they took in the details of her surroundings. She was an apprentice- a pretty new one, at that- and this was one of her very first times out of camp. She didn’t want to miss a single second! How often had she dreamed of exploring the forest with her brother! Other kits would’ve long since attempted to sneak out to explore for themselves, and she’s sure many have, but she never could bring herself to disobey the clan law. What if something happened? What if a fox found them, or an owl? What if they got caught!?

    Even now, there was a nervousness tightening her belly, even though she was perfectly allowed to be there in the company of her mentor. Her mentor.. The large warrior had unnerved her upon first meeting. He seemed gruff and to have expectations of her, though he never said as such. In fact, he’d said very little to her since the ceremony. She worried that she’d already disappointed him.  She sneaked an uncertain glance as they walked, but whatever he was thinking was a mystery to her. Her eyes drifted back towards the surrounding woodlands, and she nearly jumped when he spoke aloud. 

    Heeding his words, she renewed her interest in their surroundings, studying the trees around her. She inhaled deeply, mouth parting instinctively to better take in surrounding scents. Everything smelled jumbled together, a mix of scents she’d long grown up with- trees, dirt, moss, the comforting smell of clanmates. Mixed in was another scent she wasn’t familiar with: More cats, she thought, but damper, with an odd tang to the scent. She eyed the direction the wind was blowing from, where the forest seemed to darken a bit, and timidly answered: “A border?”

    She was spared a response by the sound of paws thrumming against the ground, and moments later, the appearance of another apprentice. The knot in her stomach tightened as the molly spoke of a fox den and how they were needed to help drive them off. She looked to her mentor for guidance, briefly hoping he might send her back to camp. Instead, he instructed them to fall behind him, and she gulped. Foxes? Surely he doesn’t expect me to fight! Despite her uncertainty, she followed his orders and fell in line beside Morningpaw, offering a nervous yet friendly smile. 


    Adderface 🐍 Thunderclan Warrior

         “This better be good,” spoken through a yawn, muzzle snapping shut. His jade green eyes blinked wearily under the morning light, not nearly so used to being out and about so early in the day. Sunrise was a time for sleeping off the adventures of the night before. He could still feel the soil from Windclan’s borders under his claws, a whiff of lavender hanging onto his pelt. But Adderface could not rest with so much going on. Morningpaw, his first apprentice, had been called for a special assignment by the clan’s deputy, taking her deep within Shadowclan territory. He knew the little cat had her own duties now, training under the medicine cat and all, but he couldn’t help worrying about her. So here the lad was, tailing behind a small patrol out into the wood.

         Snarlingbadger brought along his apprentice. The rugged older tom kept a close eye on Frostpaw, her excitement ever present. Such a sight reminded him of Morningpaw. The brown tabby cast his sights to the east, in the direction of the marshy pines, hoping she was alright. It wasn’t too long until he knew for sure! Right in his line of view, she came running straight for them. Adderface perked right up and met her alongside the patrol.

    Adderface was set to follow from the rear, with a tomcat by the name of Sagetalon. A friend of Snarlingbadger but a stranger to himself. He tilted to lay his eyes on the the grouchy tom, pulling a signature smile onto his mug. “I’ll try to keep up,” he promised.



    Lionpaw was off in her own world again. Whereas the others in her Clan were moving about their duties, she was lounging in the corner of camp, grooming her fur. Long, languid licks turned a scruffy mass of long fur into soft, silky locks. The dense fluff around her neck and cheeks were an even bigger pain, causing for extra attention. She was wild, but she wasn’t unhygienic. She wanted to look presentable – and good thing she did. The second she finished, she noticed a good-sized patrol of cats stroll into camp like they owned the place. Her heterochromic blue and yellow eyes sharpened as she eyed, unmistakably, the ThunderClan deputy, Bluefire. Behind her trailed a gaggle of apprentices and warriors – some she knew of, some she had never seen before. The warm, floral scent of ThunderClan confirmed her suspicions of a rival Clan. Her fur prickled and her ears flicked atop her head, watching carefully as they spoke to Hornetstar. 


    What could this be about? Lionpaw wondered, her eyes narrowing shrewdly. Hornetstar’s announcement, however, filled with…excitement. The apprentice’s eyes widened and she hopped agilely to her paws. She wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass her by! This was her time to show how hard she had been training! “I’m willing, Hornetstar,” Lionpaw trilled confidently as she strode over to the mix of ShadowClan and ThunderClan forces. She flicked an offhanded glance to Frostpaw and Morningpaw, noticing the nervousness in their gait and expressions. Ha! I’m not going to let a couple of ThunderClan cats show me up.  Lionpaw vowed to herself.


    She followed the ThunderClan cats from behind. A couple of foxes seemed to be no match for them! She had never actually fought foxes before, or even seen them, but how hard could it be? The ShadowClan apprentice flexed her claws enthusiastically as she walked, her head and tail held high. Her jaws parted to scent the air, using all of her senses as she learned in training. Sure, she never really cared to show she was learning, but this wasn’t some lame drills. This was real!

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    “Destiny isn't a path any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies.”
    - Leafpool


    A fox hunt? It was hard to imagine Shadowclan working together with Thubderclan, well any clan actually. “Let’s say we go too Roachy? It’s been so long since we went and stirred up some trouble.” Skunkbreeze saw his new apprentice’s excitement at the idea of joining the big leagues in a patrol, but he didnt want to leave Roachwing here alone. It had been a while since his injury, but for Skunkbreeze it was still fresh in his mind, worried about leaving his best friend even for a little bit. “I’m going to go talk to Lionpaw about it, give it some thought.” Head butting the black tom before trotting over to his apprentice who was already in the huddle of felines. 


    His large frame appeared next to the molly, moving swiftly in front of the eager apprentice, “Woah there lil Lion, aren’t you forgetting something?” Raising a kitty brow at the apprentice, he was fine with her going but as his apprentice she needed to run it by him first. He did hesitate for a moment, this could end up being a dangerous mission, but seeing the bright and eager look in her eyes Skunkbreeze didnt have the heart to make her stay. A deep laugh funneling out of him before, he could never deny such an opportunity to a young mind, “I suppose we can join them, so long as you dont separate from me.” Leaning down towards her ears, “or another Shadowclan warrior.” Skunkbreeze was excited to have his first apprentice, he wanted to get it right and be a fun mentor but he also needed to make sure she knew what they were getting into. “Listen Lionpaw, foxes are no joke alright. We havent had too many combat training sessions yet, so if things go south do not try and be the hero. You’re are not to take one on alone, fight with me and I promise everything will be fine. HSkunkbreeze wasnt too sure about traveling with Thunderclan, but this was for the safety of their clan, though his sunflower gaze did flicker back towards his black pelted friend, pleading for him to come with them, extra support was always needed.


    The ThunderClan deputy waved her warriors over with little more than a flick of her tail, mentally counting in her head the numbers that they had brought with them. Should everything go according to plan, this would be easy. Should it not.. well- bi-colored amber/blue eyes glanced to her left at Hornetstar, they’d have to keep as many of their warriors from getting hurt. “Shush,” she admonished the group of warriors who had followed, even if they weren’t actually speaking their breathing was exhausting to listen to and overall annoying. Quickly she squeezed her eyes shut as if she were trying to shake something away from her body- a pestering fly perhaps? And then she turned, “So this is how it’s going to work,” she began voice low as to not attract any attention. 

    “We’re going to split up into pairings, if there’s an odd man then make a group of three. In your group you are going to focus on a single fox, merely scare him towards the river and keep him running. The plan is to just scare them out, do not engage unless the fox engages you. They should be easy to scare, I’ve done it myself before. Throw rocks and dirt at them, make them have to keep moving back. For ShadowClan members, the river is in that direction,” she nodded her head due south. “Once we force them into the river they should disperse themselves around the outskirts. And if the don’t, that’s where the apprentices come in.”

    She forced herself to look at each apprentice in the eyes, sizing each up and assessing them. Frostpaw and Morningpaw were pretty much still kits- all of them were really, but between the medicine cat’s shaking and Frostpaw’s lack of experience it was unwise to put either of them in charge. The gung ho apprentice would have to do.

    “You,” she decided, looking directly at Lionpaw, “You’re in charge since you decided to volunteer yourself. It was stupid and tactless, not brave, so instead of helping with the raid, you’ll be staying behind with Frostpaw and Morningpaw. Your instructions are to stay behind and once we are a safe distance away you are to enter their den and destroy it. You’ll find a way I’m sure, digging in the walls should help. Got it?” Confident, the warrior turned away from the young apprentices and looked to Hornetstar again, “I’ll take Hornetstar with me,” she announced, “Pair up. On his signal we go,” a sign of faith perhaps?


    The golden tabby eyed Lionpaw warily, stepping back so that she was huddled closer with Frostpaw. The younger apprentice was equally as inept as herself but Morningpaw still had at least a moon of training with Adderface, which was probably more than what Frostpaw had. Lionpaw, however, she knew nothing about which meant they were a group of practically useless fighters. ‘Enter the den?’ The medicine cat in training frowned, blue eyes flickering over to Bluefire before skittering away.

    “G-Got it…” Morningpaw tried to catch Adderface’s attention, to reassure him she was fine. Despite the short time spent together, Adderface had seen enough of the apprentice to understand she was a generally anxious and jumpy molly and that situations such as these would exacerbate her anxiety. Which was why she wanted to put any concerns he may have about her at ease, despite the fact that she was shaking with fear and doing her best not to turn tail then and there. Morningpaw would give anything to not be scrounging around in a fox den… She’d even spend the entire day with Peachblossom sorting out soiled herbs.

    “H-hi, erm, hi.” The Thunderclanner took a step towards Lionpaw, eyeing her dual eyes with no small amount of curiosity. “I’m Morningpaw, thi-this is Frostpaw.. b-But you already, I mean, you probably figured that out.” ‘Am I supposed to tell her something about myself? Are we supposed to be serious and not talk?’ The only interaction with others that Morningpaw had had was with her clanmates and Minkpaw, both of whom were far easier to talk to. “I-I guess you’re in charge, huh?” The she-cat chuckled weakly, standing straight so as to further conceal any of her nervousness. Morningpaw tended to make herself small when she was scared, but she was determined to at least look… Capable. 



    He could sense something was amiss as soon as he heard the muttering of other felines around him, furrowing his brows as he listens intently to the gossip floating about the clearing. Turning his cranium slightly to the right, letting his pale yellow gaze catch the glimpse of the notorious Kass and a small golden apprentice trailing after her into Hornetstar’s quarters. ‘Wonder what that’s about? Can’t be anything good if Kass is here’ he couldn’t help but think with a long sigh escaping his lips. Though, he could not deny the curiosity and excitement building within his lanky frame as he wished that he could hear what they were discussing, though his wish will come true when Hornetstar stalks out with his normal flare out of his den, easily commanding attention as he calls out for warriors and apprentices alike, who are willing to join in scaring a couple of troublesome foxes.


    ‘Course it’s foxes. They sure like to repopulate’ he bitterly thought, but snorts at his thought, his paper think ears perking up as Skunk presses against his left side to gain his attention. Over the past few weeks, he has learned to get use to the loss of sight of his left eye, as well as getting used to Skunkbreeze permanently remaining at his side–his blind side. Smirking over at his best friend, enjoying the mischievous playfulness in his tone. Yet; he remains hesitant to join, yes he was a warrior now and had certainly earned it, but he couldn’t help the inner voices doubting his ability to successfully complete the tasks. Blinking out of his dark self-loathing thoughts as he feels Skunk’s large head gently press against his before slipping away toward his apprentice.


    Roachwing was proud that his dear friend had earned his first apprentice, as he truly deserved such an honor. While Roach knew that he was not mentally ready to handle an apprentice and was certainly grateful that Hornetstar had not given him one quite yet if ever. Who would want to be taught by one with impaired vision? Shrugging his slim shoulders as he could easily sense Skunk’s piercing yellow gaze on him, pleading for him to join in the hunt. “Oh Starclan. I hate him” his words held no hatred as it was obvious that the dark tom could never hate the tall black and white brute. Swiftly rising to his paws, ignoring the dampness sinking in-between his toes as he saunters over to his friend and his energetic apprentice.


    “Since you can’t resist me and would literally die without my lovely company I shall join” he muses with a playful wink in Skunk’s direction, though his attention drifts to Kass. Arching a brow as he listens to her overly controlling voice, not hiding his annoyance as he rolls his eyes, even tempted to stick his tongue out at her childishly but refrains as he follows in suit with Skunkbreeze by his left side. “Who died and made her leader?” he whispers with disdain at the way she spoke to Lionpaw, who very much reminds him of himself.

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