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    The chosen ones feel like they are falling at first, a fast descent out of complete darkness and into a bright and blinding light. Roughly and without ceremony they are dumped in the middle of the forest, the trees tall and green but something is different. Looking around it is easy to see that this is not clan territory, but somewhere else entirely. A shadowy figure appears, until the dramatic reds, whites, and blacks of a familiar pelt can appear. It is Fishtail, former Medicine Cat of RiverClan. His face looks solemn, shaky yellow eyes sad as he stares at the chosen ones- who all soon realize they aren’t alone in this dream, this vision. It is Peachblossom, Startledcrow, Hareflight, and Speckledpaw, all sharing one vision.

    Fishtail doesn’t say anything to the medicine cats, he merely turns away from them and begins walking, expecting them to follow behind him as one does in a StarClan dream. In the distance there is a crunching noise that is growing louder and louder as if something was moving towards them and the ground is vibrating beneath their paws. All the same, Fishtail keeps walking, tail-tip twitching and sending a paranoid glance back at his former friends. He leads the chosen ones up a hill until they come to a cliffside, stopping right at its edge with dirt moving beneath him. They’re at the top of a ravine, a river between two gorges flowing weakly as upstream is a beaver dam. It’s easy to find what the calico tom is trying to show them, a bright yellow colored monster tearing through what should have been woodlands but was now uprooted dirt, a large elongated claw coming from its front shoving debris away.

    An enormous group of cats stand before the monster who is slowing its descent towards the camp but definitely isn’t stopping. They’re yowling, puffing their chests out. Towards the back of the group there are queens and elders huddled together, kits hiding in their mother’s fur. Fishtail looks away, eyes shaking in their sockets, looking physically effected by the scene before him.

    “This is our home!” One cat exclaims in outrage from the crowd and others file in, yelling at the monster who still hasn’t stopped. From the rear two-legs appear to sneak up on the humans, snatching two or three up.  “Cloudstar!” A heavily pregnant queen cries in horror. Was this another clan?!

    The cats do not go down without a fight however and struggle in the large being’s strong grasps. “Let them go!” Multiples from the crowd cries over the commotion. A twoleg falls to the ground and a cat is released. The monster is now closing in, only a few feet away from the front line of cats and their only option is to run. Without any instruction the cats disperse quickly, all in different directions: between the legs of the twolegs, around the sides of the monster, some in the direction of the river. From their spots on the cliff the group of cats look like ants.

    The vibration in the ground gets worse, the ground beneath their paws shaking until with almost no warning at all the cliff side caves and the chosen ones are flung sliding down the side of the ravine. They land in the center of the moving cats, although none of them seem to notice them, running in fear away from the twolegs and monsters that are uprooting the lands.

    It’s a natural reaction, when Fishtail spots something behind them and he squeaks in surprise and begins a fast paced run. Over the dam another yellow monster has appeared, it’s long and powerful claw reaching out and crushing the barrier within its path. Water soars through the opening of the dam, the reservoir of water that had been held back for years finally moving again. The water surges, chasing the the fleeing cats down the ravine. It happens quickly, the water rising and usurping the cats, harsh debris from the dam catching and tripping the cats. No one in the river’s path is safe.

    As soon as the Chosen Ones are taken under by the river each one of them wakes up, but ominous words echo through their minds- Fishtail’s voice clear as day, “Before the night can end, you must find the missing pieces to make the clans whole again.”

    Hareflight [Mel]

    As soon as she hit the ground, Hareflight knew what this must be. What it had to be. After all, it was exactly how she expected a vision from StarClan to feel – a terrible dizzy feeling, as if you’re falling, then a painless crash into the ground beneath you. The calico’s suspicions were confirmed as she spotted Fishtail, and then in turn Peachblossom, Startledcrow, and Speckledpaw. To her surprise, however, no one said anything and Fishtail just began to walk. Hareflight couldn’t help glancing over at the other healers, a brow arched. I mean, seriously, did it have to be so ominous? Couldn’t he just tell them what they needed to know? Apparently not, she decided as she began to trail after Fishtail and the other medicine cats who had begun to follow him. 

    Her ears twitched as they picked up a peculiar sound, one she couldn’t quite place. Next was the vibrating beneath her paws. An overwhelming feeling of dread was beginning to bubble up in Hareflight’s chest, but she forced herself forward until they reach a cliffside, and what was below tore a shaky gasp from Hareflight’s maw.

    How could she possibly describe it? The monster was huge, and an unnatural yellow that made her eyes hurt to look at for too long. As she glanced away from it, she noticed the sheer amount of cats bravely standing up to the creature. “No…” She whispered to herself, eyes widening in fear for these unknown felines. Ears swivelling as the cats began to speak, Hareflight could feel her face scrunching in confusion. Cloudstar? Another clan, perhaps? What exactly was going on?

    Hareflight watched on in horror as the cats fled, and she found herself taking on the impossible task of trying to keep track of where they were fleeing. Without warning, however, the cliffside collapsed and that falling feeling was once again present, although this time it was different. More real. Her claws unsheathed to try to catch something that would let her slow her fall, but it was all loose soil, and she found herself landing roughly in the ravine. Everything moved so quickly, and Hareflight took only a moment to check that the rest of her companions were there. Then, she watched as Fishtail took off. Looking behind her, she could see why.

    She hadn’t even fully processed what was happening before the river surged forward, swallowing her. Instinctively, Hareflight shot up to try to suck in a breath of air and found that she… could. Opening her eyes, she found herself once more in her den, the only sign that she had really just had a vision being the ominous words of Fishtail still echoing in her mind. 

    The feeling was very suddenly overwhelming Hareflight, and she sucked in rapid breaths, her fur still fluffed up from that vivid scene. Her eyes turned into the den, and she realized she was looking for Saplingskies. She had been about to tell him about her vision.

    That’s not how things work anymore.

    Rising to her feet, Hareflight found herself shakily moving towards Hornetstar’s den without even thinking about it. In fact, she didn’t hesitate until she was right outside his den, still breathing quickly, fear written across her face. No, she couldn’t stop here. This was too important to let her nerves stop her. She pushed herself into his den, legs feeling soft beneath her. She knew even before she’d spoken that her stammer would not let these words form easily.

    H-Ho-Hornetstar. P-Please w-w-wake up. It’s i-i-important.




    Though Saplingskies had recently stepped down as head medicine cat, Smokewisp had shown back up. The immense relief the golden tom had felt at his deputy arriving home was indescribable. He thought it would be a repeat of what happened with Tawnypainter, and he had put off choosing another deputy as long as possible. His resolve had just been starting to weaken, and as if by some StarClan miracle, the smokey she-cat had come walking right back into camp – not as if nothing happened, but thankfully in once piece. After welcoming her home and throwing a small party, things had eventually settled into a new normal.

    So it had been an uneventful night, with their new normal taken into account. After wishing his kits a goodnight, he had retreated to his den and settled down for his own few hours of sleep. Truthfully Hornetstar hadn’t been having the most restful of sleeps lately, but as the time with the storm last year had taught him, some sleep was better than none.

    Though not plagued with actual nightmares that night, there was a vague sense of doom that seemed to haunt his subconscious. No images accompanied it, which – if he were awake – he would question whether was good or not. As it was, he was dead asleep, twitching here and there, snoring ever so softly.

    Then the peace was shattered.

    Shooting up with puffed out fur, he bared his teeth and unsheathed his claws. The beginnings of a hiss died in his throat when he realized it was Hareflight, however. Instantly he was patting down any fur that refused to relax again, sheathing his claws, and clearing his throat as he looked at her expectantly. “What is it, Hareflight? This had better be good, trying to give me a heart attack like that,” he rumbled, voice still lazy with lingering sleep.

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