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    The chosen ones feel like they are falling at first, a fast descent out of complete darkness and into a bright and blinding light. Roughly and without ceremony they are dumped in the middle of the forest, the trees tall and green but something is different. Looking around it is easy to see that this is not clan territory, but somewhere else entirely. A shadowy figure appears, until the dramatic reds, whites, and blacks of a familiar pelt can appear. It is Fishtail, former Medicine Cat of RiverClan. His face looks solemn, shaky yellow eyes sad as he stares at the chosen ones- who all soon realize they aren’t alone in this dream, this vision. It is Peachblossom, Startledcrow, Hareflight, and Speckledpaw, all sharing one vision.

    Fishtail doesn’t say anything to the medicine cats, he merely turns away from them and begins walking, expecting them to follow behind him as one does in a StarClan dream. In the distance there is a crunching noise that is growing louder and louder as if something was moving towards them and the ground is vibrating beneath their paws. All the same, Fishtail keeps walking, tail-tip twitching and sending a paranoid glance back at his former friends. He leads the chosen ones up a hill until they come to a cliffside, stopping right at its edge with dirt moving beneath him. They’re at the top of a ravine, a river between two gorges flowing weakly as upstream is a beaver dam. It’s easy to find what the calico tom is trying to show them, a bright yellow colored monster tearing through what should have been woodlands but was now uprooted dirt, a large elongated claw coming from its front shoving debris away.

    An enormous group of cats stand before the monster who is slowing its descent towards the camp but definitely isn’t stopping. They’re yowling, puffing their chests out. Towards the back of the group there are queens and elders huddled together, kits hiding in their mother’s fur. Fishtail looks away, eyes shaking in their sockets, looking physically effected by the scene before him.

    “This is our home!” One cat exclaims in outrage from the crowd and others file in, yelling at the monster who still hasn’t stopped. From the rear two-legs appear to sneak up on the humans, snatching two or three up.  “Cloudstar!” A heavily pregnant queen cries in horror. Was this another clan?!

    The cats do not go down without a fight however and struggle in the large being’s strong grasps. “Let them go!” Multiples from the crowd cries over the commotion. A twoleg falls to the ground and a cat is released. The monster is now closing in, only a few feet away from the front line of cats and their only option is to run. Without any instruction the cats disperse quickly, all in different directions: between the legs of the twolegs, around the sides of the monster, some in the direction of the river. From their spots on the cliff the group of cats look like ants.

    The vibration in the ground gets worse, the ground beneath their paws shaking until with almost no warning at all the cliff side caves and the chosen ones are flung sliding down the side of the ravine. They land in the center of the moving cats, although none of them seem to notice them, running in fear away from the twolegs and monsters that are uprooting the lands.

    It’s a natural reaction, when Fishtail spots something behind them and he squeaks in surprise and begins a fast paced run. Over the dam another yellow monster has appeared, it’s long and powerful claw reaching out and crushing the barrier within its path. Water soars through the opening of the dam, the reservoir of water that had been held back for years finally moving again. The water surges, chasing the the fleeing cats down the ravine. It happens quickly, the water rising and usurping the cats, harsh debris from the dam catching and tripping the cats. No one in the river’s path is safe.

    As soon as the Chosen Ones are taken under by the river each one of them wakes up, but ominous words echo through their minds- Fishtail’s voice clear as day, “Before the night can end, you must find the missing pieces to make the clans whole again.”


    Speckledpaw had been sleeping peacefully for the better part of the eventide, however a few hours into her solaced slumbering, the dark and blank abyss morphed and surged – colors began to bleed into the dark and finally the Medicine Cat apprentice was standing among some of the other Medicine Cat’s from the other clans. Before her was a feline she had never seen before, he was staring right at them, with uneasy yellow eyes. The young apprentice felt as if the tom was staring right through her, as if seeing or knowing something she and the others did not. The tortoiseshell apprentice felt as if something was amiss, though she couldn’t place her paw on it, but there was a heavy tension in the air.


    Suddenly, the tom before her turned tail and began to pad away, leaving her behind. She could hear the other Medicine cat’s beside her call out the tom’s name. They called him by Fishtail, and from name alone, she came to assume that he must have been a former Riverclanner whilst he was still among the realm of the living, and the herbal scent that still lingered off of him, hinted that he might have also been a Medicine Cat. Her paws began to itch with urgency as she felt a gripping need to follow along, so she dashed forward to keep up with Fishtail and the other Medicine Cats.


    “W-Wait! Wait up! Wait for me!”


    She called out, though no one paid her any heed, and kept moving forward. The distant sounds of crunching and whirring did catch her attention, and curiosity welled up within her, only furthering her determination to catch up. Picking up the pace as to not be left behind, Speckledpaw bounded with swift strides, hoping to catch up, and when she managed to fall in line with the other cats as they all halted on the edge of a ravine – her eyes went as wide as the moon.


    “What in Starclan’s name…!?” She gasped out in sheer terror, as she watched a abhorrent scene unfold in front of her, chills spark up and down her spine, as her coat poofs out, and she stands there, trembling like a shaking leaf. 


    As she observed the pandemonium in the ravine, she heard one of the cats below call out a name, and she had to strain her ears in order to catch the name before it faded away into the din. The name was Cloudstar, and Speckledpaw knew she hadn’t ever heard such a name before in her life as a clan-cat. Just who were these cats, what was going on? Why was a Monster ripping their home asunder, and leaving death and destruction in its wake? Why were their two-legs attempting to scoop up feline after feline that hadn’t been taken by the Monster yet?


    “What’s going on!? Who are these cats?! How can there be monsters this large?!” She turned her head towards the tom she knew now to be Fishtail, however who she assumed to be a former Riverclan Medicine cat, only looked on, his eyes shimmering with a deep sullenness. Speckledpaw’s mind was abuzz with so many questions, and no answers to be found. As she tried to piece together what was happening, but she would receive no answers to the plethora of surging questions inside her cranium – that was threatening to burst with the dizzying bewilderment.


    “No! No please! Please do something, they’re in danger, they’re being taken and some of them are dying—!” She yowled in dismay, but her own yowl was cut short because without warning Fishtail let out an alarming bellow. Then the tom skittered away, without hesitation, and before Speckledpaw could figure out why – a sickening crunching noise sounded off from behind her. There was a dreadful creaking, a soft hiss- and Speckledpaw was only able to turn around just enough to catch a glimpse of the dam splintering apart, and violent wave after wave surged forth and descended down upon Speckledpaw and the Medicine Cats. “No! No help me Star—“ Though Speckledpaw was fully aware that this must be a dream by now, it still couldn’t stop a primal fear from gripping her like claws of death as the waves pulled her under.


    Memories began to burst in her mind, as she recalled the day she was brought to Skyclan during what the Clans dubbed – the Great Storm – and she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t hear anything except the rush of the water. She was totally and utterly helpless as she was swept away, debris crashing together all around her.


    While she was thrashing blindly, in the bone-chilling water, sinking – she could faintly hear a voice: ‘Before the night can end, you must find the missing pieces to make the clans whole again.’


    With ragged, uneven and raspy coughing gasps, Speckledpaw jolted awake in her nest. She felt as if she’d been tossed about in the river. Once the initial terror evaporated from her body, like snow in the light of a Newleaf’s sun- the apprentice shakily scrambled to her paws and out of her nest. Her mind a jumbled mess, unsure what she had just experienced. With uncertainty tingling through her body, her eyes swept the den, in search of her mentor. Though she came to realize the den was unoccupied, aside from herself. Without a clue as to where her mentor could be, the Medicine Cat apprentice came to the conclusion  that she should seek out Firestar.


    She new full well that the dream she had just witness could be no mere dream, it was too vivid and too real.


    The words she last heard reverberated like a mantra inside of her mind, as she stumbled out of the den and made her way to the Leader’s den. “Firestar I do hope you pardon me for this,” she whispered underneath her breath, as she quietly slipped into the den, “coming in unannounced isn’t something I would do usually.” After she entered the den, she held her breath, until her sights landed on Firestar, curled up and sleeping soundly in his nest. Ignoring the urge to turn back, she padded over to the sleeping tom, and leaned down.


    “Firestar….?” She murmured, only getting a soft snore in response. Tentatively she reached out with a paw and lightly prodded his ear, “Firestar, please wake up!” She rose her voice slightly, but still the tom slumbered away without a care. Steeling her courage, Speckledpaw deeply inhaled, then exhaled, and prodded him again, this time tweaking her voice up into a more firm vocalization.





    Peaceful bliss surrounds him as he curls within himself, his long feathered tail wrapping comfortably around his muscled form. That day had been a long one for the leader, as hours prior he had learned that he was now a father, an unexpected surprise that’s for sure. The fiery ginger tom still was unsure on how to take all of that in, especially when Milky had never told him about her pregnancy in the first place. Shifting more onto his side, stretching out his paws, letting them hang over his moss nest, feeling the faintest draft slipping through his den. The GreenLeaf season slowly slipping away to make room for Leaf-fall to begin. Firestar had just been about to drift off into a deep sleep when he heard light paw steps lingering outside his den. Keeping his face relaxed, while his ears strain to catch onto the faint mutterings of a feline.


    Mentally huffing as his tired mind was growing more impatient by the minute. Just when he believed that whoever wanted to speak to him had lost their nerve to enter, did they enter. Firestar made no move to get up, to reveal that he was indeed awake, as the Maine Coon secretly hoped that the feline would simply leave and wait until morning to ruin his day. It took a lot of will power for him to keep his ears still, the urge for them to twitch at the skilled soft footedness of a she-cat. For a brief moment he believed the intruder to be Milky, but quickly dismissed such an absurd thought as the scent of herbs hung heavily in the air. ‘What does Saffrongaze want?’ his muddled thoughts echo within his exhausted mind. It wasn’t until she had spoken his name in such a gentle nervous manner did he learn who was actually here.


    Firestar was in no mood to deal with the medicine cat apprentice; Speckledpaw, such a timid young apprentice. Feeling a twitch to his brow at feeling her prodding his shoulder in a lame attempt to waken him. Being the naturally stubborn tom, he had wanted to pretend to be a heavy sleeper to get the brown and white speckled apprentice out of his den, but unfortunately whatever she needed to discuss was more important than his peace and quiet. Smirking slightly at hearing her usual soft tone rise with courage and even authority when addressing his name, deciding he couldn’t fane sleep no longer, he opens one eye. Letting his piercing ember orb stare up at Speckledpaw in only slight annoyance, “Yes Speckledpaw? What could be so urgent you ruin my sleep?” his tone gruff from lack of use as sleepiness still clings to his form.


    Sighing through his nose as he slowly rises from his laying down position, settling down on his rump instead. Ears flickering as he stares down the young she-cat, arching a brow as he now takes in her disheveled form. Concern slipping past his usual mask as he questions; “What’s wrong?”


    Speckledpaw takes a few moments to steel herself, as her leader joins her in the realm of being awake. The Medicine Cat apprentice regards Firestar with a grave expression, her eyes shimmering with solemnness in the darkness of the den. She knew that Firestar didn’t particularly care much for her timidity, yet there was no time for him to be a stubborn oaf. She had to tell him of her vision that she could only conclude that Starclan had sent her from the stars currently glowing above in the eventide shrouding the clans with a lull of solace and peace. How long that pace would last for, Speckledpaw couldn’t be for certain, if that vision was anything to go by – their peace could be shattered at any moment, without warning.

    “I…I believe I’ve received a vision from Starclan.” Speckledpaw began, her voice only quivering ever so slightly, but steadying itself out at the end. “As I was slumbering, I found myself in the forest, side by side with some of the other Medicine Cats. While we were there, a cat I haven’t seen of or heard of before appeared before us, and one of the other Medicine Cats called him by the name of Fishtail – I believe he might have been a Medicine Cat before, perhaps a former Riverclan Medicine Cat?”

    She shuffled her paws, fidgeting as she tried to keep herself composed underneath Firestar’s imposing and scrutinizing gaze. “Now that’s just a feeling, I couldn’t be sure, anyway-“ She paused for a moment, to take in a breath – to keep herself from faltering. Knowing that Firestar would want her to keep it short and simple, but to also be as thorough as possible about her supposed vision.

    “The other Medicine Cats and I followed after Fishtail, and not too soon after we came upon a ravine. Within the ravine… there was a large monster inside of it, and I don’t mean the ones that roar across the Thunderpath. This monster was far larger than those ones, it was tearing through the ravine. Uprooting trees, dirt, grass, and also…” She trailed off, shivering as she could recall the horrified caterwauls of the unlucky felines that suffered the fate of being crushed to death – for simply being in the path of the monster.

    “Cats…the monster was consuming them. None in its path was spared, and the ones who were lucky to keep away from its maw… found themselves either being trapped by twolegs… or… far worse.” The fur along Speckledpaw’s spine rose up, she swore she could hear Fishtail’s yowl of warning, and the bursting of wood and the spine-chilling noise of the rush of raging water. “Being swallowed up by a flood of water. I was also taken under, just like the rest of the others, and while I was sinking down, I heard Fishtail speak clearly, he had these words for all of us.”

    She still didn’t know what they meant, but what Fishtail had relayed to them must be of great importance, “Before the night can end, you must find the missing pieces to make the clans whole again.” The words still sent chills crawling all over her, and for a moment she was floating in the murky waters, being pulled down into its unforgiving depths. “I jolted awake after that, I’m not certain what it could mean, but whatever it was, I don’t think we can ignore it. I don’t know why Starclan would send a vision to me and not Saffrongaze, I’m only an apprentice – but this is what I saw and experienced. I don’t believe we should ignore it.”

    Passing along the information had helped sooth her in a way she couldn’t explain, but she felt much more in control of her emotional state of being. “The only other information I have is that there was a cat named Cloudstar in the dream. I haven’t heard of anyone by that name… do you know of a Cloudstar?”




    The usual awkward and timid form of Speckledpaw was no more, standing before him was one who had witnessed something truly horrid that seemed to shake her to her core. Pressing his lips into a fine line, making sure to keep silent as he nods his head slightly in silent permission to continue, as he needed to know what had her so on edge. Crease forming between his brows in concentration, his eyes hardening at the details of her vision, his mind already swarming in order to process everything. There was no way Firestar would be able to push aside this vision, to say that Speckledpaw had only dreamt the whole thing up, she had too much detail and revealed names of those he knew she had minimal knowledge on. ‘The war and now this’ rings within his head.


    Giving her a look as she starts to falter in her retelling of the vision, now was not the time for her to fall back into her shy nature. Arching a brow at the mention of ‘monster’, metal beasts that roam the thunder path. Yet, these ones were different, it was hard for him to imagine large monster tearing into the earth, destroying trees and land in its wake. Fur rising along his shoulders, body tensing to suppress a shiver at her trembling voice as she recounts that many felines died by the clutches of the metal beast. Firestar could picture felines trying their best to protect their homes, surrounding the two-leg controlled creature, only to become part of it’s destructive war path.


    Leaning forward in anticipation to know every detail of the dream-like divination, “A flood of water…” he mumbles as he glances away from the young she-cat. What could have been the cause of the flood? For such harsh waters to attack any in it’s path, taking innocent and unsuspecting felines with it. The ginger Maine Coon had witnessed flooding before, during the horrid storm moons ago that had caused them to seek shelter within the mountains. Though Speckledpaw’s words seemed to describe something on another level, about a large swarm of raging water surging through the forrest, that seemed to cause just as much destruction as the monster. “Before the night can end, you must find the missing pieces to make the clans whole again” he repeats, his deep voice lowering in a whisper, as in a way it felt out to speak the words out loud.


    “Why does Starclan have to play on their words and meanings?” his voice dripping in irritation and exasperation at his ancestors above. “Straight to the point would have been nice” he couldn’t help but say as he glances back over at the medicine cat apprentice. “You said you saw some of the fellow medicine cats in the prophecy. Who?” Firestar questions, his posture straightening into a proper stance as if showing how serious he was taking the situation. His long tuft ears perking up at the next words she spoke, his ember gaze flickering to the ground, squinting as he tries to remember just where he had heard that name from. “Cloudstar….I vaguely remember being told that was one of the founder leaders when finding these lands. I can not remember if they were the leader of Shadowclan or Windclan” he sighs, shaking his large cranium in disappointment in not knowing who exactly this Cloudstar was.


    Tilting his chin upwards once more before his attention settles upon the brown and white speckled apprentice; “Have you told Saffrongaze?” it was certainly odd that the medicine cat apprentice would receive the vision and not the main medicine cat herself, but there was no time to dwell on something that would change nothing. “Is there anything else about the vision that might be a clue to what these missing pieces could be? To be honest there really isn’t much to go on…besides” he trails off, letting his thoughts catch up within his racing mind. “A good start might be to find out what clan Cloudstar lead, as it seemed to start with them” he suggests, it wasn’t much to go on, but at least it was a small start.

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