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A Fox in the River

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    Darktorrent was winded as he landed a few feet away from the red-furred terror. The fox’s intended target had been Sorrelember, the tortoiseshell queen standing terrified on the rocks just tail lengths away from the dark-furred warrior. He had no time to regain his barings after being tossed away, because the beast looked like it was about to charge for the she-cat again. There was no way in hell that he would allow it to touch her. On his feet in an instant, despite the pain in his back from the landing, Darktorrent charged once again, colliding with the fox with a savage-sounding snarl.


    Darktorrent had been on a walk by the ThunderClan border, having taken it upon himself to make sure the forest-dwellers were keeping their stench on their side of the border. After everything that had happened during the war, he didn’t trust the weasels to not try anything funny. It all seemed fine, no stray ThunderClan stink too close to the invisible line that separated their territories… but something else assaulted his nose. Rogues? No, it wasn’t feline… His tail fluffed up in terror as realization washed over him. A fox! In RiverClan territory! He needed to tell Wisteriastar! But… where was it? His mouth went dry as he slowly glanced around, mouth open to take in the scents around him. Before he alerted the clan, he needed to find out where it was going and what it was doing in their territory. It could just be passing through, which wouldn’t be cause for too much concern… or it could be building a nest, which was cause for great concern. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, then followed the awful, musky scent deeper into the territory.

    He ran through the willow forest, flinching at every sound he heard. After what seemed like ages, the scent started growing stronger. They were nearing the fishing stones. ‘Do foxes eat fish?’ He asked himself, eyes narrowing in confusion. When the rather strong scent of RiverClan reached his nostrils, he realized with mounting horror that it wasn’t fish that the fox was after. Before he knew it, the red and white beast was right in front of him, paying the dark tom no mind as it stalked towards its prey. Sorrelember. His fear was quickly replaced with a deep, burning anger when he saw just who this fox was after. No, he wouldn’t let it hurt her. He wouldn’t let it get any of his clanmates if he could help it, but seeing this monster creep towards Sorrelember like she was some brainless mouse? The fox suddenly charged, drooling at the sight of its intended meal. It was fast, but Darktorrent was just a bit faster. He leaped on the fox’s back, hissing and spitting as he dug his teeth and claws into the now angry beast’s pelt.


    After being attacked a second time, the fox seemed to have had enough. It turned its neck, grabbed Darktorrent, and tossed him again. As with the first time he was thrown off the fox, the tom quickly leapt to his paws despite the pain and charged again, but this time the canid didn’t wait around for him to make contact. It was injured, bleeding, and fed up with being attacked. Before Darktorrent could leap on it a third time, the crimson terror turned and fled from its assailant, yelping and whining as it retreated. It wasn’t much of a terror after all.

    Darktorrent paused briefly, seemingly surprised that the fox was running away. However, he didn’t hesitate for long. He was going to make sure it stayed away from his clan, his home, and Sorrelember. He bravely charged after it, hissing, snarling, spitting, and yowling all the way. He nipped at it’s heels and swatted at it’s flank as he chased it away, sending a clear message that it wasnt welcome in RiverClan land. He chased it over the border, watching it disappear into the bushes on the other side. “And don’t come back!” He snarled after it, panting softly from the fight and subsequent chase. Once he was sure it was gone, he turned and prowled back through the willow trees, back to Sorrelember, who still appeared to be somewhat in shock.

    “Are you okay?” He murmured, gently touching her flank with the tip of his tail. It would seem kind of stupid for him to be asking her if she was okay, he was bleeding from various bite wounds and had been tossed twice while she had been completely untouched. He didn’t care, he was more worried about her. “Come on, let’s go back to camp… We need to tell Wisteriastar about the fox.” He started to lead her away, but froze when he felt eyes watching them. He flicked his tail across Sorrelember’s chest, stopping her from walking any farther. Was it another fox? “Who’s there?” He challenged, obviously on edge from his previous encounter. “Show yourself!”



    – W I S T E R I A S T A R –

    Over the span of the last few moons, it had begun to become somewhat common for the RiverClan leader to disappear from camp for a few hours throughout the day, be it day or night. Her Clan had been very understanding towards her loss from the Great Battle and did not question her when she headed for the camp entrance to leave camp grounds. Wisteriastar took time for herself at least once a day lately to be alone out in her Clan’s territory to shuffle her emotions. She would never allow for her Clanmates to see within the carefully built walls she surrounded herself with. They could have their suspicions that she was hurting, but she would never give them the confirmation of how deep her grief really was. After all, it wasn’t just Pantherstorm whose life was lost in the battle. She also lost the life of a newborn kit, Marblekit, who would never know the joy of life. Not to mention the lives of all of the warriors that were taken to settle a petty grudge between Clan leaders. The RiverClan leader held herself to a degree of responsibility for the outcome that had happened, but she wondered if Wolfstar did. He seemed more concerned with the standing of his Clan against the others than the lives at stake to her.

    But her inner monologue was cut off abruptly at an alarming stench that assaulted her senses and immediately sent the thick fur on the back of her neck arise. Fox. Within RiverClan territory. 

    Wisteriastar was immediately on her paws, heading straight towards the source of the scent and following the path in which the creature took. It’s ugly smell had spread throughout their territory, something that would have been confusing to track for a lesser warrior, but she wasn’t naive enough to misunderstand where the source was coming from. Her paws carried her all the way to the rapids, close to the border they shared with ThunderClan. It would appear that the fox had wandered over their borders and infiltrated RiverClan territory through the woodlands. Not too far off, another scent she recognized hit her nose shortly after. 


    Dread arose from within the calico warrior, fear for the life of her newly-mothered daughter almost numbing her in place. But she knew that she couldn’t hesitate or she would be too late to rescue her from the beasts they knew could quickly take the life of a cat with a treacherous snap of their powerful jaws. The RiverClan leader headed towards the rapids, anxiety tingling in her limbs as she heard the spits and snarls of fighting cats ahead, which all but urged her to kick harder with her paws against the ground to arrive at her destination quicker. However, as she was nearing upon the savage waters, a bulky figure lumbered from the bushes ahead and was heading upon her. Wisteriastar quickly skidded to a halt, narrowly side-stepping the fox as it fled right past her, bleeding and clearly shaken so much so that it didn’t see the feline right in front of it as it ran. 

    Taking a breath, she turned and peered through the foliage to see that Sorrelember was safe and in the company of a RiverClan warrior, who she recognized to be Darktorrent. The tom appeared to have suffered a few wounds of his own, as his dark fur was matted by his own blood. Relief flooded through her. Her daughter was safe and the fox had been driven from their territory. Darktorrent would have to go see Rainysky, but it appeared as though there were no severe casualties from the intrusion of the rogue animal.

    “Who’s there? Show yourself!” 

    The demand of the RiverClan warrior caught her attention, the severity in which he spoke towards her making her ears prick forth in surprise. She supposed that his demanding tone and urgency behind the situation in which the two felines just endured was appropriate, if anything understandable, but it made her want to snort. His senses must have been so clouded by the fox that he couldn’t even scent other RiverClanners, nevertheless his leader. 

    Wisteriastar stepped out of the foliage and headed towards Darktorrent and Sorrelember, her orange eyes immediately hooking onto her daughter and looking her up and down from head to toe to make sure that she was indeed as unhurt as she appeared to be. It seemed that she was more emotionally shaken than she was physically affected. Good, thought the calico warrior. She didn’t know what her daughter was thinking, out here in the rapids of all places, alone when she had the lives of her young kits to consider, but she wasn’t about to scold Sorrelember when she ended up safe and unharmed. However, she was not as soft towards Darktorrent. Despite the fact that he had bravely, single-pawed fought off a fox to defend his Clanmate, who just so happened to be her daughter, the RiverClan leader did not miss the way he looked at the beautiful young calico queen. She of course knew of his family history, as rumors in Clan life spread faster than sickness sometimes, but that wasn’t what concerned Wisteriastar. If anyone understood the judgement of who your family was, it was her. However, Sorrelember had just suffered the heartbreak of losing a mate and being a single mother, she certainly didn’t want some new stranger injecting himself into her life so soon and risk hurting her daughter again when she was in such an emotionally vulnerable place. 

    The fiery amber eyes in which Sorrelember looked at the young tom may have been filled with warmth, but the mirror-image of orange that Wisteriastar looked at him with was cold and sharp as flint. She didn’t say anything to him about what she thought, but knew that she didn’t have to. The warning in which the strict leader fixated him said more than enough for her. When she did speak, her voice was stoic and even, carefully guarded not to give too much of her previous worry away, “Good job, Darktorrent. Thank you for protecting Sorrelember.” The calico feline turned, giving a wisp of her feathery tail to motion them to follow, “We should get back to camp, those wounds need to be tended to.”


    Sorrelember ~ RiverClan Queen

    Today had been a rather difficult day for the young queen, her walls were beginning to crumble. Queens were constantly talking and praising their mates, expressing how excited they were to either have kits with their mate or how much their kits did look like their mate. It made her feel sick to her stomach. Out of her litter, Eclipsekit looked the most like his father, although Sootrain was a lighter grey tabby and his stripes had been darker, the eyes were exactly the same. Was she bothered by her sons appearance? No, but it did make her heart throb as she just wished that Sootrain had been around to actually be their father, but he had made his decision and she had made her own. Stay in RiverClan and raise her children with her family. Some days were better than others, some days she was able to keep the brave face but on days like today, she needed to gather her emotions and stuff them back into her little wooden box. The sound of the river gently washing over the stones was soothing, not the mention the high sun that was simmering above, warming the stones and her calico pelt. Perhaps she had let her defenses down, but she found herself beginning to fall asleep. Never in a million dreams would she have imagined she’d be waking up the way she currently was. Snarls and heavy movement suddenly caught her attention, fiery orange eyes suddenly opening as she took in the sight before her with shock.

    A dark grey feline was currently fighting against a fox, the empty orange eyes were filled with anger and hate, although Sorrelember felt like she was currently stuck within a dream. When was the last time she had seen a fox this close up? Blinking rapidly, she suddenly pushed herself up on her paws when Darktorrent, yes that’s who the pelt belonged to, was tossed to the side as if he were old fresh-kill being disregarded. What caught her attention was that those empty orange eyes were suddenly landing upon her, the jaws parted and drool dripping from its maw, the muscles tensing in the hind legs as the fox prepared to leap towards her. Fear coursed through her veins but her own muscles tightened and she prepared her body for the impact that was sure to happen. But Darktorrent wasn’t out of the game just yet as he barreled into the side of the fox, knocking the creature back and away from her, lips parting as a deep sigh was released from her lungs. Had she been holding that in? Sorrelember was not a she-cat to shy away from danger, but she had been caught off guard and was still groggy from her nap. Darktorrent and fox snarled and took a few more swipes at each other before the red furred creature turned tail and began to retreat. It was no match for Darktorrent’s sheer strength.

    Sorrelember blinked in surprise when Darktorrent took after the fox, but he had the right idea with chasing the fox out of RiverClan. Her heart was hammering swiftly within her chest as she watched the two race off, pupils narrowing slightly as she began to look around her surroundings, the previous events of the day beginning to come back to her, causing her nose to scrunch up as she realized just how exposed she had left herself. Even now she was stuck in her thoughts, not even noticing that Darktorrent had returned to her side, his tail tip lightly touching her flank, causing her to jump with surprise as she turned her chin to gaze at the dark furred warrior. “Oh… yes I am fine.” She quickly meowed, her gaze softening slightly for a moment as he looked her over, a worried light in his dark green eyes as he wordlessly comforted himself that she was fine. “You on the other paw…” Sorrelember meowed cautiously as her bright orange gaze slowly roamed over the various bite wounds he sported and the ruffled pelt from where he had been tossed around like a dead mouse. “You need to see Rainysky, these look serious.” She meowed softly, taking a hesitant step forward as she sniffed a bleeding bite on his flank, causing her to frown as she stepped closer in order to rasp her tongue over his flank, trying to help the wound clot. “I’m sorry for this.. I shouldn’t have dozed off.” She meowed with a tight smile, her eyes concerned as he brushed off his injuries and meowed that Wisteriastar needed to hear about the fox encounter. “Mhm..” Sorrelember shrugged slightly, honestly her mother knowing was important but so was Darktorrent’s health. He started to walk away, prompting her to follow him before his tail suddenly landed upon her chest, paws immediately halting.

    Out from the brambles stood her mother, the leader looking as regal as ever, if the same annoyed expression she seemed to be wearing more and more these days. Although, Sorrelember noticed that her mother’s gaze was intently placed upon her, causing the fur along her flank to stand up ever so slightly, she felt like a kit being silently scolded by her mother. Perhaps that’s what was happening. Wisteriastar silently looked her over, but she didn’t say anything as her mother seemed satisfied that she hadn’t been hurt. She wasn’t a great mother but she wasn’t without emotions and caring for her kits in her own way. Sorrelember was silently thankful when Wisteriastar looked away from her, but her mother’s gaze suddenly turned cold and sharp, something she hadn’t seen in a very long time. Eyebrows furrowed slightly in question towards the death glare that Wisteriastar was giving Darktorrent, fiery orange eyes glancing towards the handsome Tom. She blinked in surprise when her leader spoke, causing her pupils to narrow slightly from the way it was worded. Sure, she had been caught off guard but she didn’t need to be protected. “Yes, thank you for driving the fox away.” She decided to word her thanks differently, ignoring her mother as she gave the Tom a soft and tender smile. Even though she didn’t want to return home, she knew that Wisteriastar and Darktorrent wouldn’t possibly leave her alone after the current situation. Giving a small nod of her chin, she slowly began to walk after her mother, her almost identical twin.


    Darktorrent blinked when the figure in the bushes stepped forward, revealing themselves to be none other than Wisteriastar. Apparently both these she-cats enjoyed being alone in this part of the forest. Embarrassment caused the dark tom’s pelt to heat up because of the way he had spoken to her. He dipped his head apologetically, ears pinned back. “My apologies for speaking to you in such a manner, Wisteriastar. All I can smell at the moment is fox stench,” He mewled, whiskers twitching as the older tortoiseshell simply brushed past him and immediately began checking over Sorrelember. ‘Oh I’m fine, thanks for asking,’ he thought, resisting the urge to snort. Sorrelember was her daughter, so it was understandable, but still. He had been the one fighting the fox. 

    When Wisteriastar finally looked away from Sorrelember, he couldn’t help but blink in surprise at the look the leader decided to give him. She was glaring at him, as if he had done something wrong. If looks could kill, he’d be in StarClan territory. ‘What a way to look at someone who just saved your daughter’s life.’ His whiskers twitched as he met her gaze, even though it seemed that she had been staring at him forever and he was starting to get uncomfortable. He hadn’t attacked the fox just to be praised, but damn, he didn’t want to be treated so coldly either. Almost reminded him of his own mother. Finally Wisteriastar ended their staring contest, turning to leave as she said some brief words of thanks, Sorrelember following suit. Darktorrent could only assume that this treatment stemmed, at least somewhat, from his family’s… history. Most cats with pretty daughters were cold to him and his brothers. He’d spent his whole warriorhood staying away from she-cats for that very reason, because everyone always assumed that he had ulterior motives. Hell, he hadn’t even approached Sorrelember first, her kits came to him! Not that that mattered, it seemed that Wisteriastar had already formed her opinion on him. It stung a bit, but what could he do? He wasn’t going to stop being friendly to Sorrelember just because her mother gave him a dirty look, that much was certain. 

    He watched the two she-cats walk away for a moment before following, a tired sigh escaping his lips. Looked like he would be spending some quality time with the medicine cat this evening. Exciting. As the trio moved through the willow trees and back towards camp, Darktorrent kept an eye and ear out for any signs of trouble. Better to be safe than sorry.

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