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A Day for New Beginnings [OPEN]

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    Wolfstar ~WindClan Leader~

    On top of the boulder that peered across the whole WindClan camp stood Wolfstar, his blue eyes scanning the area with a satisfied expression. He and his Clanmates had worked hard at making this new place their home. The abandoned rabbit dens they had hollowed out for dens were quite comfortable, and provided shelter from the harsh, cold weather. He quite enjoyed his den, other than the fact Goldenrose had not been able to share and enjoy it with him yet. For the past six moons, she had stayed inside of the nursery in both their temporary and new camp caring for their three little ones. Now, the day they had both been waiting for was finally here: they would hand them off to their mentors to teach and train in the ways of the warrior code and WindClan’s way of life.

    Wolfstar had spent the past few sunrises trying to match the right warrior to each one of his kit’s. Satisfied with his choices, he felt confident to have the ceremony tonight. The leader looked up at the night sky and the millions of stars that blanketed Silverpelt. Watch over my kits, he prayed, before facing the clearing once again, his gray and white fur blowing in the soft wind. “Let all cats old enough to run on the moors, gather here beneath the boulder for a Clan meeting!” He had warned Goldenrose the ceremony was planned for tonight so she could make sure their kits looked sleek and clean before standing in front of the whole Clan. 

    Wildkit ~WindClan Kit~

    Inside of the nursery, Wildkit sat next to his brother and sister, scraping his tiny claws at the soft ground beneath him with anxiety. In just a few moments, he Breezekit, and Heatherkit would stand in front of the entire Clan and be given their new mentors. The thought of everyone looking at him made him feel so sick that he hadn’t been able to eat since Goldenrose broke the news to them this morning. What if I mess up? That thought alone made him want to throw up the last few remnants of last night’s rabbit. However, his brother next to him looked completely calm and collected, his fur sleeked back nicely and his eyes content. Wildkit didn’t get to look at Heatherkit seeing as she was on the other side of Breezekit, but he had a feeling she was just as calm as their brother was. Why am I so nervous?

    Wildkit had a feeling their mother could tell his pelt kept spiking up with apprehension, and he felt her raspy licks smoothing down the tufts of fur on his back that stuck up. He mrowed a small apology, staring down at his paws. When Wolfstar’s voice bellowed out to begin the ceremony, Wildkit started to shake. The black kit was the largest of the litter, yet he was acting like a tiny mouse! Following Goldenrose out of the nursery, he kept his eyes at his mother’s back paws, watching them step one by one out of the den and into the clearing. Several of their Clanmates were already crowding beneath the boulder Wolfstar stood upon. Unable to stand it much longer, Wildkit pushed himself between Heatherkit and Breezekit, pressing against them so their pelts touched his to help him calm down. 



    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Warrior

    Today was a rather bitter sweet day, pupils narrowed as she gazed down upon her three kits as they shifted restlessly about the nursery as they awaited for their father and leader to call upon them in order to receive their apprentice names and mentors. Lowering her chin she gently swiped her tongue over Heatherkit’s head, flattening the stubborn fur that wanted to stand upright in the frigid cold. Breezekit was all groomed, his fur slicked back neatly from where she had fully given him a bath. The young Tom has certainly been filthy. However, as she gazed upon her largest kit, she noticed that Wildkit was fidgeting, his green eyes narrowed with nerves and how black fur beginning to stick upright once more. “Everything will be alright.” She purred in reassurance to Wildkit, lowering her head as she gently rubbed her muzzle against his cheek before she licked his fur back into place. “Today is a very exciting day for you all, ignore everyone else.” Goldenrose meowed, smiling down at Heatherkit, Breezekit, and Wildkit. Ears twitched as she caught the sound of Wolfstar calling for the meeting, green eyes looking down at her wee kittens. “Come now, it’s time.” She purred, standing up and walking out of the den.

    Everyone was beginning to crowd the clearing of the den, her green eyes immediately find her mate, a small smile playing at the corner of her lips. Tonight she would finally be able to share a nest with her mate once more, perhaps they both would feel a tad bit less lonely. Gracefully, the long legged molly walked across the clearing with Heatherkit, Breezekit, and Wildkit in tow, leading them towards the front of where Wolfstar was perched, the pale light of StarClan’s pelt and the moon shining down upon them. Her white and rose gold patched pelt shimmered in the pale light, the soft breeze lightly swaying her fur as she stopped and turned to look at her kits. “Be calm.” She reassured and licked Wildkit’s cheek before she turned and walked to stand beside the stone where Wolfstar was perched, her gaze warm as she glanced up at her mate before looking back at her kits. Tonight was their night.


    Breezekit ~ WindClan Kit

    His head was literally buzzing with excitement, he knew the moment that his mother was giving him such an extensive bath at this hour that it was for something important. Tip of his tail was twitching with impatience as he peeked out of the den as his mother was finishing up giving baths to both Heatherkit and Wildkit. “This is so exciting.” He meowed, blue eyes bright with his proclaimed excitement. Turning his chin towards Heatherkit, he moved into place like his mother wanted, rubbing his side against his sisters as he gently raised a paw and flicked her ear. “Who do you think you will get?” He whispered in her ear, obviously curious to think of who she would get for a mentor. Grinning slightly he looked towards Wildkit as Goldenrose finished his bath, but he noticed that his brother looked as though he was close to having a panic attack. Goldenrose did her best to soothe him, but little did that seem to work. Shifting slightly, he allowed his shoulder blade to gently rest against Wildkit’s pushing his nose into his brothers cheek with a grin. “Don’t worry so much, silly. I’ll be right here.” He reassured his brother, knowing that sometimes his presence could calm Wildkit when he was nervous or scared.

    Wildkit was the largest of the kits but sometimes he could also be the most timid, but other times he was rather fearless. Tonight seemed to be more of a timid feeling. Grinning at Wildkit, he gave his shoulder a gentle nudge when he heard his fathers voice ring out from the clearing, the meeting was going to begin! “Heatherkit and I are right beside you.” He promised, standing up when Goldenrose beckoned. Breezekit had never really been bothered with crowds, nor did he mind that everyone would be looking upon him. Goldenrose and Wolfstar didn’t care that everyone in the Clan gazed or stared at them.. why should he? Stepping out of the nursery, he walked behind Wildkit, his eyes straying upward as he caught sight of his father standing against the sky, his dark grey and white pelt almost looked like it was dusted with starlight. ”Woah…” He muttered under his breath in awe, his own dark grey and white patched pelt was neatly groomed, his blue eyes wandering around the clearing before he felt a sudden press of a pelt against his own. Head tilting as he caught sight of a frightened Wildkit pressing upon against him for reassurance. ”I promised I’m right here.” He whispered in Wildkit’s ear, pressing his pelt back against Wildkit’s.

    Goldenrose led them to the front of the clearing, smiling as he looked up at his mother as she gave a few reassuring words before she walked away. Although, he found himself wanting to follow her and dig himself into her soft fur. Today marked the day that he could no longer run to his mother when things got hard or rough. Slowly he breathed in and out as he sat down upon the ground, although he made sure that his side both pressed against Wildkit’s while glancing at his sister as she sat on the other side of Wildkit, they were a trio. Tilting back his chin in order to look up at his leader, he kept the grin off his face that desperately threatened to make its way onto his face. But he was trying to appear mature, his tail moving to drape over the spine of Wildkit’s to still his slight tremble.


    – T I N Y F L A M E – 

    Tinyflame had been in a somewhat depressive, overcast of a mood lately. Her time has been spent frantically worrying over her mate, Owlbelly, and his rapidly deteriorating health. The greencough that had kept him out of commission for a moon had worn down his body and his stamina, it affected him so much that he had to retire from his position as Clan deputy. She didn’t blame him for this and she wasn’t ashamed of him, if anything, she only became more concerned for his well-being and his health, knowing that the severe sickness he experienced had become a lifelong disability for him. The small ginger warrior had been so kept up in caring for her mate that she had been slipping in her warrior duties lately, but despite this, she had a good friend in Goldenrose, who had her back and had been a great help to her standing in WindClan. Because of her, her clanmates hadn’t judged her as harshly as she was afraid they would. 

    In fact, Tinyflame was incredibly surprised when her friend had let her know that she had been chosen as one of the mentors for her kits. Wolfstar still had enough faith in her capabilities as a warrior to trust her with one of his kits, even with her recent slack in their Clan? That was her thought process. It was surprising, but also relieving. It was good to know that her leader and his mate still found her to be a capable warrior, even if she hadn’t been showing it lately. It was relatively late at night, about time for the dusk patrol to return and for warriors to start thinking about retiring for the night, but the call for a Clan meeting had brought her to attention. The tiny warrior knew what this Clan gathering would be about and she knew that she would be needed for it, so she couldn’t stay in her nest with Owlbelly. “I’ll be back soon,” She whispered to her resting mate from where he stayed asleep, unbothered by the summons. Getting to her paws, she left the warriors den and joined the crowd of awaiting cats beneath the high boulder where Wolfstar stood. 


    Redcloud stood from the sunny patch of wall he was snoozing on and stretched, curling from toes to tail with the effort. With a shake of his pelt, he jumped down and sauntered towards the gathered cats. It was hard to believe he’d lived his whole life in Windclan- he knew no other home, of course, but sometimes the wind-blown flats seemed less than welcoming. He sat on the outskirts of the group and licked a paw nonchalantly. New apprentices meant new warriors in a few moons, and new kits would come along to replace these. Always the same cycle. He remembered his semi-recent apprenticeship fondly, for the most part. These kits would one day grow into fine warriors, and one day they’d take over for him as he moved to the elder’s den. Not for some time yet, he thought to himself with a smile. He planned on running these moors for many moons more.


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    The day was here. Their day was here. Today, Heatherkit and her two brothers were to leave the comforting nests within the nursery, trade their mothers warm side for a bed of their own. Their world was about to become so much more than just the camp they had played in for six moons now.

    Heatherkit drew in a deep breath, her eyes looking over Wildkit, how nervous he seemed, and her other brother Breezekit. She knew her brothers were both strong in their own ways, as was she, but of course they both must be as nervous as she felt. If not for going into this with them, she wasnt sure if she’d find enough strength to march out and face her clan.

    But this wasnt the case. She had her brothers, and the confidence they always gave her, and that extra push from her mother. Her chest puffing out, she grinned at her brother in Regards to his question. “I’m not sure who I’ll get, but…they better be ready!” The young she-cat hummed. 

    We’re together in this, brothers, let’s show them how strong we can really be for Windclan!”

    Feeling a sense of pride for her siblings and herself, she stepped foot out the nursery and onwards to the next part of her life. She followed her brothers to where they would stand before the clan, eyes gleaming. They were nervous but they would be ok. The clan was watching, their parents were watching. Excited and nervous, she drew in a deep breath, tail gently skating across the ground.


    Wolfstar ~ WindClan Leader

    Wolfstar looked down at his Clanmates below him, pride surging through his veins at the sight of his Clan. All of them were strong, caring, and loyal. Whenever he made an announcement, and he was see the entirety of what he lead, it reminded him to never take it for granted. They looked up to him and depended on him to be strong and lead them with pride. When his mate padded out of the nursery with his three youngest kits trotting behind her, he couldn’t help but smile. Goldenrose was beautiful, and the sun shone on her white and golden coat, reminding him of warm, yellow sunlight sprawling on a blanket of snow. Heatherkit had the golden-colored coat like her mother, with the same body build as well. Wildkit had the fur and body type of Wolfstar, but all black instead of gray and white. And then Breezekit. His antsy son had the same shades of gray that rippled along Wolfstar’s coat, but had the build of Goldenrose. All three of them were crazy and wild, giving everyone of their Clanmate’s a headache, but he fully believed they would become great warriors. 

    Today, I have the honor to strengthen our Clan with three more potential warriors, and they are of my own blood. Wildkit, Breezekit, and Heatherkit,” he looked down at his kits. “You have all reached six moons. Breezekit, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Breezepaw. Your mentor will be Tinyflame. I know she will pass down all she knows on to you.



    – T I N Y F L A M E –

    Having been announced as a new mentor, Tinyflame felt a new reassuring sense of pride in herself as a warrior surfacing again. She felt like her sense of passion as a WindClan warrior was being called to attention and that her duty to serve her Clan was first and foremost her responsibility. Squaring her shoulders, the tiny warrior took a step forward to greet her new apprentice, who so closely resembled his father, it was almost like he was a mini version of him before her. “It’s nice to meet you, Breezepaw.” She told the young kit, briefly touching her nose to his as the usual ceremony would allow. Then, she returned back to her spot in the crowd. 


    Breezepaw ~ WindClan Apprentice

    He smiled briefly as he looked towards Heatherkit, his fiery spirited sister was more than ready to gain her apprentice status and meet her new mentor. “Bet it’ll be Greyrabbit.” Breezekit teased in her ear, his eyes shimmering with mischief as he mentioned the ill mouthed elder that usually snapped at anything that moved nowadays. Although as their father straightened out his posture, he cleared his throat and cast a small glance towards Wildkit as he noticed that his brother was still a bit timid, however as he shifted to gently bump his shoulder blade against the large tomkit’s shoulder, Breezekit could only hope that his brother was comforted by Heatherkit and his own presence. Clearing his throat he gazed up at his father, his deep blue eyes carefully watching the large dark grey and white tomcat as he gazed down upon his Clan with a certain kindness to his gaze. Both Goldenrose and Wolfstar were kind and caring felines, which would evidentially rub off on their children, but he couldn’t help but admire them for it. 

    Although his pointed ears stood upright when Wolfstar’s deep voice rang out throughout the clearing, his mind buzzing with excitement as he couldn’t help the fact that his small white claws were tearing at the soft clay beneath his feet as his gaze was pointed directly at Wolfstar. Straightening out his posture and holding his chin up just a bit taller when Wolfstar mentioned that his own kits would be becoming apprentices, surprise lighting his gaze when he was the first kitten appointed their mentor. Blue eyes immediately sought out the small ginger form of TinyFlame, a smile lighting up his features as he pushed himself up from the ground and walked towards his new mentor with a bounce to his step. As he gazed up at the she-cat, he could see the the surprise and the warmth that colored her expression as she looked down upon him. “Nice to meet you, too.” He whispered, not wanting to be too loud as the molly lowered his head to touch noses with him. The sensation was odd and brought their faces rather close but he couldn’t help but smile, he was an apprentice! Breezepaw. He thought silently to himself as he walked gracefully back towards his previous spot beside Wildkit. Goldenrose watched silently, but her smile was soft and also a bit sad now that her wee monsters would no longer look upon her for comfort. Although it was time. Silently she leaned her shoulder blade against the boulder, while listening keenly to Wolfstar. 


    Wolfstar ~Leader of WindClan

    Wolfstar recalled telling Tinyflame she would be mentoring one of his kits when Night joined their Clan, but he had never told her which one. He chose her to specifically mentor Breezepaw, because he required a lot of attention and work. Something Tinyflame needed was a big distraction to help lift her spirits after Owlbelly’s retirement. The WindClan leader watched their swift exchange from where he stood, waiting patiently until they were both seated again. His blue eyes traveled to his golden-colored daughter. She was a special kitten of his, always lively and easily catching up with her brothers. She was like a combination betwen Nettlenose and Willowfur; calm and collected with a fiery spirit. “Heatherkit, from this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Heatherpaw.”

    Wolfstar’s eyes traveled around his Clanmates until he spotted Silvershadow. “Silvershadow, you will be Heatherpaw’s mentor. I know you will pass on your knowledge and skills to her.” The large leader paused to let Heatherpaw and Silvershadow greet each other and touch noses, a part of the ceremony that was tradition. 

    Bandit (Sonic)

    Silvershadow ~ Warrior Of WindClan

    The petite molly had been sitting at the edge of camp when Wolfstar summoned the Clan. At the sight of the Leader’s 3 kits, Breezekit, Wildkit and Heatherkit, Silvershadow remembered they were about 6 moons old. It must be their Apprentice ceremony now. She mused in thought


    Watching, ears pricked as she heard Breezekit,  now Breezepaw be given Tinyflame as his mentor, she nodded in approval. Tinyflame was a good warrior of the Clan, dutiful and patient. Then she heard her name and looked to see the she kit, Heatherkit, now Heatherpaw. With a nervous smile, the mostly black Molly passed forward delicately. “Greetings, Heatherpaw. I’ve never had an Apprentice before, I hope you’ll be just as patient with me as I’ll likely be with you.” She murmered. Leaning down slightly, she gently booped Heatherpaw’s nose. Dipping her head slightly then to Wolfstar, in respectful thanks at being given this opportunity to train the next generation.

    I hope Heatherpaw won’t hold my appearance against me. She thought. In truth, Silvershadow was insecure about herself. The mostly black feline was normal, everything but her face. The left side of her face, in a perfectly symetrical half circle, was shaded in a silvery gray. It certainly made her stand out.



    Now that Heatherkit was out of the den and standing in the clearing, where her clan waited with warm smiles to receive their new apprentices, her heart began to thud louder in her small chest. She tried to puff it out a bit and show her pride, feeling the nerves she knew her brothers also shared. Pride, worry, anticipation…all of it seemed to ring in her ears. 

    She joined her kin beside Wolfstar, her eyes staring out amongst the cats gathered, and then to her brothers as they received their new names. A warmth enveloped the young feline from her nose to the tip of her tail upon seeing her siblings join a new rank, receiving their mentors. A smile replaced her fears. And then it was her turn. As she took the center front, her breathing picked up a bit, anxiously her tail flickered….

    Heatherpaw! She was Heatherpaw now!! Beaming, she looked back to her brothers and her father before out at the new clan, wondering which warrior would be chosen to be her mentor. As Silvershadow was selected, the young molly felt elated as she would have been with just about anyone, watching the she-cat come to meet her. She beamed at the warrior with wide, round eyes, looking ecstatic about the decision and unconcerned for her appearance.

    I’ll do my best to impress you!” Heatherpaw promised her new mentor, and she meant it.


    Wolfstar ~Leader of WindClan~

    Wolfstar had watched Silvershadow grow up struggling with her insecurities about her differing looks, and witnessed her overcome them. He truly believed she would be a strong mentor towards Heatherpaw, challenging her yet staying kind and patient. With two rowdy brothers, Heatherpaw needed someone to keep her grounded with a personality type somewhat like hers. His chest swelled with pride at the sight of his youngest daughter touching noses to her mentor, forcing himself not to choke with emotion. He still had one more kit to promote.

    Wildkit lived up to his name. Not just by his prickly pelt, but also by his sense of adventure. Breezepaw was usually the leader in their shenanigans, but Wildkit was a suitable follower and agreed to everything his gray-and-white brother suggested. “Wildkit, from this day on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Wildpaw. Your mentor will be Eveningstorm. I know he will pass on all of his strength and skill to you.” 

    Wildpaw ~WindClan Kit~

    Wildkit was grateful for his siblings’ support, leaning into both of them to help him stay upright and strong. He despised being stared at by everyone, knowing they all expected so much from him. Not just because he was going to train as a warrior, but he was also the leader’s son. What if he never became as good as Wolfstar? Would they all judge him for it? Wildkit looked so much like his father that he truly believed they expected the same poise and leadership. Wildkit didn’t want to become a leader, but if that was what was expected of him, he would do his best. 

    One by one, his siblings were given their mentor’s and he looked up at Tinyflame and Silvershadow as they greeted them. I’m next. The black tomkit gulped. All you have to do is touch noses with them. That’s it. At the sound of his name, Wildkit looked up at his father and he felt the eyes of every single one of his Clanmate’s fall on him. Oh great StarClan…

    It was over so quickly that Wildkit didn’t even realize he was given his new name until he heard the name of his new mentor: Eveningstorm. Wildpaw was extremely pleased with that decision. He and his siblings had gotten to know Eveningstorm quite a bit because of his constant visits to Stormkit and Desertkit. For some reason, those visits quickly ceased, but he truly enjoyed getting to know Eveningstorm. Wildpaw gave a shy smile to the large warrior that padded up to him, and he lifted up his nose to press it against Eveningstorm’s, trying not to be intimidated.


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