Community Guidelines

Kugyay is a place where users from different walks of life can interact with one another, while improving their writing skills, and building friendships. While free speech is always important, we’re very serious about our Community Guidelines, which ensure that everyone stays safe.

Kugyay is for:

- Creativity. We want you to be creative with content, and make this community grow into something beautiful.

- Expression. Be yourself, just as long as it’s not messing around with the integrity of the community.

Kugyay is NOT for:

- Malicious Speech. The world is already full of some evil words. Let’s keep Kugyay clean, and not spread hate towards anyone. This includes (but is not limited to) hate towards a certain race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, or monetary status. If you come across any hateful speech, we encourage our community to combat it by sending a message to a staff member. It will be dealt with swiftly. Spread rainbows, not storm clouds.

- Glorification of Harm. Whether it is promoting harm of someone else, or yourself It shouldn’t be on Kugyay. Avoid spreading content that urges or encourages others to: cut or injure themselves; embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or commit suicide rather than, e.g., seeking counseling or treatment, or joining together in supportive conversation with those suffering or recovering from depression or other conditions.

- Sexually Explicit Material. Pictures and videos should always be appropriate. Groups have guidelines that must be followed. Content that is 18+ is currently not accepted on Kugyay. No one wants to see naked people, and if you do there are websites for that with much lower community standards than this one. (You know exactly which ones, don’t try to deny it!)

- Advertisement. Don’t advertise other websites, ESPECIALLY other roleplay websites. Kugyay’s own websites are an exception, but other sites should be avoided. Do not link to websites that have misleading information, are scams, or have potentially harmful software or external links. We won’t spam an ad on your website, and we expect the same courtesy.

- Excessive Accounts. You should have one Kugyay.org account. This account can be used for multiple groups and features. You do not need an account for every Group you join. One. Just one.

- Spam. No, not the meat-in-a-can meal. Message spam. Word spam. Smiley spam. Bad spam. Well, worse than the canned stuff at least. Don’t put code in your posts that aren’t aligning with the Kugyay community values (i.e. malicious code). And never excessively bother another user.

- Unauthorized Contests, Giveaways, etc. These should always follow our Contest Guidelines and will be removed if they do not. You should make sure that the prize, cost, and any rules are clearly visible. Contests with a prize or entry cost of more than $25 USD are not allowed without direct permission from the Staff.

- Copyright or Trademark Infringement. It’s not cool. Don’t steal from others. This includes artwork, and if it isn’t yours, you shouldn’t even have it in your group, profile, dashboard, posts, anywhere without permission from the creator. Kugyay is compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and takes stealing art, text, and other creations seriously.

- Impersonation. Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be a celebrity, community member, public figure, or anyone that is not YOU while chatting. You can pretend to be someone else in-roleplay all you want, as long as you’re following the rules of that Group.

- Harassment. If you’re pestering someone anywhere on Kugyay, and they’re asking you to stop, you’re most likely harassing them. NO. Don’t. You stop that right now, because harassing someone is totally not cool and you should find something more productive to do like sitting on a porcupine, inhaling a cactus, or falling face-first into a pile of dung.

- Excluding Others. You shouldn’t shut people out if they want to roleplay just because they aren’t in your little group of friends (for real, what is this.. Mean Girls?). Kugyay offers closed Groups (with invite-only features), an open-to-join group should NOT exclude people who join, but try to get them involved. If a group is notorious for doing this, it will be deleted without notice. Members should be inclusive of other members in public chats that are not in groups as well (Pulse, Profiles, other public areas).

- Not Respecting Privacy. If you’re trying to obtain someone’s personal information, you should probably stop that. Another person’s name, address, and phone number are just a few things that you should not be posting. Don’t even post your own. That’s weird. You’re asking for someone to break in at 3am. Doesn’t anyone watch those crime shows anymore? Be safe. Think. Use common sense.

- Doing Illegal Stuff. Really? Yes, really. Don’t hack. Phish. Post Malicious Software Code. If you’re doing anything like that, you’re going to jail. Locked up. Sleeping on a hard bed with a large inmate on the bunk below that calls you “Honey Bun” and steals your personal items.