In light of several recent events, Kugyay has decided to take a turn from the direction we were headed with the site. The Owners, Mac and Butterfly, were eager to get things running again and take the site to a whole new level of activity and excitement, the likes of which the site hadn’t seen since early 2013. In an effort to keep things running smoothly and without despair, the Owners put in exhausting hours whilst also maintaining day jobs.


It was for these reasons, coupled with the fact that activity was on the decline and some members were making the Owners’ jobs difficult by nitpicking the site and roleplay, that we decided to come to this decision.


We are officially announcing a cease of all Kugyay operations entirely, effective immediately. The reason behind this decision is that we simply cannot keep up with the negative reputation that the entire roleplay community has with Kugyay simply existing. This, along with the expectations of members that is absolutely out of hand, makes site ownership less about fun and more about pleasing people so they wouldn’t verbally attack the Owners, the members, or the sites as a whole.


So if you were with us until the end loyally, kudos to you. You’re a real MVP and thank you for all the enjoyable times we had together. If you pressured us into this decision by verbal abuse to anyone in the Kugyay community, or by ducking out when things didn’t go your way, congratulations – you won. Now no one gets to enjoy Kugyay.


Frequently Asked Questions


What will happen to the websites?

There are no plans to take down Cat Kugyay as of now. It will remain as a free-form role-play where people can come and pretend to be a cat all they want. The new focus of the owners is to re-brand Wolf and Fable under new names that don’t have the absolute tornado of “old-times” wishers, complainers, drama, and general stress that Kugyay offers. Cat role-play is already on a new website and doing just fine. If you’re not going to pick apart every action that the owners take and want to actually contribute to the community, you can message both Butterfly and Mac in a group message to join.


Will new Owners take over the sites?

No. Mac and Butterfly don’t really want to pass on the stress and exhaustion that is maintaining the site. If you truly, and absolutely think you can handle it, message them both and they can speak with you.


Where can I go to roleplay now?

Again, the site is still up and will remain up for the time being. You may still roleplay in the forums. If you no longer wish to roleplay on Kugyay, there are plenty of Warriors websites out there for you to join. If you’re interested in sticking with a website that has the same core community, please see above to the first question.


Does this new site fleet have a name?

Nope. Not yet at least. But the Owners are definitely distancing ourselves from the name Kugyay entirely, so don’t expect to ever see it on the new locations. If you don’t get invited along to these new websites, a reason might be found in the question and answer below.


Will the sites being created only be open to certain people?

Only the people who are willing to dedicate time and effort to their role-play. Those are the kinds of people that the owners are looking for. People who use websites to complain about what it doesn’t have, that something doesn’t look right, or that its not “as good as it was” aren’t welcome. If you’re there to spy for your own websites and take our own community concepts and ideas for your own, you most likely won’t be getting an invite either. While the owners are always open to feedback and suggestions, they don’t want people coming to the new sites thinking that they know absolute best and anything they do is wrong and their way is the only way. It’s not okay, even if you’ve been on a site for ten years, things change and grow. Sites have to adapt and change too.


Wait, do people actually think running a website is easy?

Yes they do. No it’s not. To properly run any website is about as tedious a job as there can be. Running events, designing, coding, writing, and throwing all that together into something that doesn’t look like absolute barf isn’t an easy task at all. A lot of people think that running a site is also anywhere close to running KUGYAY. Not even close. While popping up a new site to role-play on is one thing, the general reputation and history of Kugyay over the past 11 years brings a lot of unwanted drama, people, events, complaints… And it’s frustrating to the owners when they hear people saying they could do a better job, especially when no one in the entire community can and would dedicate as much time as the owners have.


What if I had a donator role?

There’s going to be some form of Cat, Fable, and Wolf open. Donators can continue their much appreciated support, and know that the future of the websites are in good hands and will succeed under new names. All donator rewards are most likely going to carry over, don’t worry! If you wish to withdraw from donating to the sites, you are welcome to and no one will stop you.


So, what’s the point of all of this?

Take this as a lesson. Most role-play site Owners do all of this in their spare time. They do this because they love the role-play and they love the community. If you really love something, appreciate the people behind it. Be kind to them, they work incredibly hard for the things you get to enjoy for free. Mac and Butterfly spent months of their free time, their money, and their well-beings in order to keep Kugyay up and free, all of it for you. The people reading this. It’s a thankless job running a role-play website, it’s exhausting and tedious, but it can be fun and rewarding to see a beautiful community blossom into something bigger. Kugyay had its time to shine, but now that time has gone and passed.


Take this as a lesson to love your community and the people behind it, to be kind to one another and to take a breather. Remember that things change and people grow, nothing can ever be the same as it once was and that’s okay. Nothing needs to be the same forever, lest it become boring and dull. Most importantly, though, remember to appreciate one another. Remember to say hi to someone you’ve never talked to before. Remember to openly communicate with your peers and to let things go when it’s becoming too much for you to handle. Be kind, Kugyay, be loving, and always be fluid with change.


Catch you all on the flip side, and thanks for a lovely time.

As always, Keep Calm, and Kugyay On.